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Various - TSOB The Sound Of Belgium Vol. 2
posted a comment on Various - TSOB The Sound Of Belgium Vol. 2. over 7 years ago
These 12"s were never released seperatly (unlike volume 1 where every 12" was available seperately), some stores must have opened the box edition and sold the 12"s one by one ...
It's m'y compilation so you get the info from the source :)
Underkut - Both Ends
posted a comment on Underkut - Both Ends. over 9 years ago
shit, never noticed that ;) Spot on !
Hypp & Krimson - Dance Wings
posted a comment on Hypp & Krimson - Dance Wings. over 12 years ago
spot on ;)
Hypp & Krimson - Dance Wings
posted a comment on Hypp & Krimson - Dance Wings. over 12 years ago
spot on ;)
Dopeski And Jakes* - Approach With Caution EP
posted a comment on Dopeski And Jakes* - Approach With Caution EP. over 12 years ago
Thankzzz ;))))
Le Mystere - On The Beat
posted a comment on Le Mystere - On The Beat. over 12 years ago
my pleasure el Bruce ;)
-Rough- - Brainwaves / Fück $ Up !
posted a review of -Rough- - Brainwaves / Fück $ Up !. over 17 years ago
This is one of these numerous "Uk" new beat mixes made in Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels or Aarschot. Belgian bootleggers were quite inventive when it came to giving labels a new home abroad to hide their misschief ;-) . On this one, hidden on the... See full review
HNO3 - Doughnut Dollies
posted a review of HNO3 - Doughnut Dollies. over 18 years ago
This one ranks as about the best new beat record ever made. A work of art by mister Boccaccio himself "Eric Beysens". Who as one of the two innovating dj's (along with Olivier Pieters), drove the reputation of Belgiums New Beat temple Boccaccio to... See full review
Le Mystere - On The Beat
posted a review of Le Mystere - On The Beat. over 18 years ago
If one record should be a true competitor for my alltime favourite tune this should be a close call. One of the most prolific producers from the Belgian Dance AND rock scene with his chef d'oeuvre. After a life as a bassplayer in Belgiums most out... See full review
L&O - Even Now
posted a review of L&O - Even Now. over 18 years ago
Starting to describe record is quite hard. It was the only record that you actualy could buy at the dj booth in legendary club Boccaccio aka the "holy grail of new beat". With the whole wall plastered with the cover and the track itself hammered... See full review
Scalaland - Snow White Lies
posted a review of Scalaland - Snow White Lies. over 18 years ago
This is most probably, imho, one of the most overlooked little beauties in "Inteligent dance music" . Not even the name 'Plaid' on the credits seems to attract the trainspotters to this one, well their loss.... Plaid deliver most probably one of their... See full review
The Amazing - Qu'Est-Ce Que Vous Voulez?
posted a review of The Amazing - Qu'Est-Ce Que Vous Voulez?. over 19 years ago
This white label is actually the very incognito work of two famous Belgian producers. One very well known for all the Mad Mike lovers, the other more known to fans of the "Africanism sound". Anyway, they sampled the hell out of some Herbert track,... See full review
Tomas Andersson - Washing Up
posted a review of Tomas Andersson - Washing Up. over 19 years ago
Massive hit in whatever you might call it ... By accident pushed the 33 instead of 45 button in the middle of the Tiga mix and ... Surprise ... Tiga used a chunk of Nerd's trademark rhythm of Snoop's "Drop it like it hot" ... Interesting .....
