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posted a review of Cornershop - England Is A Garden. 14 days ago
2020 has been a really, really crappy year.

But we got a new Cornershop album out of it.

So we have that going for us.

(Thanks, Cornershop!)
posted a review of Chango - Chango. 4 months ago
Came across this one in a pile of records and snatched it up because the cover looked intriguing. Turns out to be a really great album.
posted a review of David Gray - White Ladder. 4 months ago
Sounds so much better than the initial release on white vinyl. So glad I returned that one and waited for this one. All that said..."silver" vinyl? How did they not call it GRAY vinyl!? Weird.
submitted AC/DC - Back In Black. 7 months ago
posted a review of David Gray - White Ladder. 7 months ago
One of the biggest disappointments as of late in terms of reissues. We've been waiting for this one for a long time. It's not like they didn't have the time to do it right. Alas, as others are pointing out, this was cut way too hot. Nearly every track... See full review
posted a review of Kevin Odegard - Kevin Odegard. 7 months ago
Kevin Odegard was apparently a railroad worker until Dylan asked him to play guitar on Blood on the Tracks. This is an interesting album. Good guitar work. Lyrically a bit dated and a tad corny. But worth it for the 10 minute 'When I Get Home' on side B.
posted a review of LCD Soundsystem - Electric Lady Sessions. 8 months ago
I have yet to purchase a DFA pressing that didn't have excessive surface noise. This is no different though will concede it's quite a bit less than what was on the American Dream release. Both of my disks also came woefully warped. But the... See full review
posted a review of Queen - On Air. 10 months ago
The version of "It's Late" on here is worth the price of admission. That said, not the greatest pressing. Ordered two brand new copies and both times the records arrived in some of the filthiest conditions I've ever seen. I feel sorry for the factory... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
submitted Roxy Music - Avalon. 11 months ago
submitted Decades (5) - Numbered. about 1 year ago
submitted Paul Williams (2) - Just An Old Fashioned Love Song. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Food Pyramid & Roy Orb D.MT. - Arp Navigators. about 1 year ago
Not entirely sure where this fits in the genre spectrum exactly but I'd place it somewhere between ambient and downtempo with maybe a bit of prog sprinkled on top. Really decent recording and pressing. Great background music.
posted a review of Expo '70 / Plankton Wat - Expo '70 / Plankton Wat. about 1 year ago
Found this randomly in a bargain bin. Put it on one Sunday night. It's a perfect Sunday night album. Moody, but not dark. Both bands sound great and are a really nice fit for each other. A perfect way to end the weekend.
submitted Van Halen - Diver Down. about 1 year ago
submitted Various - For The Morning Man. about 1 year ago
submitted James Oglesby - Love Is Just A Legend. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Raphael Saadiq - Stone Rollin'. about 1 year ago
This is an amazing album. Modern soul done perfectly. I'm a little bummed we haven't heard more from him these past few years. This LP does seem to lack a bit in terms of sound, but I think that was an intentional artistic decision to go with a... See full review
posted a comment on Black Mountain - Destroyer. about 1 year ago
Might want to ask for a replacement. My copy is pretty quiet.
posted a review of LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening. about 1 year ago
My personal favorite LCD album. Alas, like the recent American Dream, this DFA release has significant crackle throughout. Not enough to ruin the album, but enough to consider not buying DFA release on vinyl anymore.
submitted Busoni*, The Little Orchestra Society , Conductor Thomas Scherman, Joseph Szigeti, Mieczyslaw Horszowski - Concerto For Violin And Orchestra, Op. 35a, Sonata No. 2 In E Minor For Violin And Piano, Op. 36a. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Robyn - Body Talk. about 1 year ago
Pretty great pressing. Nice and quiet. White looks nice. Doesn't have all the songs I would have liked to see, but I guess that's to be expected with this whole suite of Body Talk releases. Only real complain is the gatefold. What a wasted opportunity... See full review
submitted The Beatles - The Beatles' Second Album. about 1 year ago
submitted Various - For The Morning Man. about 1 year ago
submitted The Goads - You Can Do It. about 1 year ago
