I like to listen to most stuff except for today's crap. Some styles that I'm into:

- late 70's - early 80's New Wave
- late 80's - early 90's Gangsta Rap
- 80's Italo Disco
- 70's Prog Rock
- early 80's Ska
- Japanese Noise
- jazz
- lo-fi Rock
- classic Rock
- crust Punk
- first wave of Black Metal
- second wave of Black Metal
- goth rock
- post punk
- 90's alternative
- 60's - 70's psychedlia and psychedelic rock
- experimental stuff

I'd love to get my hands on the rarer stuff by The Gerogerigegege! I'm a collector. Nothing is for sale.
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posted a comment on The Gerogerigegege / Masonna - Split. over 4 years ago
Odd how there's only 1 copy, yet 2 people claim to have it.
posted a comment on The Gerogerigegege - Yasukuni Jinja. over 5 years ago
How the hell are you supposed to tell which side is which? Both sides are blank and there aren't any etchings on the record saying 'A' or 'B'. :(