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The Brothers Testas - Hot Spice
posted a comment on The Brothers Testas - Hot Spice. over 3 years ago
The Yum Yum remix (issued in 1996) seems to be the same track as "Winc - Thoughts of a tranced Love (Black Lettuce Mix)"Can someone explain this ? ;)

Well seen Cliff and thank you !!! I was going to get caught in the... See full review
Various - Electronic Music Anthology by FG Vol.3 Techno Gems
posted a comment on Various - Electronic Music Anthology by FG Vol.3 Techno Gems. over 4 years ago
I have little hope but I will take the risk ;-)
Trance Team - Breath Of Life
posted a comment on Trance Team - Breath Of Life. over 5 years ago
8 years after your post ...
I still today agree with you my friend
Musicaly Rudy
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
The Mackenzie - Higher In The Sky / Chicago Trip
posted a comment on The Mackenzie - Higher In The Sky / Chicago Trip. over 6 years ago
Merci beaucoup pour ton lien ami de la musique :-)
Mackenzie fait parti de moi et ne me quittera jamais ! Peace, Love, Music
LoSoul - Lies
posted a comment on LoSoul - Lies. over 6 years ago
une tuerie ce titre !!! TERRIBLE!!! ;-)

Le remix de Freaks ?
Pour moi oui c'est celle ci depuis bientôt 20 ans hi hi hi
Et l'instru pour les afters ;-)
Chymera - Satura
posted a review of Chymera - Satura. over 6 years ago
If only Arabesque could sound on the world and in the mind of everyone at the same instant !!! Peace could finally reign on this earth ...
Peace, Love and Music.
Coma (16) - Blue
posted a review of Coma (16) - Blue. over 13 years ago
After a small winter break dogtown records has lined up some heavy quality releases for 2009 ! first one seeing the daylight is blue by coma on dogtown 008 . coma are marius bubat and georg conrad, both in their midtwenties. being described by tobias... See full review
Joe Smooth - Promised Land
posted a comment on Joe Smooth - Promised Land. over 13 years ago
Hi Qpchan,

You mean that vocal is more forward on the French press?
I answers your message 3 years later;-)
Musically, Rudy.