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posted a comment on Thyrane - Black Harmony. about 1 year ago
Track 3 should be titled Sacrifires with an "r" (not Sacrifices). Liner notes, back cover track listing, and printed lyrics support "Sacrifires" is the correct title
posted a comment on Tormentor (2) - Recipe Ferrum!. about 1 year ago
Only 500 copies of this promo were ever made, and were distributed to media; labels, fanzines, webzines, and radio stations
posted a comment on Various - A Tribute To Hell "Satanic Rites". about 1 year ago
I have a version which differs from what's listed above, as follows:
Disc 1: Pentagram - black, with a silver Pentagram
Disc 2: plain silver, with black Pentagram (no picture of woman)

Matrix / runouts are, however, identical to what's listed ... See full review
posted a comment on Abigor - Supreme And Immortal Is The Art Of The Devil. about 1 year ago
Yes. How many shirts were produced? Maybe the shirt was issued as part of the limited first 200 that also had the CD? I have the version with the shirt - the 7" it came with is hand numbered "023/500"
posted a comment on Destruction - All Hell Breaks Loose. about 1 year ago
This version contains a hidden track # 13, "Whiplash", a cover of Metallica's original from "Kill 'Em All"
posted a comment on Lord Belial - Unholy Crusade. about 1 year ago
In late '99 I received an advance copy of "The Unholy Crusade" CD from Metal Blade (I was a Radio DJ). Came in a jewel case and looks like the real thing - 'till you put the CD in to play. The CD print says Lord Belial - but the music actually on the ... See full review
posted a comment on Setherial - A Hail To The Faceless Angels. about 1 year ago
Can anyone confirm how many of this demo tape were originally issued?
posted a comment on Amestigon - Höllentanz. about 1 year ago
This is what happens when the early musicians of Abigor collaborate!!
posted a comment on Wrath (5) - Among The Cold Winds. about 1 year ago
This demo and an unreleased track were re-released on CD in 2006 on the A Sixth Sense Of Darkness compilation...
posted a review of Marduk - Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered. about 1 year ago
The only thing that could make this album better would be if it was longer - it's only ~35 mins!. But all 8 songs are pure blasphemic perfection! This is a landmark album in the Swedish Black Metal and still sounds as fresh and exciting as it did when ... See full review
posted a review of Blot Mine - Porphyrogenesis. about 1 year ago
Essential, cult black metal for fans of Marduk, Setherial, Sorhin, Midvinter, Dark Funeral who enjoy the aforementioned band's unrelenting brutality, speed, aggression and evilness. That said, Blot Mine differs in that it's lyrics deal with the cosmos ... See full review
posted a comment on Seeds Of Iblis - Anti Quran Rituals. about 1 year ago
Where can one purchase this album? It's difficult to find...
posted a comment on Puissance - Mother Of Disease. about 1 year ago
This album, and Puissance, is so underated! This is black metal with out the "metal"
posted a comment on Myrkskog - Apocalyptic Psychotica - The Murder Tape. about 1 year ago
Good to know. FYI - Two of the 3 tracks on this demo are available on CD elsewhere - on the "Blackened IV" compilation (MetalBlade Records, 1999). The tracks are "A Macabre Fanfare To The Devil" and "A Poignant Scenario of Death".
posted a comment on Myrkskog - Apocalyptic Psychotica - The Murder Tape. about 1 year ago
I read on YouTube that it was also circulated by the band as a demo in a CD-R format. Not sure if that is true - does anyone know?