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Deep, Ass Shaking, Soulful House Grooves
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posted a review of DJ Heather. over 16 years ago
Tangerine is well programmed, well mixed, and well worth listening to. A beautiful woman who is only outshined by her ability to rock a crowd. Also sings on her own tracks/2nd Shift tracks. Hot.
posted a review of Terrence Parker. over 16 years ago
Terrence is amazing. He incorporates all aspect required to be ranked among the top in the world. See him live if you can. He is no longer doing house/techno sets except for a weekly installment on Terrence has stopped preforming except ... See full review
posted a review of Paul Johnson Featuring Jessica (6) - Erotic City. over 16 years ago
Very straight forward remix of Prince classic. Basically just a beat added. Not original vocals. Not radio friendly. Well made track. Mr. Johnson does Prince justice w/ this mix.
posted a review of DJ Mark Farina* - Mushroom Jazz 4. over 16 years ago
I can't say enough about this man. This fourth chapter is just as amazing as the first. A bit more hip-hop influenced and a bit more of a metropolitan sound, this is a must have for any downtempo enthusiast.
posted a review of Various - Mark Farina - Connect. over 16 years ago
Marks second DJ set on OM Records. Includes a track produced by the DJ himself. Visible progession in style and mood from first OM installment. Amazing programming. Tight mixing.
posted a review of Mark Farina - San Francisco Sessions Volume 1. over 16 years ago
This record is phenomenal. A perfect example of the deep, laidback sound that is San Francisco. A perfect entry into electronic music for any audiophile. My grandmother owns a copy of this CD!!!
posted a review of Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz. over 16 years ago
The amazing first chapter of a legacy. This record has influenced DJs and groovers across this world. Trip-hop at it's finest. You can see the progression of Marks life and mindset by following the series. A must have.
posted a review of Igloo Music. over 16 years ago
Deep house, excellent attention to the details. Vocal, but not too much so. Check out the Snatch Theme Remix.
posted a review of Mark Farina. over 16 years ago
Amazing artist. I have religiously followed the melodic sounds of Mr. Farina for 8 years now. He is a prime example of the finest America has to offer in the realm of electronic music. Deep, soulfull, groove-shaking sound. Worthy of your time.