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posted a review of Jeff Mills - Growth. over 16 years ago
one of the best axis releases if you ask me. the title track really gets under your skin... humana on b2 is the real great one for me here. it feels like your traveling at light speed, firing laserbeams at other spaceships or something... wel anyway, ... See full review
posted a review of X-101 - X-101. over 16 years ago
sonic destroyer is the #1 sci-fi techno tune if you ask me! real over the top futuristic bleeps and synths that make me laugh everytime i hear it. it's really charming. a must have, and definitely a classic!
posted a review of Tres Demented - Demented. over 16 years ago
the laurent garnier mix is insane! the samples (what are they, psycho's? ;) ) really rub that beat in your face. it is incredibly energizing and refreshing, and it would totally work on the dancefloor.
the other tracks? well, imagine jeff mills live on ... See full review
posted a review of Johannes Heil - 20.000 Leagues Under The Skin. over 16 years ago
side a contains one of the most captivating tracks i've ever heard. when i first played it, i had this huge grimace on my face because it reminded me of how brilliant techno can be.
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Medium. over 16 years ago
at first I wasn't too excited about this one. I had only heard a few real audio clips on the internet that dind't cover the whole tracks, so I could only hear short fragments of tracks that last up to 14 minutes!
and oh boy, when I received it on vinyl ... See full review