I'm an Ex-pilot.

My battle plane was destroyed by the traitors (a.k.a. fucking rats)

I'm still here, but I can't fly/mote anymore. Thanks to a few REAL friends I am unbanned on a FEW forums. Not sure if it will last, however:))

All items I listed are originals. However I would NOT make any MP3 or whatever copies under any request. Pls.respect the artists and buy proper artworks. Thank you.

Pls. note that I'm not selling anything from my collection. I won't do MP3s either, sorry.

Reasonable offers for items from my wantlist are welcomed. I guarantee qucik response and PayPal payment

Yes, I'm a demanding customer and always leave my feedback. So pls. be true in your records gradings and provide level of services (including packing) which you promised to me.
Pls. double-check with the postoffice BEFORE allowing me to place an order. I mostly order much media and only want registered mail (CDs WITH the jewelcases).
I only order CDs, pls let me know if I chose any other media by mistake.
NOTE: I'll file a paypal complaint on 44th day after I paid if the items fail to arrive by then, so pls ship it asap once I paid you.

SPECIAL ATTENTION CANADA SELLERS: Seems like post Canada can not meet my requests or requires crazy postage fee. In the future I'll try to avoid orders shipped from Canada, unless you can provide registered shipment for a reasonable price. Pls let me know if I order from you by some mistake.

Once again: I always leave my feedback.
Make sure to leave yours.

Good luck.
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