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posted a comment on Various - Flashback Of A Genius. over 2 years ago
i would like to complete that position no 7 (the unknown artist (short vocal sample) is sung by Italian artist Raffaela Carra from her album "A Far L´amore Comincia Tu" - track name is "53 53 456"
posted a review of Peirre's Fantasy Club* - Dream Girl. over 8 years ago
I heard "Dream Girl" the first time in the club "Space" in Ibiza in the year 1988 around 9am. It was far away from the club de non jours, but incredible back in that days. Back than i came from Germany without having any idea about acid house! I heard ... See full review
posted a comment on P.G. And P.. over 8 years ago
P.G.and P. released also a very rare disco song called "Hurricane Woman" On the 7" is part 1 & part 2. A Disco Fantasy with sexy lyrics and stomping and grinding sound effects and some lascivious moans...

Its a fantastic song very much ahead its time. ... See full review