Current Projects:
--Lot 1: Mysterious Benefactor - 80 crates LP's/12's remaining, high not-in-db concentration, moderate-to-high collectability, completion 2016 maybe
--Lot 2: West Coast Radio - About 750 7"s remaining, high not-in-db concentration, lots of pristine easy listening. completion 2016
--Lot 3: East Coast Radio - 7,500 45's. Low not-in-db concentration, but a good amount of promotional copies. completion 2016.

Current Goals:
--100,000 Images - June, 2016
--50,000 Submissions - End of 2016
--300,000 Rank - End of 2016

-Somehow convince myself to stop acquiring and work on existing not-in-DB.

Feel free to ask questions or bug me about the database/submissions/amazing true tales of used vinyl records. I don't bite. For real. If you see me out in public please feel free to drop me a note after, too! :)

Please, however, do not ask me for rips of releases I have contributed/own. It is against our terms of service. At this time I am not selling from my collection either.

If you have performed on a record I have contributed, please also feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear more stories about those releases.

As a result of my level of submissions, I receive well over 1000 system messages a month, as a result, I am perpetually a bit behind in checking through past submission comments and messages. Please PM me directly if you have a question about a submission for faster service. I will usually respond to PM requests to fix errors within 24 hours.

I make bad music and you should listen to it because reasons
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submitted Fortnox (2) - Storm Inside My Head. 5 days ago
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