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posted a comment on Danny Breaks - Droppin Science Volumes. about 1 month ago
Must be the bargain of the century,4 classics,one side a piece!
posted a comment on Safari Sounds - Droppin' Science Volume 07. about 1 month ago
Wow,you can still pick this up for a fiver! 2 slices of warm 95 Danny Breaks funk,definite classics in my book.
posted a comment on BC* - Inside The Machine. 2 months ago
Listening again after a while and must say that Trick of the Light is a stunning groover
posted a comment on Joey Beltram, Code 6 - Aumento. 3 months ago
Aumento has got it all,killer hook,female screaming,what a dancefloor bomb
posted a comment on Recoil (6) - The Bridge / Velocity 9. 6 months ago
Ah,thats why it sounds so different then old Dylan hehe,thanks
posted a comment on Volcov - Guidance. about 1 year ago
Such a killer tune,the Digital remix,future classic!
Wanted to buy all of them for not even a fifty but sharing is caring.
posted a comment on Adam F - Aromatherapy. about 1 year ago
Aromatherapy..what a tune,they dont get much deeper than this.U need this one
posted a review of Recoil (6) - The Bridge / Velocity 9. about 1 year ago
Old Dylan alias,The Bridge is a mellow deep roller with a killer bassline and beautiful strings,really underrated tune,flipside is more of a stepper.Highly recommended
posted a comment on Funky Technicians - Deltawave / Deja Vu. about 1 year ago
Deltawave is the one,beautiful strings and vibe,just wanted to say gem,but cant do that anymore
posted a comment on The Advocate - You Talking To Me?. about 1 year ago
You talking to me is a stone cold classic!! Deep tearing slammer!
posted a comment on The Vagrant - Twisted Sampler 1. over 2 years ago
Zero wants?? wow,the Matrix remix is one fat deep roller
posted a comment on Max Duley - Watch As We Now Drift. over 2 years ago
Best 3,40 i ever spend,double front is the one for me
posted a comment on Souljah - Urbanology. over 3 years ago
Ok,sit back on the couch,roll a nice one if you're into that and listen to this album front to back,i just did that and was blown away by how good this album is,bought it when it came out and played a lot of the tracks.But listening again after a long ... See full review
posted a comment on The Spirit* - Mendacity / Delusions. over 3 years ago
Delusions is a gem of a track,jazzy atmospheric dnb of the highest order!
posted a comment on Various - Drum & Bass Arena LP. over 7 years ago
Its definetely not the best dnb album of all time but Balderdash is one hell of a tune
posted a comment on Total Science - Tuned-In (LP Sampler). over 7 years ago
Latest Request is one of the biggest dancefloor bombs,play this and the place will explode