submitted Neil Young - Harvest. about 1 year ago
submitted Various - Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40 (Weekend Of January 12-13, 1991). about 1 year ago
posted a review of Júníus Meyvant - Across The Borders. about 1 year ago
A very nice follow up to Floating Harmonies. Solid songwriting here and great production. Nice sounding pressing.
posted a review of Grover Washington, Jr. - Feels So Good. about 1 year ago
This was a pleasant surprise. Nabbed it out of a bargain bin not expecting a whole lot but am rather blown away. A really solid 5 tracks here. Definitely give this one a try if you come across it.
posted a review of Sade - Diamond Life. about 1 year ago
Not having any sibilance issues on my copy. I find it a remarkably good sounding pressing. A great slice of the 80s that has aged quite gracefully.
submitted James Moody - The Blues And Other Colors. about 1 year ago
submitted Various - Live From The Mountain Music Lounge Volume 18: The Essential Collection. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Maribou State - Kingdoms In Colour. about 1 year ago
I would agree with your assessment...this doesn’t seem postrock to me, either.
posted a review of TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain. about 1 year ago
Piling on here...great pressing. It has a solid low-end. Nice dynamics. Quiet vinyl. Well done!
posted a review of The Black Keys - Chulahoma. about 1 year ago
Unlike others, I've enjoyed the Black Keys throughout their entire discography. That said, this is definitely a return to the simple lo-fi blues sound they started with and it's a great little album.
posted a review of Tapes 'n Tapes - Walk It Off. about 1 year ago
One of my favorite "roll down the windows, crank the radio, and go for a long summer drive" albums.
posted a review of Oasis (2) - (What's The Story) Morning Glory?. about 1 year ago
Good quality pressing. OK mastering. As others have noted, the bass is a bit flat, though that's probably true of the source material. Seems they could have pushed the dynamic range on this a bit more given they split it across 2 LPs. Still, it sounds... See full review
posted a review of Hans Zimmer - True Romance: Original Motion Picture Score. about 1 year ago
Pretty, but my copy is extremely noisy...both the 7" and LP. Lots of light crackle throughout. A bit of a bummer given the music.
posted a comment on Various - Jazz For Lovers. about 1 year ago
Bought it for the cover. Music is good too. But that's a really great album cover.
posted a review of The Bombardiers* - Search And Enjoy. about 1 year ago
I hear a mix of The Clash, Midnight Oil and The Replacements in this. Fun little album.
posted a review of Sponge (3) - Rotting Piñata. about 1 year ago
I've always had a soft spot for this album and very happy that it was finally rereleased on vinyl. This is a nice pressing. It's a bit quiet (given the length of music) and does suffer a bit from the 90s mastering (bit heavy on the low end and the... See full review
posted a comment on Sponge (3) - Rotting Piñata. about 1 year ago
The catch is that Amazon is hit-or-miss when it comes to shipping the exact release they state in the description. They often don't.
posted a review of Scorpions - World Wide Live. about 1 year ago
Picked this one up on a whim for cheap. Not a huge Scorpions fan or anything but had heard it's a fun live album. They were right. It is a fun live album! Sounds good too.
posted a comment on Queen - Live Killers. about 1 year ago
Any have any comments or thoughts on the quality of the remastering?
posted a comment on JJUUJJUU - Zionic Mud. about 1 year ago
Long overdue follow up...the label sent me a replacement. Which was really great of them. Looks like my noisy copy was an anomaly rather than an issue with the entire run.
posted a review of Maribou State - Kingdoms In Colour. about 1 year ago
I can see where S3phiRotH is coming from with the 'meh' comment. That said, for my tastes, I'd maybe call them more 'laid back' or 'mellow'. Definitely more of a background music type of album, but has a nice vibe from start to finish. Gets better on... See full review
submitted Muddy Waters - Recipe For Love / Tell Me Baby. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Black Sabbath - Sabotage. about 1 year ago
I've had the same experience with these Rhino releases. That last round of black vinyl Sabbath releases were quite noisy. For the most part, all of these colored releases have been great, noise-free pressings.
submitted George Benson - Beyond The Blue Horizon. about 1 year ago
submitted Unknown Artist - The Lady. over 2 years ago