Current Projects:
--Learn new tings.
--Lot 1: Mysterious Benefactor - 80 crates LP's/12's remaining, high not-in-db concentration, moderate-to-high collectabilit
--Lot 2: West Coast Radio - About 750 7"s remaining, high not-in-db concentration, lots of pristine easy listening.
--Lot 3: East Coast Radio - 7,500 45's. Low not-in-db concentration, but a good amount of promotional copies.

Current Goals:
--50,000 Submissions - less soon

-Somehow convince myself to stop acquiring and work on existing not-in-DB.

I usually don't bite. However, please create a support request for any support related issues.

Please also do not ask me for rips of releases I have contributed/own. It is against our terms of service. At this time I am not selling from my collection either.

If you have performed on a record I have contributed, please also feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear more stories about those releases.

As a result of my level of submissions, I receive well over 1000 system messages a month, as a result, I am perpetually a bit behind in checking through past submission comments and messages. Please PM me directly if you have a question about a submission for faster service. I will usually respond to PM requests to fix errors within 24 hours.

All of my images are free for use for anyone that wishes to use them. If you do use them somewhere, please let me know! I love seeing my work spread around. Credit would be extra appreciated as well.

I make bad music and you should listen to it because reasons
Recent Activity
submitted Jimmie Davis - Old Baptizing Creek. about 1 hour ago
submitted Barbara Jones - Just A Friend. about 13 hours ago
submitted Ricky Tenn - Movie Star / See The Freak. about 13 hours ago
submitted Ernest Wilson - Promise Me. about 14 hours ago
submitted X-A-Dus - Swivel Dance. about 15 hours ago
submitted Mighty Rudo - You Are My Sunshine. about 15 hours ago
submitted Lime (2) - Come & Get Your Love (Remix) / Your Love (Remix). about 15 hours ago
submitted Screechy Dan & Daddy P. / Barker B.* - Lovely We Lovely / Mi And Yu Lef. about 15 hours ago
submitted Leroy Smart - Soul And Inspiration. about 16 hours ago
submitted Heart - I'm Down / Long Tall Sally. about 16 hours ago
submitted Singing Francine - Keep The Action Going. about 17 hours ago
submitted Smitty (15) - Mind Yo Mine. about 17 hours ago
submitted Steve Turner (9) - Listen Up / Keep Pumping. about 20 hours ago
submitted Good Shape - Take My Love. about 20 hours ago
submitted Various - Headache Riddim. about 20 hours ago
submitted JT Company - Feel It (In The Air). about 21 hours ago
submitted J. Flexx Featuring Marlo Moore - Rock It Smooth. about 21 hours ago
submitted L.A.X. - All My Love / Dancin' At The Disco. about 21 hours ago
submitted Leather (6) - Walking. 2 days ago
submitted Junie Ranks & John Mouse - Sea Of Love / Mi Nah Ease Up. 2 days ago
submitted Nazene - Party Crashers. 2 days ago
submitted DJ Kool - I Got Dat Feelin' (Remix). 2 days ago
submitted Kerseen - Sweet Extasy. 2 days ago
submitted Dr. Tony Garcia* Featuring Jennifer Rivers - Now That I Found You / Precious Love. 2 days ago
submitted Brass Construction - Never Had A Girl. 2 days ago
submitted Peter Metro - Coke Pipe. 2 days ago
submitted Joy White & Ronnie Davis - Please Stop Your Lying. 2 days ago
submitted Robin S. - From Now On. 2 days ago
submitted Lisa (2) / Boys Town Gang - Jump Shout / Rocket To Your Heart / Disco Kicks. 2 days ago
submitted Bill Campbell (3) - Nice & Easy. 2 days ago
submitted Jacob Miller - Shaky Girl. 2 days ago
submitted Wayne Wade - Make It With Your Love. 2 days ago
submitted Robbie Mychals - One Mile From Paradise. 2 days ago
submitted Pat Kelly / Johnny Clarke - You Send Me / Simmer Down. 3 days ago
submitted Dennis Brown - The Half / Troubled World. 3 days ago
submitted Gregory Isaacs / Daddy Lizzard* - Guilty / Fling It Up. 3 days ago
submitted Gringo (8) / Bajja Jedd - Came, Saw & Conquer / Andrea. 3 days ago
submitted Carl B. Moxie - Cry Freedom / You Are A Special Person. 3 days ago
submitted Drupatee Ramgoonai - Mr. Bissessar / Come Together. 3 days ago
submitted Owen Gray - First Taste Of Love. 3 days ago
submitted Marie Baines - As We Lay. 3 days ago
submitted Calypso Brigo - Limbo Break. 3 days ago
submitted Sonia Alleyne - Emotion. 3 days ago
submitted Tony Tuff - Got To Be Careful. 3 days ago
submitted Hervin Porter - Arlene. 3 days ago
submitted Admiral Bailey / Major San - Girl Of My Pleasure / You Own The Man. 3 days ago
submitted John Holt - That Girl. 3 days ago
submitted Jessy Dixon And The Chicago Community Choir - Blessed, Are The Pure in Heart. 3 days ago
submitted The Dixie Hummingbirds - Your Good Deeds. 3 days ago
submitted Cleophus Robinson* - Live. 3 days ago