Hello! Welcome to my profile.
You probably saw me as buyer or in a comment/review. I also make Discogs entries from time to time or fix them.

I am a big Electro Industrial fan. This ranges from many genres. Dark Electro to Harsh EBM over Futurepop or TBM and so on. I'm actually opened for any sort of music including House, Classic, Dubstep, Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Rap and so on. Mostly Electronic music though. But I definitely feel most home in the Electro Industrial sub culture. I'm exploring it for quite a few years now and totally got to love it. I already started quite young into this sort of music. I discovered it by accident. Since then I'm totally in love with it and know already a big amount of artists. Known but also less known ones. I am generally not a too big fan of music produced for the "broad mass" aka mainstream. Especially the Radio music from today is really not my thing. Nearly everything seems to have the same House Pop beats and autotune to the max. Urgh. Don't understand me wrong. I like House here and there, even David Guetta, who pretty much invented the Radio House Pop sound from today, but I think its overused and misses a own "soul".

My favorite artists are:
Suicide Commando, Hocico, X-Fusion, Noisuf-X, Alien Vampires, SIN DNA, Detroit Diesel, Reaxion Guerrilla, Reaper, Agonoize, Centhron, Acylum, Dunkelwerk, Heimataerde, Feindflug, Grendel, Phosgore, Skyla Vertex, Nachtmahr, SAM, Wumpscut, Vault-113, Nitronoise, Extize, C-Lekktor, Eisfabrik, Amduscia, Hell:Sector, Cyferdyne, BlakOPz.
And if we talk about other Genres: Kollegah, Eminem, Pendulum, Rammstein, E Nomine, Fritz Kalkbrenner, The Prodigy.
I also listen to Game and Movie soundtracks.

I listen to even more but those are my absolute favorites.

A few years ago I started to collect physical music. By now I already have quite a few CDs and keep collecting. Especially rare and sold out collectors edition are my aim. If you want to sell to me just take a look into my Wantlist.

I ever since look for the X-Fusion Demo Evillive and Blackout. Definitely the most wanted items in my wantlist.

My hobbies are not only music but also Cooking and Sports. Also Videogaming. I have quite a beefy gaming PC. Fun fact, Most of my music I'm listening while I'm gaming. Goes pretty well together.
Another funny fact is that I honestly was NEVER on a live festival. Yeah, kind of odd. I'm more of the introvert type. Also I like to get in touch with artists and talk with them. I already talked with quite a few. Had many great experiences!

Right now I try to get a job as IT worker. I'm studying for it already quite a long time. Maybe in the future I will also try to get a DJ. Right now this is not my main aim. When I keep exploring music and have enough income to buy DJ hardware I will definitely give it a go though.

I wouldn't call myself Gothic. I like Gothics and also Satanic stuff but I don't follow either of those groups. Dark-Lucifer is just a fun name. I'm Atheist in fact. I wouldn't consider myself being part of any of those cultures. I'm just myself and enjoy my life. Honestly I was kind of Gothic once. Many years ago. I also wore fitting clothing. But not right now anymore. From my music taste alone I guess I would fit perfectly into Cyber Gothic or Industrial. And no, I'm not hating on any of those cultures. I find it kind of childy how Gothics and Cyber Gothics often don't get along... Actually I thought Gothics stand for tolerance. I often see the opposite though. There is also the Industrial subculture but those are a whole different thing again. Has nothing to do with Gothics but their music tastes often cross. Often difficult to keep those apart.

My English skills are kind of advanced I guess but it's not my native language and I try to improve it each year. Sorry if some of my reviews might be odd at times due to lack of English knowledge. I noticed that I kind of often use German phrases which sound odd in English.

That's pretty much it. Not sure what else to say about me. Hope you had some fun reading my bio. If you want to talk, just add me. Always nice to talk with other persons with similar interests.
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