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posted a review of The Brand New Heavies - Heavy Rhyme Experience Theme. about 1 month ago
classic 90's golden age. dont sleep, this is buttery as hells
posted a review of R.E. - A Man And His Flute. 3 months ago
Classic deep house at its finest. It is all about Rain Forest here. Lush pads, heavenly bass and a a god damn flute. Absolute late night necessity,
posted a review of DMO (3) - Ulterior Motives. 3 months ago
Best Dave Sumner/Function track to date IMHO. Drawing heavily on the classic NYC sound of the early 90's fused with an influence of Ron Trent's classic "Altered States". Highly recommended dancefloor material.
posted a review of House Neegroz* - Piano. 3 months ago
Rheji Burrell all day long. This is NJ! Does not get any better than this.
posted a review of Glamco Productions - Jazzy Grooves Vol. II. 3 months ago
word word word! Serious uptempo and down tempo heaters to boot.
posted a review of A "___" Named Johanna* - Freak It. 4 months ago
The Freak It (Instrumental) mix is pure early 90's house NYC courtesy of Tony Humphries. This is the gem on the record. I remember hearing the regular mixes out alot at the time and they worked big time on the dancefloor, but the instrumental is ... See full review
posted a review of Elegia - Snapshots. 4 months ago
Sucha great house and deep techno record FNAC/F Comm was somthing special suring this time period.
posted a review of Raveman Logic - The Beyond Gray Matter E.P.. 4 months ago
Hold Me is classic NYC 1993. Late Night NYC deepness. Great find for cheap. Dont sleep. This could easily be a $30 record if it was on Nu Groove, Strictly, X-Ray or Nervous.
posted a review of Roc & Kato - Live And Direct From The Digital Dungeon: Vol. 1. 4 months ago
Pure freakin fire. This is the serious NYC deep house lovers record. Quality early 90's NYC spread across 6 tracks. This could easily be a $50 record on discogs one day. For the real heads.
posted a review of Placebo (3) - Biogenesis. 4 months ago
4 serious bombs. "untitled 11" hits the hardest but the rest are all buttery as well.
posted a review of DJ Sneak - Platforms E.P.. 4 months ago
Rocking All Jazzed Out hard these days. I slept on this record back in the day and it is getting a new life now. Serious dancefloor business.
posted a review of Deep Vibes - A Brand New Day. 4 months ago
serious classic late night vibes. Such a classic and almost criminally overlooked.
posted a review of Boo Williams - A Little Something For You. 4 months ago
It is all about the Ch-Town Techno track. Deep house deep techno and just all around beautiful music for the well minded dancefloor.
posted a review of Big Mose's* - Inner Spirit EP. 4 months ago
Amazing record. Serious late night NYC business. So good. Only a matter of time before this record jumps up in $$$
posted a review of John Daly - I Keep On Wanting You / Progress. 5 months ago
God dann stormer of a track on the B-Side. Classic Detroit vibes. Get up and out after this track because it is going to be a hot one.
posted a review of Glory B.* - Friday Island. 6 months ago
It always "Positronic" for me. That is one of the hose records that walks the fine line between dub techno and dancefloor heater! So freaking good and a steal for the price.
posted a review of Aquastep - Aquastep (Remix). 7 months ago
This was a monster main floor track back in the day. It has aged well. he drop at the 2 minute mark used to crush the dancefloor.
posted a review of 4D - Miss A Waterfall. 7 months ago
Smoking acid cuts from Woody McBride. Backwards Catch is the real gem hear. Solid mid-west acid for the dancefloor. This is one of those records that will easily be a $40 discogs record one day. Dont sleep.
posted a review of Clementine - Passage One. 7 months ago
The Opening is Slater at his finest. Deep latenight techno done properly
posted a review of Black Note All Stars - An Irrational Fear Of Bongos. 7 months ago
Serious deepness. Cant believe that this record is not a sought after item. Wicked, wicked tracks all around.
posted a review of Splice Of Life - 2000 Black. 7 months ago
Such a great record. I dont know why fools be sleeping on this hot record.
posted a review of Cassady / Mindflight - Conquering Lion / Lightsource. 7 months ago
This record is so dope. Cant understand why people are sleeping on this fine release. Grabbed this puppy out of a $1 bin. Fire!
posted a review of Mateo & Matos - The Deep Koncepts Of New York. 7 months ago
It is all about Spiritual Journey on this release. Classic NYC Body & Soul style. Super slepts on gem.
