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posted a comment on SixtySixPercent - Board. over 13 years ago
Really fast paced punk vocals with really on-edge instrumental work. The EP's lyrics are not literary genius, but that has never been (the majority of) hardcore punk's strong point. The record was mildly produced in a studio, which somewhat takes away... See full review
Basement Jaxx
posted a comment on Basement Jaxx. over 13 years ago
They made their first electronic dance album in 1999. How could they be pioneers of the genre that has been around for (hell who knows) how long? Just because they are the only electronic dance act you have heard of alongside Daft Punk does not mean... See full review
De La Soul
posted a comment on De La Soul. over 14 years ago
Yeah, haha true man! :D
Rad Omen - Rad Anthem
posted a review of Rad Omen - Rad Anthem. over 14 years ago
A beautiful work of house music. The song starts with a perfectly done fade-in, that simulates that you're stepping in through the doors to a loud party. Rad Omen also did a beautiful job of distorting their vocals, to make a nice blend between the... See full review
Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime
posted a review of Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime. over 14 years ago
Two words I have to say about this: Pure. Genius. I have absolutely never heard anything more ridiculous than this song in my life. It's so bad yet so catchy. One of those songs you don't want to admit you secretly like, yet it is so excruciatingly... See full review
Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts
posted a comment on Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts. over 14 years ago
The three that disagreed are the ones that did not get the point.
Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts
posted a review of Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts. over 14 years ago
I've been forced to listen to this piece of garbage for months...nonstop. I am a huge country fan, as well as a fan of every other genre of music. My taste expands.

The first thing I have to say to anyone reading this, who obviously looked this up... See full review
B.J. Snowden - Pete's Candy Store
posted a review of B.J. Snowden - Pete's Candy Store. over 14 years ago
As a contributor to Discogs, I started to work a lot on B.J. Snowden's page. I thought I was finished; but then I stopped to think, "Maybe I should contact B.J. and ask her if there was any more releases". And that's exactly what I did. I went to her... See full review
De La Soul
posted a review of De La Soul. over 14 years ago
De La Soul are just about the only rap group I can say are almost "perfect". De La Soul have made more unique and original material than I can count. De La Soul aren't one of those groups that got better over time, they were brilliant from day one.... See full review
Kanye West
posted a review of Kanye West. over 14 years ago
Kanye West has always been someone that I have has mixed feelings about. But all I know, is one thing about him is that he is a brilliant producer. His productions to his work are phenomenal. Click on the little play button on the video to the right... See full review
Kanye West
posted a comment on Kanye West. over 14 years ago
Um...dude, epic fail. Kanye West was featured on "Hip Hop is Dead" by Nas. He was featured on the song "Still Dreaming".
Lil Wayne
posted a review of Lil Wayne. over 14 years ago
Back in the 1960s hip hop was created by the legendary DJ Kool Herc. From the 1960s into the 70s, hip hop remained underground and was only known to those who attended Kool Herc's parties. The genre started to grow when groups such as the Sugarhill... See full review
Del Shannon - Runaway
posted a review of Del Shannon - Runaway. over 14 years ago
"Runaway" is listed in the Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and overall deserves to be so. "Runaway" is a great song with great lyrics with an upbeat beat. As well as "Runaway" deserves to be on the list, I was much more impressed with... See full review
Polar Goldie Cats
posted a review of Polar Goldie Cats. over 14 years ago
A very solid group. Their music is filled with constant jamming on every track. The Polar Goldie Cats have collaborated with many other bands and projects such as Crib, Unwound, and Merzbow. Their music reflects these bands very much. If you are a fan... See full review
Polar Goldie Cats - Dut Dut Che Che
posted a review of Polar Goldie Cats - Dut Dut Che Che. over 14 years ago
This single is a very good find if you are into experimental indie music. This single is filled with two very solid jamming sessions by the Polar Goldie Cats. For any experimental lover who likes extreme jams, this single is a must.
Steely Dan - Aja
posted a review of Steely Dan - Aja. over 14 years ago
Imagine you're painting a blade of grass. You work on all the fine lines in that blade of grass. Not a single vein in that blade of grass is left out. You have finally finished your picture. You walk away from the picture to see it from a bigger... See full review