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posted a review of Alloy (5) - Untied / Hard Rain. 13 days ago
Insanely great single with two tracks taken off the sophomore album. Hard-hitting hard-as-nails core. Outstanding lyrics too. The kind you expect from ex-AOF, DAG NASTY, AGNOSTIC FRONT & GRIN members. This 7" even made it into the UK indie charts.
posted a comment on Erotischer Stuhlgang. about 1 month ago
This band had a full-length tape out which is niot listed here. Side a was kinda like studio while side B was from their practice pad. It had a poster with it and the tape was even better than their 7". Any hints are welcome where to geth that one.
posted a comment on Skandal (4) - Wach Auf!. about 1 month ago
This tape was recorded in TOXOPLASMA's home recording studio - both groups are from Neuwied. The tape was released early of 1986. A review can be found in Pogo Post Fanzine #5 (iirc). Guitarist Chris re-used the drum tracks for his own project OBJECT. He ... See full review
posted a comment on Squirrel Bait. 3 months ago
The blog got deleted and is not longer available. Do you have a new address?
posted a comment on Squirrel Bait. 3 months ago
"I'm gonna beat you up at the end of the school year."
posted a comment on U.K. Subs* - Live Kicks. 4 months ago
You are right. The template was included in the Singles compilation and NOT in the Live Kicks album. My bad.
posted a comment on Various - This Is My Life - Not Yours!. 4 months ago
Q: How many different colors exist? I did have a marbled-violet pressing once and now i do have a somewhat blue-ish color (#899). Anyone else?
posted a comment on OHL. 4 months ago
Why has this band been blocked from sale on discogs?
posted a comment on Various - Life Is A Joke Vol. 2. 5 months ago
The cover image depicts a scene from the 1953 cult classic, THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS.
posted a comment on Nervous Disorder. 6 months ago
Excellent band. I wish they had some more out. Any information regarding this band is much appreciated!
submitted Valium Department - First Parting Shots. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Hüsker Dü - Land Speed Record. 9 months ago
It didn't came with a lyric sheet but with an AT label catalogue.
posted a comment on OHL - Wir Sind Die Türken Von Morgen. 9 months ago
Why were Botschaftslied & Wir Sind Die Unreparierten omitted from this release?
posted a review of Cretin Hoppers / Die Stammelnden Heimkinder - Nachbars Keller / Kinder Überraschung. 10 months ago
Two Bands from Witten (Germany) share one release. First we've got DIE STAMMELNDEN HEIMKINDER
whose sound and awkward lyrics often remind of early CRETINS from Hannover while CRETIN HOPPERS
play a more diverse and tuneful sort of Punk Rock that you can ... See full review
posted a comment on Aheads - Aheads. 10 months ago
Black wax here. Seems like there were two editions made.
submitted Blanker Hohn - Punks Ist Unser Hobby. 12 months ago
posted a comment on Elvis* - Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite. about 1 year ago
I am looking for the album with the studio version of "Early Morning Rain" on it. Can't seem to find this pressing in here? Any hints?
posted a comment on Maniacs (3) / Tin Can Army - Maniacs / Tin Can Army. about 1 year ago
Rejoice gents, this gem will be reissued October/November 2017 on a german label.
posted a comment on The Violent Word. about 1 year ago
Anybody knows where this band was from and whether or not they have released some more?
posted a comment on Kamala - You have heard, I suppose. about 1 year ago
I believe very much so that THIS is NOT the Kamala, the former CRINGER member.
posted a comment on Sweet* - Strung Up. about 1 year ago
Was it a RSD release or a regular reissue? Wish they'd used analogue masters for remastering btw.
posted a comment on Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust, Inc.. about 1 year ago
Beware! The lyric translations are often nonsensical, they make no sense whatsoever.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Various - Boys Lie: A Bunch Of Punk Rock Girl Bands!!. about 1 year ago
It's a Lookout! compilation and SERVOTRON were on Lookout! too.
posted a comment on Laurel Bowman. about 1 year ago
She was also lead singer of a band called LUMEN. Worth hunting down!
posted a comment on FUN FUN CRISIS. about 1 year ago
This is the band THE CRETINS who had a 10" out on Weird System, a notable german punk imprint from Hamburg.
posted a comment on JFA* - Untitled. over 2 years ago
Pipetruck is a cross between Pipeline by the Chantays and Police Truck by the Dead Kennedys
posted a comment on JFA* - My Movie. over 2 years ago
'Unknown' is an uncredited version of 'Dark Side of the Mushroom' by The Chocolate Watchband.
