Raphael Saadiq - Stone Rollin' as reviewed by DarreLP

June 24, 2019
This is an amazing album. Modern soul done perfectly. I'm a little bummed we haven't heard more from him these past few years. This LP does seem to lack a bit in terms of sound, but I think that was an intentional artistic decision to go with a slightly lo-fi vibe--and it fits the music just fine.

Black Mountain - Destroyer DarreLP

June 24, 2019
Might want to ask for a replacement. My copy is pretty quiet.

LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening as reviewed by DarreLP

May 24, 2019
My personal favorite LCD album. Alas, like the recent American Dream, this DFA release has significant crackle throughout. Not enough to ruin the album, but enough to consider not buying DFA release on vinyl anymore.

Robyn - Body Talk as reviewed by DarreLP

May 3, 2019
edited 2 months ago
Pretty great pressing. Nice and quiet. White looks nice. Doesn't have all the songs I would have liked to see, but I guess that's to be expected with this whole suite of Body Talk releases. Only real complain is the gatefold. What a wasted opportunity with the design of it.

EDIT: So. upon a couple more listens...I'm thinking this would have been better as a single LP. The acoustic side is...interesting. But doesn't really warrant a second listen, IMHO.

Júníus Meyvant - Across The Borders as reviewed by DarreLP

April 3, 2019
A very nice follow up to Floating Harmonies. Solid songwriting here and great production. Nice sounding pressing.

Grover Washington, Jr. - Feels So Good as reviewed by DarreLP

March 20, 2019
This was a pleasant surprise. Nabbed it out of a bargain bin not expecting a whole lot but am rather blown away. A really solid 5 tracks here. Definitely give this one a try if you come across it.

Sade - Diamond Life as reviewed by DarreLP

February 21, 2019
Not having any sibilance issues on my copy. I find it a remarkably good sounding pressing. A great slice of the 80s that has aged quite gracefully.

Maribou State - Kingdoms In Colour DarreLP

February 12, 2019
I would agree with your assessment...this doesn’t seem postrock to me, either.

TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain as reviewed by DarreLP

January 31, 2019
Piling on here...great pressing. It has a solid low-end. Nice dynamics. Quiet vinyl. Well done!

The Black Keys - Chulahoma as reviewed by DarreLP

January 28, 2019
Unlike others, I've enjoyed the Black Keys throughout their entire discography. That said, this is definitely a return to the simple lo-fi blues sound they started with and it's a great little album.

Tapes 'n Tapes - Walk It Off as reviewed by DarreLP

January 25, 2019
One of my favorite "roll down the windows, crank the radio, and go for a long summer drive" albums.

Oasis (2) - (What's The Story) Morning Glory? as reviewed by DarreLP

January 18, 2019
Good quality pressing. OK mastering. As others have noted, the bass is a bit flat, though that's probably true of the source material. Seems they could have pushed the dynamic range on this a bit more given they split it across 2 LPs. Still, it sounds good and it's a nice, quiet pressing.

Hans Zimmer - True Romance: Original Motion Picture Score as reviewed by DarreLP

January 1, 2019
Pretty, but my copy is extremely noisy...both the 7" and LP. Lots of light crackle throughout. A bit of a bummer given the music.

Various - Jazz For Lovers DarreLP

December 31, 2018
Bought it for the cover. Music is good too. But that's a really great album cover.

The Bombardiers* - Search And Enjoy as reviewed by DarreLP

December 30, 2018
I hear a mix of The Clash, Midnight Oil and The Replacements in this. Fun little album.

Sponge (3) - Rotting Piñata as reviewed by DarreLP

December 29, 2018
I've always had a soft spot for this album and very happy that it was finally rereleased on vinyl. This is a nice pressing. It's a bit quiet (given the length of music) and does suffer a bit from the 90s mastering (bit heavy on the low end and the vocals always seemed pushed to the back) but overall a very respectful rerelease.

Sponge (3) - Rotting Piñata DarreLP

December 29, 2018
The catch is that Amazon is hit-or-miss when it comes to shipping the exact release they state in the description. They often don't.

Scorpions - World Wide Live as reviewed by DarreLP

November 27, 2018
Picked this one up on a whim for cheap. Not a huge Scorpions fan or anything but had heard it's a fun live album. They were right. It is a fun live album! Sounds good too.

Queen - Live Killers DarreLP

November 6, 2018
Any have any comments or thoughts on the quality of the remastering?

JJUUJJUU - Zionic Mud DarreLP

November 2, 2018
Long overdue follow up...the label sent me a replacement. Which was really great of them. Looks like my noisy copy was an anomaly rather than an issue with the entire run.

Maribou State - Kingdoms In Colour as reviewed by DarreLP

October 28, 2018
I can see where S3phiRotH is coming from with the 'meh' comment. That said, for my tastes, I'd maybe call them more 'laid back' or 'mellow'. Definitely more of a background music type of album, but has a nice vibe from start to finish. Gets better on each listen for me. As for the pressing, zero complaints. Nicely pressed.

Black Sabbath - Sabotage DarreLP

October 9, 2018
I've had the same experience with these Rhino releases. That last round of black vinyl Sabbath releases were quite noisy. For the most part, all of these colored releases have been great, noise-free pressings.

ソニー・スティット* - 闘牛士 = The Matadores Meet The Bull as reviewed by DarreLP

September 14, 2018
I'd maybe call this Afro-Cuban "Lite" Jazz but it's quite nice. Some great players on this one. Nice sounding pressing as well.

Dido - No Angel DarreLP

August 20, 2018
edited 10 months ago
I'm quite happy with my pressing. No issues with the split color or surface noise. Only beef would be the artwork. Not sure how it compares to other vniyl releases of this, but it looks like they took low-res artwork from the original CD and just blew it up big. It shouldn't have been much work to get the cover properly re-done for a vinyl release.

As for the music, it's a wonderful slice of late 90s vocal pop.

Wooden Shjips - V. as reviewed by DarreLP

August 2, 2018
My copy sounded good to me. Really nice album front to back. Solid set of songs.