(Updated 8/28/08)

Hello and thanks for checking out my profile! I've been away from the database for a few months, but I've returned.

I have an overwhelming music CD collection--much of it is classic rock and hard rock/metal. However, my collection of electronic/dance music has grown to take up a third of my CD collection; so far, all my submissions to Discogs are from this genre. I also have a massive collection of LP's (2/3 of them are comedy) and a huge number of cassettes as well.

As far as oggers go, I'm different. I'm actually in my fourteenth year working as a high school mathematics teacher in the small city of Las Vegas, New Mexico (yes, New Mexico, the U.S. state), but I do something unique on the side; I provide music for our school's athletic events, playing crowd-oriented tunes during the pre-game warmups and time-outs (and sometimes I share 'air-time' with our marching band). Some students and staff have given me the nickname "Boom Boom."

My mixes combine various subgenres of electronic music with classic rock/oldies, early R&B/funk, punk/new wave, hard rock/metal, Latin/Tex-Mex, and hip-hop/rap. My preferred electronic styles are Eurodance, early tech/house, hip house, hard house, hard trance, and hardstyle.

Sports I've played music for include basketball (boys and girls), football, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer, and wrestling. The style of mix I play depends on the sporting event involved.


I'm administering a Discogs forum on Sports Music, and I encourage anyone to join. You may list your favorite tech/rock/oldies tunes played during sporting events around the world, share your thoughts on these tunes, or even suggest an underrated or ignored tune with the potential to be a real crowd-pleaser (such as Paffendorf's "Where Are You?"). I will make one simple request, though; please keep the forum free of cuss words.


Below is a list of favorite electronic artists (grouped by subgenre or style). Some are in my collection and/or wantlist:

MCL (Micro Chip League), Voyou, C.C.C.P.

2 Unlimited, Playahitty, Masterboy, Corona, La Bouche, Scatman John, Smile.dk, Tempo (featuring Manola)

Paffendorf, Perfect Phase, Warp Brothers, Scooter, Beateater, Klubbheads/Drunkenmunky

DJ Infiniti

DuMonde, Binary Finary, Barthezz, Ayla, Storm, Ferry Corsten (mixes, projects)

Gary D., VooDoo & Serano, Cosmic Gate, Accuface, T-78, Artic-Zone, Strider(2), Pacific Link, Ralph Novell, Bas & Ram

Blutonium Boy, Nightbass DJ Team, Le Brisc, DHHD, Chiren, Midi J, Spacestorm, Technoboy, Speedwave, Hardstyle Guru, Droid, Insecto, Pincky/Sisma DJ


My collection and wantlist in Discogs are both available for browsing. I prefer CD's, but I'm starting a collection of 12" singles. My most wanted items are:




SMILES & MORE - Jet Set Life


DR. BOMBAY - Rice & Curry (CD Album)
DR. MACDOO - Under The Kilt (CD Album)

(both above releases are novelty dance)

PENDING ORDERS OR AUCTIONS (through Discogs or elsewhere)

none right now

<B>I do need to downsize my collection! </b>
I have just opened an eBay store (Phrank's Great Escapes Megamedia) and am selling off a good portion of my collection (so far, just my more collectible AOR/rock/metal CD's). However, if you are seriously interested in any EDM CD's listed in my collection, contact me through Discogs' email system; I'll consider either a sale or a trade for something in my wantlist. If you had tried to get a hold of me within the past six months or so, I'm sorry if I had not responded; I will go through my e-mails and get back to you.


I do my best to check sources and collect as much info as possible for pending submissions. Having said this, I continue to appreciate all the help and support I've received from the Discogs community, and I will continue to set high standards as a member.

Keep visiting this page, as I will be updating it with other news and information. Take care, be your best, and DO your best!

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