posted a comment on Social Unrest - Rat In A Maze. over 2 years ago
This pressing does not include the lyric sheet.
posted a comment on U.K. Subs* - Live Kicks. over 2 years ago
My copy came with a cut-out template of the U.K. SUBS logo that you could spray-pint on your leather jackets or walls. Whose else?
posted a comment on Speed Niggs. over 2 years ago
Mark Kowarsch was the drummer of Kommando Schwarzer Freitag.
posted a comment on Social Unrest - Rat In A Maze. over 3 years ago
To me, it is their best release.
posted a comment on Neurotic Arseholes - Angst. over 3 years ago
The front cover photography was done by Sarah Moon, a french model and photographer.
posted a comment on Ranola - Ranola. over 3 years ago
The person depicted on the front is Hannelore Merkel (Born 1948). She used to run a refreshment stand called "Zur Försterwiese", which gained popularity among local musicians in and around Mönchengladbach.
posted a comment on JFA* - Untitled. over 3 years ago
The song ABA is a mish-mash of David Bowie's "Andy Warhol" and THE DAMNED's "Teenage Dream". ABA stands for Anita Bryant's Army.
posted a review of Jonee Jonee - Blár Azzurro. over 4 years ago
A guitar-less trio from Iceland. A stripped-down version of PIL if you want. Bollex Camera is a great gloomy song. Very cool.
posted a review of Squatweiler. over 4 years ago
This is the most rad shit i have heard in years from this - to me- totally unknown outfit. A power-trio with the capital P. Great vocals, too.
posted a review of Bazooka! - Wild Life Excursion. over 4 years ago
Musically, this album is very good. Metal-typed Rock without much schtick. Until the vocals start. The it sounds like a male vocalist is trying to sound female. Good gawd...!
posted a review of Hüsker Dü - Everything Falls Apart. over 4 years ago
Despite the title track, there are a lot of filler on the album. Why would anyone repeat BRICKLAYER when you've got the best version released already? Their weakest studio album.
posted a review of Hüsker Dü - Land Speed Record. over 4 years ago
LSR is the ultimate in hardcore live albums. What sounds ike an explosion is in fact the BIG BANG. On LSR you'll find anything you have always loved about them boys: speed-metal solos over jangly 60's pop at an insane pace. And no matter what other ... See full review
posted a comment on Appliances-SFB. over 4 years ago
What a great band this defunct group was. Especially their 1984 debut is chockful of songs that kick you through the room. If you like DEAD KENNEDYS mixed with BIRTHDAY PARTY, then you'll love this. Great vocalist, too.
posted a comment on April March. over 4 years ago
I love her too. I just discovered i had records of her in my collection, oh joy!
posted a review of CocoRosie. over 4 years ago
The debut album is pretentious lo-fi. And very boring.
posted a comment on Moving Targets. over 4 years ago
Explosive power-trio out of Ipswich, Mass. One of a kind and hard-as-core. Sadly 2/3 of this group is dead. Guitarist/vocalist/principle songwriter Ken Chambers is alive and kicking.
posted a comment on Mallet-Head - Mallet-Head. over 4 years ago
Imagine latter MEATMEN sans the comedy factor and you'll get the idea of how cool that band from Boston was. Features the Stilphen Bros and Tom McKnight of THE PROLETARIAT on drums. Metal-typed hard core punk rock that does not rust with age. I enjoyed ... See full review
posted a comment on Hüsker Dü - From - Zen Arcade. over 4 years ago
Actually there are two editions available (ha!). The plain white depicted above, and another "hand-decorated" by the band, approx. 100 done. Included are radio station banters, pretty fancy stuff.
posted a comment on Crass - Christ - The Bootleg. over 4 years ago
It means 5 years 2 1984. This catalogue number says this album was released in 1979. Because it is five years to 1984.
posted a comment on Lumen (7). over 4 years ago
Line-up: Laurel Bowman (former THE PROLETARIAT), Paul Simonoff and Pete Nuwayser.
posted a comment on Frank Zander. over 4 years ago
Frank Zander is one sharp motherfunker and a complete show biz pro His early albums contain some of the funniest/scariest novelty one can think of (at least in Germany) plus he was TV host of some of the best music tv shows in the late 70's and 80's. ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Life Is A Joke Vol. 2. over 8 years ago
This was also issued as a ltd. 2LP set on grey-marbled vinyl, 1,000 copies.