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Logan (3) - Speed Ahouse
posted a review of Logan (3) - Speed Ahouse. over 18 years ago
The first and the last release composed under the name of Logan. In France this name is deposed and property of Renault, the car manufacturer, to avoid some legal troubles now he composes under the new name of Tim Oxman.
Trax-X - Molecule 66
posted a review of Trax-X - Molecule 66. over 19 years ago
Definitely my favourite release on the Reload Records label and one of my most wanted vinyl for the track B2: Gravity (a fast bpm combined with high rises of acid sounds and a repetitive melody). An acid anthem in Belgium who's played in many retro parties. See full review
Manu Kenton
posted a review of Manu Kenton. over 19 years ago
Probably one of the most popular techno DJ in the north of France with Max Walder, Manu Kenton play each saturday on the famous pyramid of Lagoa Club in Menen ( in the company of Jamie Dill. He elaborates progressive mix with... See full review