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posted a comment on Bassbin Twins - A-1 Love. over 4 years ago
This track has so much going on after the big snare drum roll into the main part. It was dance floor destroyer (in the good way) in it's day. Clever use of samples all around. As a DJ I never liked the ending to this track and always mixed out before it ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Icee* - Tricks. over 4 years ago
I'm always fascinated by the roots of samples in these tracks that I love. Icey did an amazing job taking this house vocal and turning into a early 90's break anthem. He also hid some of the beats and other parts in that must have been present in what he ... See full review
posted a comment on Flipped Out - Everybody Is Somebody. over 5 years ago
This song was an absolute monster in Orlando, FL where the rave scene exploded in the early 90's. Back in the day I used it to think it was actually 2 separate songs. I guess I thought DJs always just played them together? When the helicopter sample ... See full review
posted a comment on Eclectica - O'Spectra. over 6 years ago
Spaced out, blissed up dreamy pads and synths with tech house drums. A quality production but more for the house than the club.
posted a comment on Thomas Penton & Luis Duran - Control Factor (Remixes). over 6 years ago
Noel Sanger's mix is a progressive breakbeat classic from back when nobody but Hybrid was doing progressive breaks. Recognize!
posted a review of Sleepfreaks - Fusion / P.H.B.. over 6 years ago
Really nice quality techy trance stuff by the Sleepfreaks. This is this their signature tune in my humble opinion (PHB). The track has a simple chord progression that just works, builds nicely and separated them from all the boring, go no where tech ... See full review
posted a comment on Shout (2) - Is It Ever Going To End (Remix). over 6 years ago
Starts off with this haunting pad that almost sounds like a monk chant, followed by a classic early 90's breakbeat. Then the bass drops in and you're taken back to the good ol days of early rave. The memorable "I Love It" sample comes in about halfway ... See full review
posted a comment on God Within - Raincry. over 6 years ago
And as the notes above Raincry gets the chanting vocal from Hans Zimmer - The rainmaker:
posted a comment on God Within - Raincry. over 6 years ago
Woah, I never knew this.. then I went search and found this. . You are correct. I'm sure the sample was not approved. :)
posted a comment on God Within - Raincry. over 6 years ago
I'm curious what is samples from this track. Just the rain sounds in the beginning? The drums don't sound like they're from there.
posted a review of Anthony White - I Can't Forget You. over 7 years ago
An Italian house classic. Appeared on Sasha and Digweed's Rennaissance mix Vol 1. The vocal is catchy an memorable. Definitely a top track to add to a classic house collection.
posted a review of Boston Bruins - Raise Your Hands. over 7 years ago
This is one stellar piece of old school and should be in every fans collection. Let's start with the Mindwarp Symphony mix. An absolute Orlando classic. Amazingly infectious build up. Sublime pads and building to the crescendo of the "come on come yeah ... See full review
posted a review of Club Deluxe (2) - Deluxe E.P.. over 7 years ago
Another breakbeat anthem here. Club Deluxe is another guise for the "Cotton Club" guys. You can definitely tell listening to this track. These guys were true masters of the funky break, heavy sample based rave tunes of the early 90s. Funky Rhythm ... See full review
posted a comment on God Within - Raincry. over 8 years ago
How this has no comments I'll never know so I feel as I must leave one.
This is a track that simply defines an era. In Orlando, FL where I'm from, Raincry was an anthem. For a song that is almost ambient in it's washy pads and haunting vocals it ... See full review
posted a comment on Sasha And John Digweed* - Northern Exposure. over 8 years ago
Any fan of Sasha and Digweed and really any fan of the early dance music scene should be looking into adding this to their collection. Virtually every track on here is a timeless classic. Still sounds timeless to me to this day.
posted a comment on The Cotton Club* Feat: Bowa - Cotton Wool E.P.. over 8 years ago
This record actually has 3 all time classic Florida rave tunes on it.
"Lose Control" "Read My Lips" and "Come on Now." - All featured in the videos on the right. A steal if you can find a copy.
posted a comment on Liquid - Sweet Harmony. over 8 years ago
To call this tune a rave classic, would probably be the understatement of the millennium. Combine one of the catchiest, most recognizable piano riffs, with hardcore breaks, heavenly strings and perfect vocal sample to bring the E'd up masses together. ... See full review
posted a review of Altern8* - Full On .. Mask Hysteria. over 8 years ago
An absolute masterclass in old school breaks, sampling and down right funky hardcore. These guys set the bar not only for their tunes but for their amazing live show. I had the the pleasure and the privilege of seeing them perform this entire album in ... See full review