Into Caribbean, Central and South American death/black metal bands. Despise or I don't fond worth listening to most of the European bands. A few of them got my respect, but that's it. Worshipper of cult bands like Sadistic Intent, Acheron, Demonic Christ, Conceived by Hate, Sarcofago, Lord Belial, Anal Vomit, Goat Semen, Mortem(Peru) Machetazo, Belphegor, Fleshcrawl, Mystifier, Xalpen ...Also I enjoy goth rock in the vain of Rozz Williams' Christian Death, London After Midnight, The House of Usher, Lacrimosa, Two Witches and Garden of Delight. As for your negative thinking about my taste of bands/music five words: I DON'T GIVE A FVCK!!
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