La Rolls - Sure Is
posted a review of La Rolls - Sure Is. over 19 years ago
One of the weirder experiments in new beat's early days. Sounds like a couple of drummachines preparing for the ultimate riot agains the invasion of the killerbasslines ... Absolutely insane sounding even now, and probing back to 1988 this one was... See full review
Sacher Musak - Van Den Beat
posted a review of Sacher Musak - Van Den Beat. over 19 years ago
One of the more amusing moments in Belgian history eternaly remembered on vinyl. In late 88 half of Belgium was completely under the spell of the mysterious abduction of, at the same time sausage-king and former prime minister, Paul Van Den Boeynants.... See full review
Katana - Feels Like Magic
posted a review of Katana - Feels Like Magic. over 19 years ago
The known track on this one is most probably "Erotmania", nice Dutch tribaly clubmusic that had it's royal share of success on the commercial circuit in the early 90's. Normaly I wouldn't really bother reviewing this one, not because I don't like it... See full review
Neon - Don't Mess With This Beat
posted a review of Neon - Don't Mess With This Beat. over 19 years ago
Classic Belgian post new beat track by Olivier Abbeloos. A sureshot staple on the Uk scene with dj's like Sasha (in the North) and the London post hardcore scene dj's (in the South).This track is most possibly even more famous for being used all over... See full review
Liza N.Eliaz* - Initial Gain
posted a review of Liza N.Eliaz* - Initial Gain. over 19 years ago
A small moment of genius of Belgium's premier Genesis P-Orridge styled girl/boy producer. Ahead of it's time these small scetchy hardcore breakbeat stop and go trax don't fail to impress in a set. Top moment being the fabulous "Hi-Fi Color" mix of... See full review
Dopeski And Jakes* - Approach With Caution EP
posted a review of Dopeski And Jakes* - Approach With Caution EP. over 19 years ago
About the sickest tunes every assembled on a jungle ep I heard in my life. Gives you an instant belly-ache and a sense of utter an complete disorientation, as close to the sound of the interior of the head of a madman you could possibly get. Difficult... See full review
DJ Mayhem - Inessɘ / Let Me Tell You Something
posted a review of DJ Mayhem - Inessɘ / Let Me Tell You Something. over 19 years ago
One of those records that seduced me to the darker side of jungle in late 1993. Dark intro, deep strings, major cut up breaks everything you can ask for in a 1994 junglist anthem. But : the magic in this one lies in the fabulous breakdown halfway... See full review
Dr. Smiley - L'Echo Dechavanne
posted a review of Dr. Smiley - L'Echo Dechavanne. over 19 years ago
One of those crazy histories of Belgian new beat. L'EchoDechavanne was a record made as a revenge against French talkshowhost Christophe Dechavanne. Dechavanne had a popular show on French television called "Ciel Mon Mardi" in the 80's. In one episode... See full review
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out / Higher
posted a review of Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out / Higher. over 19 years ago
Someone's got to do the job I guess ;-)). This release without any comments is like blasphemy. "Far Out" was one of those tunes that shot to instant anthem the day of it's release, and it's still piloting in the higher realms of rave heaven up till... See full review
Phuture Assasins* - I Like Techno
posted a review of Phuture Assasins* - I Like Techno. over 19 years ago
What a way to start a label !! Ultra talented B-boy Danny Breaks straight outta Essex ;-)), with his take on early bleeps and Breaks. The A-side sounds like a b-boys vision of early warp classics and a royal helping of Unique 3. Wicked low-end and... See full review
Digital Boy - Techno Beat
posted a review of Digital Boy - Techno Beat. over 19 years ago
Appears to be a megamix in two seperate pieces at first sight. Sequencing together quite a lot of Italian (with some exceptions) hits of early 1990. But hidden on the B-Side is a seperate track by Digital Boy that I haven't seen anywhere else. Big one... See full review
Ramirez - La Musika Tremenda
posted a review of Ramirez - La Musika Tremenda. over 19 years ago
How this guy later on degenerated into rave crap like "Orgasmico" and above all "El Gallinero ", the track with a bunch of chickens and a cock (the male chicken that is ;-))going on overload is an absolute mystery to me. But back to "La Musika... See full review
Designer Loops - Advanced House For Purists
posted a review of Designer Loops - Advanced House For Purists. over 19 years ago
Wonderfull collaboration between Abraxas (of Fierce ruling diva Fame) and Frequency (aka Orlando Voorn, Holland's "Detroit" techno God) on this release. 6 trax from a two day recording session somewhere in may 1991. Most tracks sound like little... See full review
Fierce Ruling Diva - Amsterdam Slide
posted a review of Fierce Ruling Diva - Amsterdam Slide. over 19 years ago
