I am a person who listens to music. I review music. I like music. Sometimes I hate it. Sometimes I hate myself for liking it. And sometimes I really like hating it. And I still buy music from time to time. And now I trade or sell some old music in for some new music. Or I trade and sell new music in for very old music. But I am not a collector. I am quite sure about that. Well, I was.
Thats all folks !
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submitted David Bowie - Young Americans. 1 day ago
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submitted Church Of The Sea - Anywhere But Desert. about 1 month ago
submitted Νάνα Μούσχουρη* - Σπίτι Μου Σπιτάκι Μου. about 1 month ago
submitted Michael Chocholak - Hollow Bodies. 2 months ago
submitted The Dream Collision - The Certainty Of Forever. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Various - We Are Electric: Gary Numan Revisited. 4 months ago
To compensate for the delay, the pressing plant upgraded the vinyl from 140 grams to 180 grams pressing.
submitted Σπυράτος Πάνος - Σε έργα Chopin, Liszt, Σπυράτου.. 5 months ago
submitted Π & Χ (2) - Έκσταση. 5 months ago
submitted Orchestra Max Greger* - Dixieland À La Carte. 7 months ago
submitted In Death It Ends - Pendleshire Poly 13.7.79. 7 months ago
submitted Grey Gallows (2) - Tears. 7 months ago
submitted Aftertouch Infusion - Aftertouch Infusion. 7 months ago
submitted Bron Area - One Year. 7 months ago
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submitted The Blue Boys (2) - The Blue Boys . 8 months ago
submitted Pale Roses - Touch Of Evil. 9 months ago
submitted The Pogues - Misty Morning, Albert Bridge. 9 months ago
submitted Savage Republic - Live Europe Trek In ΚΥΤΤΑΡΟ Athens 20-9-87. 9 months ago
submitted Sinéad O'Connor - Album Presentation Tape(Am I Not Your Girl?). 9 months ago
submitted Dark Sun (2) - The Friday's Sessions 1995-2005. 10 months ago
submitted Sly & Robbie - Silent Assassin. 10 months ago
submitted Steeleye Span - Tempted And Tried. 10 months ago
submitted The Bible - The Bible. 10 months ago
submitted Mick Jagger - Audio Buyways From The Forthcoming LP "Primitive Cool" #40919. 10 months ago
submitted 16 Tambourines - How Green Is Your Valley ?. 10 months ago
submitted Jacob (40) - Call From Within. 10 months ago
submitted The Devlins - Drift. 10 months ago
submitted Blakaut - Συσκότιση. 10 months ago
submitted El Ojo Y La Navaja - Anarquia Coronada. 11 months ago
submitted Clan (11) - Mosaik. 11 months ago
submitted The Mighty Lemon Drops - Beautiful Shame. about 1 year ago
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