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posted a review of Various - Voodoohop Entropia 1.5. 4 months ago
outstanding compilation of impressive sounds which had a great influence on me... pleeease release in europe !!!
submitted Aema, Niccolo Sanchez, Seelea, Anselmus, interlude1140, sin:port - Lebertape 5. 6 months ago
submitted Anselmus - Auf's Ganze. 6 months ago
submitted Mique - View 107. 7 months ago
posted a review of Italoboyz - Viktor Casanova. 11 months ago
I do really love this masterpiece of music!! the slower the better... so trippy at about 100bpm. :)
posted a review of Hotel (3) - Nguyen (T.D. Remix). 11 months ago
One of the records I would never ever sell. - The track is incredible gooood! especially at about 110bpm
posted a review of Feathered Sun - Saubohnen EP. about 1 year ago
There are some pretty niiice tunes on both sides! Great record at all
submitted The Doors - The Best of The Doors Vol. 1. about 1 year ago