Fantastic sounds from the Amsterdam downtown. Flamman & Porter in a moment of sheer genius delivering a classic ep in every sense of the word. The track known to every lover of oldskool music, even the youngsters should known this due to still heavily... See full review
Metope - Libertango / Parallel To You
posted a review of Metope - Libertango / Parallel To You. over 19 years ago
Wicked release as usual on ultra trashy minimal stormlabel Areal. This time Metope comes out with a surprise take on his usual sound : all the big noises, large beats, and wicked clinks and clonks are there but hidden in the middle of it all a... See full review
Sven Van Hees - Apokalypz
posted a review of Sven Van Hees - Apokalypz. over 19 years ago
The Atom label could do no wrong in the early years of it's existence. Starting out as a more experimental fucked up sublabel of ths Usa Imports recordshop in Antwerp (A place where Antwerp's musical talent came together in the late eighties and early... See full review
Syamese - Pure Sickness EP
posted a review of Syamese - Pure Sickness EP. over 19 years ago
One of those 12"s that I can't resist to shuffle into almost every oldskool mix I do. Not very well known, except on the Belgian post New Beat scene. 5 very particular trax that all have their own sound and definition, and form one of the best 12"s... See full review
Rhythm Of Saliva - Rhythm Of Saliva
posted a review of Rhythm Of Saliva - Rhythm Of Saliva. over 19 years ago
One of those trax that seem to be burned into my memory. Typical early 1992 Amsterdam sound, forming a counterweight against all the heavy hardcore stuff pumping out of Rotterdam and Belgium. Altough released on Groove Kissing, a Belgian label, this... See full review
Major Problem - Love Parasite
posted a review of Major Problem - Love Parasite. over 19 years ago
One of the first releases actually to carry the flag of SKIZZO, a short-lived term for Belgian post new beat music (just before it was called Belgian rave). This 12" is a primary example of the sound of Belgium in the late 80's. A cover version -... See full review
My Mine - Hypnotic Tango ('87 Powerhouse Mix)
posted a review of My Mine - Hypnotic Tango ('87 Powerhouse Mix). over 19 years ago
Absolutely classic track, sampled to pieces all over the place. One of the biggies in the Music Box and thus so re-released with panache on Danica. But shock : contrary to tons of unnecessary remixes this one gives an authentic 87 feel to Italo... See full review
Honest Doc. & Mr Driver - The Spell
posted a review of Honest Doc. & Mr Driver - The Spell. over 19 years ago
Some people think this thing is crap, whatever ... You think what you want about this release, but for me this one still stays quite a revelation. In Antwerp, Belgium there was a program called "Liaisons Dangereuses" that was specialised in playing... See full review
Julian Jonah - It's A Jungle Out There
posted a review of Julian Jonah - It's A Jungle Out There. over 19 years ago
Excellent not very well known house treasure. Strangely reminiscent of Master C&J's "In The City" anthem. Same kinda deep Chicago vibe, male spoken word, shivers down your spine profoundness & a guy talking about the madness in modern urban live. With... See full review
Lhasa - The Attic
posted a review of Lhasa - The Attic. over 19 years ago
One of those little forgotten wonders from 1990, the year of the second revelation for Belgian dancemusic. Belgian producers were getting rid of the stigma of bad gimmicky pop newbeat and were beginning to move on to a sound that would later on evolve... See full review
Further - Nowhere Left To Run
posted a review of Further - Nowhere Left To Run. over 19 years ago
A solid ep to say the least. Quirky minimal tactics on the a-side and the b2 track. But the real magic resides in Richard Davis rethink of the already magistral "Stone Cold". Davis, from Swayzak's 240 Volt label fame, adds his trademark violin strings... See full review
Various - Tickle Me / Oh La La La / Acid Drill / Brainkiller
posted a review of Various - Tickle Me / Oh La La La / Acid Drill / Brainkiller. over 19 years ago
Actualy more a compilation of previous Maron/Ferre Baelen hits from the new beat era then a new release. Included is a nice acid Belgian hardbeat version of TC Matic's new wave classic "O La La La ". Amusing fact is that a lot of the best Belgian... See full review
Ivan Heylen & F.O.G. - De Wilde Boerendochter
posted a review of Ivan Heylen & F.O.G. - De Wilde Boerendochter. over 19 years ago
You will most probably not come accross many copies of this one abroad of Belgium, cause it's probably one of the most ridiculous records spawned by the very commercial end of the "Belgian New Beat scene". One of those records that burried the wonder... See full review
Blasphemy - Flirtation In Paradise
posted a review of Blasphemy - Flirtation In Paradise. over 19 years ago
Belgian Mackenzie label with an on first sight completely useless release, but how far off mark could we be ;-)). An a-side that sampled about everything that was popular on the Belgian scene in the early 90's, a B-side with the sound of someone... See full review
Royal Orchestra Ltd. - Get Down!
