Yazz Ahmed - La Saboteuse Dick

December 25, 2017
Try to clean (wet) it...it might be static and debris from the press.

Faruq Z. Bey With Northwoods Improvisers - Infa'a Dick

October 3, 2017
Mine is green 2...it does have some "bubbles" in the vinyl that cause a "thicking" sound! :(

White Heat (4) - White Heat as reviewed by Dick

December 14, 2008
This album has 8 tracks, and all 8 are supergroovy!!!
Great funk with jazzy influences and smooth soul where you can hear that Mister White himself was behind the knobs.
It's very rare to find an album with all good tracks. Well this is one!
The production by Barry White is very high standard, a good balance between the vocals and the instruments!
Sax, Guitar, Bass, Organ and heavy pounding Drums, it's all there. If you like 'War' and 'Cymande' you will love this one!
To bad they only have one album!