Opening back up PM's again. Please, please, please, do not contact me asking about purchasing items in my collection, getting MP3's of stuff I own, or issues that should be in a support request.

Current Projects:
--Country/Light Radio Station Lot - 99% already in DB, adding data/images.
--Chinese Cassettes - about 300, Any assistance is deeply appreciated
--Perpetual Spring Cleaning - Update subs & collection info on LP's/12"s. Purge out detritus. Clean things, etc.
--VHS - Goodness gracious there's a lot.
--Radio Show Transcription Lot - Backburner: High effort.
--Lot 1: Mysterious Benefactor - Down to a dozen or so boxes of higher difficulty submissions, back-burnering.

Recently completed:
--Classical & Assorted Misc. Donation - Anything remaining liquidated into the general backlog.
--400,000 rank - Completed 2019/10/10
--New Music! - Unsupported
--50,000 Submissions - Completed 2019/02/06
--More Thai 45's - Completed 2018/10/??
--Collection location tagging - Completed 2018/04/19

Current Goals:
--Make Music - prepping source material for next project


Please also do not ask me for rips of releases I have contributed/own. It is against our terms of service. At this time I am not selling from my collection either.

If you have performed on a record I have contributed, please also feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear more stories about those releases.

As a result of my level of submissions, I receive well over 1000 system messages a month, as a result, I am perpetually a bit behind in checking through past submission comments and messages. Please PM me directly if you have a question about a submission for faster service. I will usually respond to PM requests to fix errors more readily.

All of my images are free for use for anyone that wishes to use them. If you do use them somewhere, please let me know! I love seeing my work spread around. Credit would be extra appreciated as well.

I make bad music and you should listen to it because reasons

Recent Activity
submitted Odia Coates - That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles. about 1 hour ago
submitted The Singing Rand Family - This Land Is Your Land. about 10 hours ago
submitted Tammy Wynette - 'Til I Get It Right . about 11 hours ago
added Harry Simeone Chorale* - Walking Alone / The "Truly Do" Song to their collection. about 11 hours ago
submitted Petula Clark - I Can't Remember (How It Was Before). about 13 hours ago
submitted Ray Stevens - Mr. Businessman / Face The Music. about 16 hours ago
added Vikki Carr - Big Hurt to their collection. about 17 hours ago
submitted Sons Of The Pioneers* - Cool Water / Tumbling Tumbleweeds. about 20 hours ago
submitted Ray Dickson - Don't Cry / O Come To Me. about 20 hours ago
added Jewel & Arthur Blanch* - On Account-A I Love You to their collection. about 21 hours ago
submitted Tommy Dale - I'm Your Father, I'm Your Dad. about 21 hours ago
submitted The Prince Sisters - Love Love Beautiful Love / The Man In The Moon. about 21 hours ago
submitted Bear* - Under The Boardwalk. about 21 hours ago
submitted Steve Davis (40) - Up There With You. about 21 hours ago
submitted Darling And Street* - Al Perrin, At The End Of The Month. about 22 hours ago
submitted Nickey Barclay - That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You. about 22 hours ago
submitted Larry Meredith - Sentimental Lisa. about 22 hours ago
submitted Teeni. L - Hollywood Star / Till I Get You Back. about 22 hours ago
added Rockin Foo* - Rochester River to their collection. about 22 hours ago
submitted Nyna Shannon, London Rock Symphony* - Moses And The Impossible Ten. about 22 hours ago
submitted Jimmy Williams (3) - I Can't Help It I Am Falling In Love. about 23 hours ago
submitted Ricardo Montalban - A "Miss You" Kiss. about 23 hours ago
submitted Brian Gale (3) & Dee Dee Hensley - Who Was That Stranger. about 23 hours ago
submitted Bruce Rogers (3) - I've Always Liked Rain. about 23 hours ago
submitted LAX (22) - Ain't People Kind (To The Blind). about 23 hours ago
submitted Marshmallow Way - C'mon Kitty Kitty (Let's Go To The City). about 24 hours ago
submitted Tommy McLain - When A Man Loves A Woman / I Can't Take It No More. 1 day ago
submitted New City Jam Band - Lazy Love . 1 day ago
submitted Quincy Jones And His Orchestra - Ole Turkey Buzzard. 1 day ago
submitted Englebert Humperdinck* - Les Bicyclettes De Belsize. 1 day ago
added Marino Marini - Twist In Love / Let's Twist Again to their collection. 3 days ago
submitted Dionne Warwick - For You . 3 days ago
submitted Herbie Mann - To Sir, With Love. 3 days ago
submitted Herbie Mann - Push . 3 days ago
submitted Roger Hart (7) - I'll Find You Babe For Christmas. 3 days ago
submitted Michael Henderson - Wide Receiver. 4 days ago
submitted Johnny Mathis - Let's Love / You Are Beautiful. 4 days ago
added Al Martino - Two Hearts Are Better Than One / I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart to their collection. 4 days ago
submitted Tata Vega - Miss Celie's Blues (Sister). 4 days ago
submitted Boris Midney - Han Solo And The Princess (Love Theme). 4 days ago
submitted Ricardo Martinelli - Midnight Blue. 4 days ago
submitted Paul Wendel With The Sid Feller Sextet - Summer Romance "A Trilogy Of Love". 4 days ago
submitted Dionne Warwick - The Windows Of The World. 5 days ago
submitted Mickie Finn - Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway. 5 days ago
submitted Eddie Kendricks - I Did It All For You. 6 days ago
submitted Al Jolson - Avalon / Anniversary Song. 7 days ago
submitted Ralph Marterie And His Marlboro Orchestra* - My Romance / Little Girl Blue. 7 days ago
submitted Peter X. Morosky - If There's A Better Place To Live (I Ain't Seen It). 7 days ago
submitted Chet Dragon Orchestra - What-Is-It Polka. 7 days ago
submitted Heavy Chicago Orchestra* - I Know I'm Losing You Polka. 7 days ago