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posted a comment on Chain Gang - Son Of Sam. over 2 years ago
Both pressings have ridged labels, and were most certainly made at the same plant. This one is likely to be the 1st press, however, due to the simpler label design and lack of publishing credits.
posted a comment on Lockjaw (2) - Shock Value. over 2 years ago
Just fixed that. The July 2nd execution date was set in April of 1986.
posted a comment on Neck Tie Party - Heard The Good Noose?. over 2 years ago
this edition ought to have 1982 as the release date.
posted a comment on Religious War - Religious War. over 3 years ago
1st press was on the Polluted Temple label only (PS without Spent Round sticker), red vinyl, 200 made, and issued without inserts. There should be two separate listings here.
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Perhaps the "last change" to this page should be an edit from the incorrect title of "Last Change" to "Last Chance".
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posted a review of The Damned - A Right Royal Fuck Up. over 5 years ago
Haven't seen the other versions to compare but the blank label yellow cover version has all the signs of a US job, not UK.
posted a comment on Various - Songs We Taught The Cramps. over 5 years ago
This is not a UK release; it's as American as apple pie.
posted a comment on Empirismo - Esto Es Siempre. over 5 years ago
This is not a Mexican release. It was manufactured in the USA and has a US address.
posted a comment on Travis Wammack - Scr-Scr-Scratchy!. over 5 years ago
There is a date clearly printed on the labels:
"P & C Zu Zazz records, 1989"
This date is further reinforced by a "2/89" on the generic UK dust sleeve with my copy.
posted a comment on Religious War - Religious War. over 5 years ago
Spent Round label = 2nd press. Green vinyl, edition of 500. With insert.
posted a comment on Slaughter & The Dogs* - Twist & Turn. over 6 years ago
This really ought to be called the "Half Alive" EP. The title is right on the front cover and in the same lettering as the band name.
posted a review of The Queers - Kicked Out Of The Webelos. over 6 years ago
"U-30803" means this boot was plated at United in 1991.
posted a review of Jona Lewie - Big Shot - Momentarily. over 6 years ago
Despite the implications of the catalog number this smaller version is actually a 6" record, not a 5".
posted a comment on Vision (22) - Undiscovered. over 6 years ago
The CI pressing is a reissue from 1996.
posted a comment on Blanks 77 - Speed 5". over 6 years ago
Released in 1996 btw.
posted a comment on Opposition (2) - Better Days & Bad Advice. over 6 years ago
Released in 1996, not 1995.
posted a comment on Jokers Wild - All I See Is You / I Just Can't Explain It. over 6 years ago
Released without picture sleeve in 1968.