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posted a comment on Kid Loco - A Grand Love Story. over 9 years ago
Avoid this remastered version. The original one is better.

Most of the tracks lost their touch, and sound pretty boring.

posted a comment on Kettel - Volleyed Iron. over 9 years ago
Beware to those who listen to this masterpiece with their hearts. It's a long journey... perhaps with no return.
I remember that I kept listening to these breathing, melancholic melodies when my soulmate left me, and tears dropped like autumn rain.
Buy ... See full review
posted a review of Helios - Ayres. over 9 years ago
A lot of people have been disappointed by this mini-album and for this main reason : Keith uses his voice. In my case, I often have the same reaction when my favourite instrumental artists introduce voices in their new tracks. Most of the time, they lost ... See full review
posted a review of Dial. over 9 years ago
Dial is deep techno for flowers.
From the music to the artworks, the global aesthetics of this label is higher than most of electronic music labels. Special respect to Pantha Du Prince, Lawrence and Pawel, my favourite horses of the team, with their ... See full review
posted a review of Luciano & Guy Gerber / Lee Van Dowski & Glimpse - Versus. over 9 years ago
This release is funny for one reason : Here you've got the best Cadenza track of 2009 (Arcenciel), and also the worst (La Cocina Del Cabron).

2009 is the year of Cadenza's decline.

No deepness, latin cheesy excentricity, Ibiza tribalish ... See full review
posted a review of Fax - Idioma EP. over 9 years ago
Some days ago, at night, I was a bit bored by "minimal techno" news I was listening to. Too much things sound too "heavy", too much details here and there, so your mind don't even know where to fix, too "funky funky" hidden behind a "minimal" mask. So, I ... See full review
posted a review of Secede - Silent Flower Observers. over 10 years ago
Lennard has cancelled this album for many reasons (that I don't know). By the way, I've had the opportunity to listen to it, and all that I can say is that it was, actually, a strong album.
Of course, not as magic as Tryshasla, but definitely a unique ... See full review