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posted a comment on Aniruddh Menon - Lovesongs. over 2 years ago
A few really good, interesting tracks of 5 star quality. Very accomplished.
posted a comment on ICR - Reconstellation. over 3 years ago
As with most of Zoltán Gál's productions, there's a spirit in all of these five tracks that I feel - if the essence of music itself had some kind of sentient soul, once created - would be the strong, true voice of these genres. If music itself was a some ... See full review
posted a review of Joe Seven (2) - Near / Far. over 4 years ago
There's no question of the tight production abilities honed across every last point of sound on this LP, nor any question of the broad range of style/genre/influence and knowledge of electronic music - and it's past. Both are respectably evident. Each ... See full review
posted a comment on Adverb - Echolocations. over 4 years ago
The title track expertly treads the lines between slow deep trance and dub techno. Bassy, metallic synth chords stride on amid some pleasing dubby electronic rhythms. A keeper.
posted a comment on Hior Chronik - Taking The Veil. over 4 years ago
A very good album, some excellent featured artists included as well. The pace and variety is well put together. More modern classical than 'ambient'. Melodies aplenty. Electronics at times. An album you can play in full in front of others without the ... See full review
posted a review of Gesloten Cirkel - Submit X. over 4 years ago
With the two untitled EP's (M-011 & M-012) that followed this LP, Gesloten Cirkel has provided some quality acid house and techno. With the LP itself, Cirkel creates a more varied electronic terrain, allowing himself, via the LP format, to go off piste ... See full review
posted a review of Flanger - Lollopy Dripper. over 4 years ago
Tipper meets Recloose, meets Sven Kacirek, meets Moritz Von Oswald Trio in what is, as an original approach to production as I've heard, since Prefuse 73 or Shigeto made glitch musical, jazzy and accessible.

The majority of these tracks have an ... See full review
posted a comment on Dasha Rush - Interception Of Arts. over 4 years ago
I wouldn't go that far, nor would I pick evolving as my primary adjective for it's description. I'd say more minimal, bleep, echo/delay, 4am...
Well produced, underground, club-ready techno vibes on this release. I'd go see her DJing, probably a cool ... See full review
posted a comment on Fishermen (2) - Patterns And Paths. over 4 years ago
Not so much an album as it is a very generous collection of particularly good techno DJ-tools. Comprised of many expertly crafted deep'n'dark, energetic, layered techno vibes. A worthwhile addition to a techno-head's box.
posted a comment on Cignol - Tidal Sheer. over 4 years ago
I thought Sys486 was great. Then I heard With You (reminds me of a personal fav 'Mariel Ito - Satisfied Death').

Instant favourite. Could have on repeat for a long time. Soft, soulful, floaty, grooving electro... Didn't see it coming after first three ... See full review
posted a comment on Cignol - Untitled. over 4 years ago
Melty, melodic, masterful.

Lunar Disko score yet another unquestionably inspired release.
submitted Tensei - One EP. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Fatima (12) - Follow You EP. over 5 years ago
Flawless, glistening, soulful.
posted a review of Beastie Respond - Fictitious Nostalgia. over 5 years ago
The first few tracks I thought this LP sounded bang on 3 stars no more no less, almost every single beat and phrase ticks along as if it was literally computer generated to a formula. It demonstrated elements of potential to build through the 2nd half of ... See full review
posted a review of Arun Ghosh - A South Asian Suite. over 5 years ago
Some really enriching classical moments interchange with folksy jazz elements and bring together a well structured album of variety. Some tracks will guide you away toward minimal elegant escapism and others on the jazzier tip will paint a picture of ... See full review
posted a comment on Low Res - Blue Ramen. over 5 years ago
Just a word to note that if you're checking out this release solely on this page and you use the only available video clip "Blue Ramen #1" you should know that what you hear on that video is nothing at all like what's on this album. For a start there's ... See full review
posted a review of ASC - Atlantic Breeze / Sunrise. over 5 years ago
From someone into dark/heavy Drum&Bass prior to about 2004, this is a particularly fine release of calculated poise. I can't get into most of the minimal dark ambient Drum&Bass there's been a surplus of in the past 10 years, nor the bullsh*t student ... See full review
posted a review of Albert Van Abbe - Ostinati E.P.. over 5 years ago
Three solid, interesting techno productions that you can't go far wrong with if you like techno with a considered, darker edge. Really nice package with the red vinyl and cover art too.

