Current Projects:
--Learn new tings.
--Lot 1: Mysterious Benefactor - 80 crates LP's/12's remaining, high not-in-db concentration, moderate-to-high collectabilit
--Lot 2: West Coast Radio - About 750 7"s remaining, high not-in-db concentration, lots of pristine easy listening.
--Lot 3: East Coast Radio - 7,500 45's. Low not-in-db concentration, but a good amount of promotional copies.

Current Goals:
--50,000 Submissions - less soon

-Somehow convince myself to stop acquiring and work on existing not-in-DB.

I usually don't bite. However, please create a support request for any support related issues.

Please also do not ask me for rips of releases I have contributed/own. It is against our terms of service. At this time I am not selling from my collection either.

If you have performed on a record I have contributed, please also feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear more stories about those releases.

As a result of my level of submissions, I receive well over 1000 system messages a month, as a result, I am perpetually a bit behind in checking through past submission comments and messages. Please PM me directly if you have a question about a submission for faster service. I will usually respond to PM requests to fix errors within 24 hours.

All of my images are free for use for anyone that wishes to use them. If you do use them somewhere, please let me know! I love seeing my work spread around. Credit would be extra appreciated as well.

I make bad music and you should listen to it because reasons
Recent Activity
submitted Lisa Dore - Totally Yours. about 1 hour ago
submitted Rich Carlson (5) - Bad Luvin' Woman. about 2 hours ago
submitted Mighty Duke - Cock Of The Rock. about 2 hours ago
submitted Bajja Jedd - Revolut (I Come To Stand For The Ghetto Youths). about 2 hours ago
submitted Missay Renee - I Feel. about 2 hours ago
submitted Keith Murray - He's Keith Murray. about 3 hours ago
submitted Julia Nixon (2) - Pull Back. about 3 hours ago
submitted Babyface - It's No Crime. about 3 hours ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Untitled. about 3 hours ago
submitted J. Simone - Gone (With No Regret). about 3 hours ago
submitted Silky (11) - Special Christmas. about 3 hours ago
submitted Suzanne Palmer - Fascinated (Remixes). about 4 hours ago
submitted Rotary Downs - Traces. about 4 hours ago
submitted ICE MC - Run Fa Cover. about 4 hours ago
submitted Su Su Bobien / Mood Life - You Don't Know / Dancing In The Spirit. about 4 hours ago
submitted 4Tune Feat. Ben (3) / T&F Feat. J. Thompson (5) - Afterhours / The Sermon. about 4 hours ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Electric Mayhem EP. about 5 hours ago
submitted Richie Rich (18) - Double Trouble. 1 day ago
submitted Frankie Avalon - Why / Swingin' On A Rainbow. 1 day ago
submitted Louie Rankin - Come Fi Ram It / Monster Move. 1 day ago
submitted Mary Isaacs - Sweet Caribbean Man. 2 days ago
submitted Pinchers - Memories Of Love. 2 days ago
submitted Mark Colby - Peace Of Mind. 2 days ago
submitted Russ Arno - Believe In Love. 2 days ago
submitted Paul Anka - Jubilation. 2 days ago
submitted Mindframe (3) - Starry Eyes / Too Hott. 2 days ago
submitted Hahz The Rippa - The Year, Yeah!. 2 days ago
submitted Synergy (3) - Sequencer. 2 days ago
submitted Tony! Toni! Toné! - Whatever You Want. 2 days ago
submitted N.O.R.E. - Oye Mi Canto. 2 days ago
submitted Mally Manson - My Money / Anybody Can Get It. 2 days ago
submitted Phil Foster (2) - Alive?. 2 days ago
submitted Bernie Berns - "Disha" Bernie. 2 days ago
submitted Delroy Wilson - I'll Never Hurt You. 2 days ago
added The Tamlins - Don't Break Your Promise to their collection. 2 days ago
submitted U-Brown* - Hugging & Kissing. 2 days ago
submitted Diamonds* - Tamarind Farm. 2 days ago
submitted George Dekker - Sabatarge. 2 days ago
submitted Trinity (4) - Real Ranking. 2 days ago
submitted Yellowman & Associates (3) - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now. 2 days ago
submitted Perez "Prez" Prado And His Orchestra* - Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White / St. Louis Blues Mambo. 2 days ago
submitted Bobby Vinton - Roses Are Red (My Love) / Rain Rain Go Away. 2 days ago
submitted Scott Mills & His Orchestra* - Acapulco Holiday. 3 days ago
submitted Various - Nu/Trax Remix. 3 days ago
submitted Barrington Levy / Unknown Artist - Under Mi Sensi (Mix) / Untitled. 3 days ago
submitted KRS-One & The Temple Of Hiphop - Come To The Temple. 3 days ago
submitted Jimmy Fautheree - One Day Smiling. 3 days ago
submitted Paul Anka - Think I'm In Love Again. 3 days ago
submitted The Projects (2) - Tell Em. 3 days ago
added The Flamingos - Requestfully Yours to their collection. 3 days ago