Dez has done several live performances 1993-2013 in Arizona. In 93 Interned for Francois K. His First Single "My People" with Eddie Amador. Dez Writes, Produces and Records His own music under His very own company, GSM. "Alpha Omega" which got the attention of He launched mixed his "Life" single. "Put The Bump Back in The Night" mixed
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posted a comment on Pet Shop Boys Feat. Example - Thursday. over 3 years ago
the backbone is labeled "CD 1" wonder if the 'CD 2' was pulled.
posted a review of Dusty Springfield - Nothing Has Been Proved. over 16 years ago
This is From the Movie 'Scandal'. I love the Marshall Jefferson Remix. Superb. That also has on Guitars Herb Lawson of Ten City. This has got to be the most over looked Record of all time. It's a Classic in itself. I recommend this in any collection.