posted a review of Beyond - Bang. 7 months ago
Sky's The Limit is the go to track here. Classic, Chicago & Detroit groove with a Belgium twist. Primetime 909/300.....and those Toms! If that does not make you dance I don't know what will.
posted a review of Frankie Feliciano Presents Realthing - Wonderland. 7 months ago
Such a dope record. People are sleeping on this record hard. Get after it you latenight house heads.
posted a review of Federico Fresh* / Biochip C. - Los Amigos En Acid. 7 months ago
Super, duper under-rated. Jack Me from Biochip C is a primetime Chicago style banger for sure.
posted a review of Dave Clarke - Four Season (Rmx). 7 months ago
It is all about Spring and Spring Rmx on this record. Highly slept on late night tracks.
posted a comment on Médéric Nébinger* - Close To The Edge EP. 7 months ago
Word, just found the white label test press of this in my crates. Near mint! Forgot how good this record was at the time.
posted a review of T.P.H.* - The Choice E.P.. 8 months ago
It's all about "Pretty Vacant" on this record. Deep Detroit influenced techno with that classic Trope/Heckmann 303.
posted a review of Gagarin Kongress - Astralleib. 8 months ago
All about the Beltram mix. So good. Forgot about this track.
posted a review of DJ Hell* vs. Richard Bartz - Take A Shot / Break The Rulez. 8 months ago
Bartz's "Take a shot", forgot how good this record is.
posted a review of Alton Miller - Love Ballad. 9 months ago
super slept on, killer tune. This is one or two dj's hitting it hard before this is a $30 record on here.
posted a comment on Ian Pooley - Chord Memory (Remixes). 10 months ago
Truly slept on record. This is one or two dj's to make this a $40 plus discogs record in the near future. All mixes on this record rock.
posted a review of Ringo (3) - Plantation. 10 months ago
Awesome record. Don't sleep. Classic deep techno. This is one of those awesome affordable records that is just one or two trainspot plays from being a $100.00 record on here.
posted a review of FRS - Harder. 10 months ago
Forgot I even had this. Killer release from Carl Craig. Just giving this badboy a new cleaning and its going in the next mix.
posted a review of Walt J - The Walt J Project. 11 months ago
Magic Love, such a great jam. Got this on white label.
posted a review of Various - Detroit Techno City II. 11 months ago
I think Detroit Techno City I was a stronger release but "Memories of You" makes this release a must own. A fine piece of late night deep techno. Timeless, classic and emotional.
posted a review of Various - Detroit Techno City. 11 months ago
Serious deep Detroit techno. Pulled this out and have not played 25 years. Such a classy record.
posted a review of Gigi Galaxy - Lemuria EP. 11 months ago
"The Dream" is a magical track that needs to be discovered an played out loud such a gem. The B-Side has the two best tracks on the record. The A-Side just does not do it for me.
posted a review of DJ Rush - Mind Games EP. 11 months ago
Best DJ Rush track in his entire catalog. Must have classic techno
posted a review of Cube 40 - You Make Me Function. 11 months ago
I forgot how good this record was. Dancefloor heater. I need to start playing these tracks again.
posted a review of 100 Hz - EP 2. 11 months ago
Serious late night sleeper. "Pressure Life" is a straight up dancefloor jazz and synth killer, for the discerning minds and feet.
posted a comment on Chris Sattinger - Thinkless Thoughts. 11 months ago
I have two copies of SW17. Both are promo white labels I got from Damon back in 1995. This record is so dope, especially "Butterfly Skull" at -6. It is a secret weapon of my mine that always gets the trainspotters a buzzin. Great transition record from ... See full review
posted a review of Function - Recompiled I/II. about 1 year ago
Great album. Dave is a great guy who I have known since 1989. This guys is still doing it and doing it well. He wears his heart on his sleeve. This album is sonic mastery. Everything from the sound placement, mixdown, mastering and pressing is ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - From Beyond. about 1 year ago
One of the best electro comps to date. Classic machine funk!
posted a comment on A:xus - The Guidance Collection. about 1 year ago
Crazy to think this CD is going for a dollar. These are timeless tracks from one of my favorite US house labels ever.
posted a comment on Underground Resistance - Panic EP. about 1 year ago
We had 10 at Planet X. And it is a smoker of a release for sure. I also have one from your shop with the sticker. Lol!