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"Music is my life" an it sure "helps me thru the vibe" I consider myself to be a bit of a dnb anorak! We've been together since the beggining! I have been Dj'in for about 8 years and in the last few years have started producing in a small Crew of dnb purists! we should have some releases out next year between us all!
If you have anything in my wantlist, dont be like Mr Fx, get in touch.... <br>
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posted a comment on Loxy & Dylan* - Fraggle Rock / The Force. over 3 years ago
Just seen this comment as not signed into discogs for years!
So after you voiced your opinion, and since I wrote that review I have dj'd many many more venues, and have a couple of appearances on releases, I thought I'd go back and cast my ears over ... See full review
posted a review of Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing / Prototyped. over 15 years ago
In the DnB Chronicles this tune is a milestone, Mr McIlroy really dropped jaws with this floor filla! A must hav tune for all DnB Ed's, eight years old and peeps still get their groove on when they hear this!!!

posted a review of Loxy & Dylan* - Fraggle Rock / The Force. over 15 years ago
Loxy and Dylan add another stonking release to their belt. Made good only by the B side though I feel. Fraggle Rock is not a bad tune but not one I play out often. The Force on the other hand has'nt left my most play section since purchased. Fresh rollin ... See full review
posted a review of E-Z Rollers - Titles Of The Unexpected: Outtakes + Missing Breaks Vol. 2. over 15 years ago
A blend of dnb and breaks make up this beautiful Ep. Another fine release in the Msx 10th Anniversary Special Edition series from Moving Shadow. With two great down tempo tunes from the legendary Ez Rollers, and two remixes of their other releases by ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Reborn In The USA EP. over 15 years ago
Another stomper in the Msx 10th Anniversary Special Edition series from Moving shadow. Every tune on this Ep is a killa! With old classics, such as "Quadrent six" and "The Shadow" remixed by the likes of E-Sassin and Hive! Weapon also makes a couple of ... See full review
posted a review of Hyper-On Experience* - The Remix EP. over 15 years ago
Another great offering in the Msx 10th Anniversary Special Edition series from Moving shadow... And what an offering it is, With artists Total Science, Concord Dawn, Aquasky vs. Masterblaster and Foul Play. The Concord Dawn remix of Disturbance is ... See full review
posted a review of Calyx - The Wasteground EP. over 15 years ago
Mr Cons an Mr Rush have come a long way since the dayz of cubic, and here is another great installment in their growing list of releases! This bass fuelled Ep is part of the Moving Shadow 10th Anniversary Special Edition series. Kingdom is my cream of ... See full review
posted a review of John Rolodex. over 15 years ago
This is an impressive second appearence for Mr Rolodex. This Canadian dnb producer certainly likes his bass, and his amens! Forget me now (Dread Soldiers) is the monster off this well crafted Ep. The intro starts off with gentle hats, soft synths and a ... See full review