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posted a comment on Sy* & Eruption - 12" Of Love / Thunder. 2 months ago
oh yes paul diehard banger was always messy in there , love this tune , in my top 10 of all time
submitted Scott Brown Presents Plus System - Rock Tha Beat / I’ll Be Yours. 3 months ago
submitted Plus System - Let's All Get Down / Please Don't Cry. 3 months ago
submitted The Settlers - Love Is More Than Words. 4 months ago
submitted Duran Duran - The Wild Boys. 5 months ago
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posted a comment on Seduction* & Dougal - Better Day / It's Not Over. 6 months ago
No reviews .... WOW ,. Better day track is up there with the best ,another classic from impact records , everything about this tune says 1994 all over ,Classic hardcore track of the happy kind , love it 9.5/10 The AA side “it’s not over” again is pure ... See full review
posted a review of Dougal & Eruption - Party Time Remix / F**k It. 7 months ago
WHAT !!!! NO REVIEWS....... WOW, Party Time was a Happy Hardcore Classic , Properly the Biggest tune of that year , catchy , stompy and HAPPY ,oi oi cheese headz this one's for you 9/10 LOVE IT
posted a review of Dave B & Danny G (4) - Somebody / Let The Game Begin. 7 months ago
The best track here is let the game begin, real forward thinking gone in to this track , using loads of different samples all rolled in too a wicked breakbeat hardcore track .i love the blend of happy and dark atmospheres here , 9.5/10 .. oooosh
submitted M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy* - Another Night. 7 months ago
posted a review of DJH* & The Kids In Space - Stand Up & Shout It! / Party Polution. 8 months ago
Great year 1995, producers still refusing to give up the break beat , and not moved on to the 4 4 beat ,that you would find the following year and on-wards , but the mixture of the happy vibes and the break beat made some wicked tracks i rate party ... See full review
posted a review of Are You Sure? - Are You Sure?. 8 months ago
poorly made and poor quillty samples makes this a poor rip off tune with no originally am afraid , 4/10
posted a review of Pooch* & Hursee - Baby Baby / Want Me. 8 months ago
want me is a a proper cross over tune as the scene was splitting , should of been more tracks like this one cracking tune sums 94 up.. 9/10
posted a review of Eruption - Let The Music / In My Mind. 8 months ago
innovative tracks , using a new effects for the time , there several parts in both tracks that are very original too ,mixed with the right happy hardcore ingredients.. brilliant .. let the music is the best track on this one CLASSIC 9/10
posted a review of Sunset Regime - The Fire This Time / Transducer. 8 months ago
Transducer is by far the better track then the fire this time , its another great for the famous sunset regime ,love it 9/10
posted a review of Seduction* & Dougal - It's Not Over (Remix). 8 months ago
yeah 96 height of happy hardcore, if you had one record to pick from that year and genre , yd properly pick this one 9/10
posted a review of Elation - Time To Move E.P.. 8 months ago
probably my favorite tune of 94, including everything ... i love it its so rave-E , stomping DIEHARD CLASSIC very much underrated outside of Leicester ... but am diehard family , and this is our best ,so time to move, beat that i bet you cant! big 10/10
posted a review of Q-Bass (2) - Hardcore Friday E.P.. 8 months ago
disappointing release this one from Evolution Gold... its one savorier is the tune "blow your mind" is a good tune quite dark with a rolling beat really ravey sounds , 7/10
posted a comment on Scott Brown versus DJ Rab S - Now Is The Time ('96 Remixes). 8 months ago
(DJ Seduction Remix) is the best one here for me , though all 4 are good in a way, like how all four mixes have gone there different way ,saying that though nothing beats the original 7/10
posted a comment on Force & Styles - Wonderland / Euro Bounce. 8 months ago
WonderLand this tune sums up the happy hardcore scene at its height in 1996 ... maybe a little cheesy , but that's why its called HAPPY HARDCORE , uplifting vocals tight stabs , and a rocking beat .....9.5/10
posted a review of Perplexer - Da Capo. 8 months ago
D.j Druid used to play this record (the rave mix) around late 1994, made in Germany and classed as “hard trance” this ended up being a hardcore banger , speeded up a good bit and ta da glow stick wavering classic ... big up dj Druid thanx for finding ... See full review
posted a review of Force & Styles - Shining Down / Wonderland (Remixes). 8 months ago
Happy hardcore classic , I agree with previous comment .. anyone dissin happy hardcore .. check this ... timeless
posted a review of Antisocial - Get Into Love / Whistle. 8 months ago
DIEHARD CLASSIC ... LESTA CREW OI F**kin oi ooooi ... stomped to this many times LOVE IT 4.8/5.0
posted a review of DJ E-Rick & Tactic* - Satanic Tunes. 8 months ago
again another banger from twistedvinyl , and again way ahead of its time
posted a comment on Cyanide (4) - 40 In My System. 8 months ago
This was a rompa stompa for 1994 ... way ahead for it’s Time
posted a comment on Force + Styles* V DJ Sy - The Main Event Round 2. 8 months ago
takes me right back to the sanctuary summer 1996 ... with 5000 ravers having it to this one by force n styles.. oh the memory's HAPPY HARDCORE CLASSIC side a is .... though the aa side is a good tune by it self ... but everyone remembers the force and ... See full review
posted a comment on Alchemist & Fade - Sweet Inspiration / Totally Confused. 8 months ago
Thanx for the shout 0ut , from one of the diehard downstairs nutters , trip down there down though happy valley ,,oi oi ... diehard crew , respect Dave the rave , from rob
posted a comment on Midas - Take It From The Groove / More Hits Please. 8 months ago
Remember this one , diehard Leicester hardcore classic , ... oi Oi
posted a comment on Plus System - Let's All Get Down / Please Don't Cry. 8 months ago
i have the test press of this record , message me if you want to purchase this item...
posted a comment on Scott Brown Presents Plus System - Rock Tha Beat / I’ll Be Yours. 8 months ago
i have the original test press of this record ,message me if your interested in purchasing this....
posted a comment on D.J. Sy & Unknown* - Are You Ready / Moments In Time. 8 months ago
yes well said both , love it... the atmosphere in the tune .... WOW...
posted a review of Kinetic Pleasure - Rhythm Flow / Elevation. 8 months ago
Those guys from evolution records ,them scottish hardcore nutters produce two another rompa stompa's here , hard kicks in ya face then catchy chessey pianos ... love it !
posted a comment on D.J. Sy & Unknown* - Real Love / The Anthem. 8 months ago
Classic breakbeat hardcore , them ravey stabs and uplifting atmosphere classic breaks and catchy leads , can’t beat it ,D.J SY , was mostly known as the stratch master ,but he was underrated for his producing skillz ... I true legend in the rave scene.