Four very good stars.
posted a review of Albert Van Abbe - No Comment_0008. over 5 years ago
One of the better EP's in this series. Tracks 1 & 3 are decent dark techno, both of which lurk among the lower frequencies, driven along at a steady, compelling pace, with ebbing atmospherics throughout. The remix that is track 2 is more of a dark ... See full review
posted a comment on Bali Family Featuring Navid Izadi - Rain & Shine. over 5 years ago
Was looking for more tracks by Navid Izadi and track two here, the dub of Rain & Shine, stood out as a smooth little gem. 4 stars for the dub version on it's own.
submitted The Martin Turkis Quartet - Catch As Catch Can!. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Alpha Wave Movement - Celestial Chronicles. over 5 years ago
A really genuine production, of quality. This isn't a collection of music mimicking some other, but a fresh, timeless expression of a creative idea. From the beginning of electronic music productions the theme of outer space has been tirelessly ... See full review
posted a comment on Resonating - Synonym. over 5 years ago
This is a two star release on a generous day. If it was released in the 1980's it still would have been a two star release at best. You could scrape together a 3 star EP out of tracks 1/5/7, which would be infinitely better. 3 stars is admirable.

I ... See full review
submitted Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Suite Shop. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on DFRNT - Nobody Stop Me EP. over 6 years ago
The Way You Look At Me is a blissful li'l roller of a tune 5*
posted a comment on Blastromen - Robot Aggression EP. over 6 years ago
I'm a space traaader! XD
posted a comment on Invisible Allies - Conversations With Bees. over 6 years ago
Bee's Longing is phenomenal.
posted a comment on Various - Off The Shelf. over 6 years ago
It's not groundbreaking or in your face, but when you're just chilling out, doing something, say - adding records to your discogs collection, it's got a great vibe, nice variety. A release for older heads who are really into the house culture. Won't get ... See full review
posted a comment on Alice Deejay - The Lonely One. over 6 years ago
Bought this solely for the Goetz & Marc Auerbach Remix. Was a dark monster of a track, hiding away on an Alice Deejay release. Pretty damn bassy trance. Liked it.
posted a comment on Inkfish - Lost / Agony Aunt. over 6 years ago
Forget the drab Transa remix. Transa had one or two tracks where they hit the nail on the head but dozens of records/remixes where they took a swing, missed, and hit their knee with the hammer. For me Agony Aunt on this release is the trancey gem with a ... See full review
posted a comment on Southern Alliance - Tranceform. over 6 years ago
If you used to like hard trance... I remember picking picking up this ominously titled white label in Selectadisc Nottingham, taking it to the turntables to check it out and... well... it's pretty much everything a 90's trance/hard trance head could wish ... See full review
posted a comment on Science Dept.* - Persuasion / Repercussion. over 6 years ago
Could do with remastering/updating.
posted a comment on Rocco & Heist - Paradiso Rush. over 6 years ago
Drop that bassline of the Tarrentella/Redadanka mix and get into it!
posted a comment on 16B - The Game. over 6 years ago
Omid's Acid dub is a fine slice of tech house with techno at it's core. It's pretty laid back, but slightly dark - it's acid layered up with a tech house flow - for darkened rooms marching deep within a trance. Nostalgic much? Yes I am.
posted a comment on Zero Gravity - A New Sensorium (Remixes). over 6 years ago
I totally fell in love with the DJ Jober Dropkick mix on this release. It was one of the first techno styled tracks I got the taste for, albeit it's fairly housey. I used to slip this in the mix at home with the volume incredibly loud in the headphones ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Drum & Bass Arena. over 6 years ago
While CD1 does have a number of good tracks in the mix, and, back in 2001, 'Ladies Of Spain' as the intro pretty much swept me away countless times; it's a couple of the unmixed offerings on CD2 which have stood the test of time, and personally offer a ... See full review
posted a comment on Kruder Dorfmeister* - The K&D Sessions™. over 6 years ago
CD 1 is where it's at. Brilliant. Easy 4 stars for CD 1 on it's own. Especially if you've been dancing like no-one can see you and now you're in full chill mode. Or driving at dusk/dawn.
posted a review of Portico Quartet - Portico Quartet. over 6 years ago
Very good release. Would make a fantastic EP using tracks 1,2,3,4,5 & 8; making more of a focused, experimental statement. Tracks 6,7 & 9 tip the balance toward more of a dance release, which I feel is not where the album's strengths are. Track 10 is ... See full review
posted a comment on Posthuman - Lander Remixes. over 6 years ago
A great variety across the 11 remixes. Plays as well if not better than a lot of LP's or compilations. Really very good. Four good stars.
posted a comment on Valgeir Sigurðsson - Draumalandið. over 6 years ago
Make no mistake, this is a nice release. Rated four stars but that's not a four stars of mediocrity. Well worth a listen if you are interested by looking at it. Would like to see the accompanying film one day. Looking forward to future projects from ... See full review