posted a review of Royal Orchestra Ltd. - Get Down!. over 19 years ago
Sampling the hell out of Optimo's Cavern, taking the bassline and snippets of the spaced out vocals, leaving Optimo's New York disco punk new wave original all twisted up, restructuring it on top of a housey breakbeat. Brooklyn freestyled sample... See full review
Windy Milla - Lost In The Junction
posted a review of Windy Milla - Lost In The Junction. over 19 years ago
One of those massive releases from back in those hazy ravedays, low key production, imagination on overload !! Gavin Cheung under one of his first disguises, already showcasing his furious productionstyle, innovative drumprogramming and fierce... See full review
Klubzone 1 - Boom Ahh!
posted a review of Klubzone 1 - Boom Ahh!. over 19 years ago
Another one of those trax you wouldn't expect to be a hidden classic. It's one of these much sought after trax on Dimitri from Amsterdam's Static Trax Volume 1. Along Black Dog, In Sync, Club Mcm and other creme de la creme of modern dance this one... See full review
100 Hz - Catching Spiders
posted a review of 100 Hz - Catching Spiders. over 19 years ago
Another oddball release on this quite interesting label. "Catching spiders" is more Detroit than Uk, more head then feed, but underpinned with a deep bassrumble that keeps the floor moving. More sounding like a cross between early "Intelligent Uk... See full review
Firecracker - Firecracker
posted a review of Firecracker - Firecracker. over 19 years ago
A bit underestimated I guess on the Uk scene, one of these tracks that really seemed to blend in exactly in the early Belgian rave scene. Sounding more like a cross between classic r&s and Mundo Muzique solo work (sounds a bit like his Revelation 12"s... See full review
DJ Casanova - Untitled
posted a review of DJ Casanova - Untitled. over 19 years ago
New Yorker Charlie Casanova on one of his many excursions on European recordlabels (after classic releases on Holland's fantastic Go Bang), one side oldskooly Brooklyn Hip Hop, other side classic Belgian Hardcore hoover madness. Dark as hell with "If... See full review
Morenas - Hazme Soñar
posted a review of Morenas - Hazme Soñar. over 19 years ago
Bit of an unnecessary rehash of Sueno Latino by the same team behind the magical Sueno Latino track. Same whispered Ibiza styled girly vocals, same cut up off E2-E4. Not too original and one of the lesser tracks on R&s's rather flawless road in the... See full review
Autonation - Sit On The Bass
posted a review of Autonation - Sit On The Bass. over 19 years ago
The magic cross between hardcore and bleep, got this release also as a Uk blacklabel thingy with only TTo engraved.The A side "Sit On the Bass" is a bleepy bassy affair in the style of LFO-LFo, big clubhit in Belgium's Boccaccio in the day, and with... See full review
D-M-S* - Love Overdose
posted a review of D-M-S* - Love Overdose. over 19 years ago
Rather good weird hardcore rave 12". Here Acen hero Dyce uses bits and pieces of Big Love by Fleetwood Mac and sprinkles them in steady doses over a rather relax breakbeat. This track gave me a very strange impression listening to it after all these... See full review
Syko And Mak* - Schizophrenic EP (Return To The 6-Track)
posted a review of Syko And Mak* - Schizophrenic EP (Return To The 6-Track). over 19 years ago
Another one of those darkside tunes that changed my life when I was hanging around in London by the turn of 1993. Music had turned jungly instead of ravy, mean subbasses and a turn to the darkside in the sounds. These 6 tunez formed part of my... See full review