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posted a comment on Forest Drive West - Jungle Crack EP. 7 months ago
thats the one! perfect drop and a break to match.
posted a review of D1 - Missin' / Cocaine / Firin' Blanks. 7 months ago
Classic release by D1, signature old skool sound with infectious melodies and weighty sub low bass.
posted a comment on Juju - Message / Youthman Dub. 7 months ago
Killer old skool dubstep, better production than some modern stuff.
posted a review of Seba - Identity (Whats Your Fantasy / Madness). 8 months ago
Amazing record, What's your fantasy is a masterclass in musical progression, add to that great quality and you have a winner.
submitted Marcus Intalex - Riots / Hell To Pay. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Juju - Iroko / Tribute. 8 months ago
Agreed! One of those hidden gems and its going for peanuts when early dmzs are sky high, the drums are certainly on mala's level.
posted a review of Badawi - Den Of Drumz. 8 months ago
Classic early driving & tribal dubstep, must have. Surprised its not more pricey.
posted a review of Hokusai - Red Lights / Crystal House. about 1 year ago
Amazing work, Red lights is wonderfully eerie with perfectly chopped up breaks. Crystal House is a lesson in how to blend melodies seamlessly, the b line also has an infectious jazz feel to it.
posted a comment on Nucleus + Paradox* / Kirsty Hawkshaw - Descendants / Night Theme (Paradox Remix). about 1 year ago
Night theme is utterly beautiful, as is descendants. Must have.
posted a comment on Digital Mystikz - Haunted / Anti War Dub. about 1 year ago
spot on, its A all the way :) people only blow their own trumpet when no one else will.
posted a comment on L Double - Your Love. about 1 year ago
lol, a lot of the early jungle is way over priced imo.
posted a comment on Ed Rush • Trace* • Nico (4) - Mad Different Methods / The Droid. about 1 year ago
[quote=rmc] sorry guys, it's all about taste when talking about music, and this is not even near any taste. absolute boring stuff that repeats itself every few seconds. nothing rough or dark here, music by numbers. side aa is quite ok, but that's it... ... See full review
posted a comment on Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner. about 1 year ago
This will always be his best work, so fresh and relative to real life on the streets.