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posted a comment on Johnny Vicious - Frozen Bass Volume 1. over 3 years ago
'believe this' uses the same vocal as the Fierce Ruling Diva's "you gotta believe (the atomic slide) " from 1992. As far as I know THAT is the original. Many people know that to be a rave anthem as well.
DJ Onionz also remixed that FRD track as a song ... See full review
posted a review of The Innocent / Modal - Jack Another Day / Wake Up. over 3 years ago
a very original track. long building and trippy . I had the record for a long time and although I always thought it was very unusual but very cool I had no idea Derrick Carter was partly behind it... once I found out that explained it. lol. the synth ... See full review
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posted a comment on Cari Lekebusch - Acknowledgements. over 5 years ago
absolute banger.
posted a comment on Mull* & Lekebusch* - Food For Thoughts. over 5 years ago
someone start uploading these to youtube please thanks
posted a comment on Cari Lekebusch - Free From Form. over 5 years ago
would be really great to be able to hear these tracks on youtube, but i get the feeling "Someone" has had the accounts disabled where you could once actually HEAR these great tracks, its too bad.. i own the vinyl & its in storage..but besides for ... See full review
posted a comment on Gaetano Parisio - The Preface. over 5 years ago
some badass groovy techno here...check out B2 -so good, it's a challenge to any track that comes before or after to stand up to it's groove..subtle and building... breaking through little by little...c2 growls and snarls in alternating rhythms...other ... See full review
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added Dante (11) - Barefoot Boogie Volume One to their collection. over 6 years ago