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posted a comment on Gramm - (Personal Rock). 4 months ago
my copy sounds like crap. anyone else? pads are mad distorted. might just be residue and i need to spin it again but dang.
posted a comment on Aleksi Perälä. 4 months ago
The entire Colundi oeuvre will go down as one of the highlights of this decade. 7 years in and no signs of stopping. A triumph. If I recall we still have 4 levels to go...
posted a comment on Aleksi Perälä - The Colundi Sequence Level 3. 5 months ago
mine came in a pvc (or some type of plastic) sleeve. anyone know if this is damaging to the record?
posted a comment on Brian Eno - Before And After Science. 7 months ago
Also a stereo issue with julie with where the left channel cuts out in the intro. frustrating. some other weird clicks in that track as well. when these half-speed masters dont have errors they sound incredible - but that's the thing - there are flaws ... See full review
posted a comment on Brian Eno - Ambient 1 (Music For Airports). 8 months ago
my copy is noisy as hell. might as well play it on CD. wtf
posted a comment on Meat Beat Manifesto - Impossible Star. about 1 year ago
where is the "noise"? lol it's beats. not sure what you're on about
posted a comment on B12 - Time Tourist. about 1 year ago
AHHHHHH need more info please. where did he say this?
posted a comment on Omar S* - It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It. over 2 years ago
because of the porn samples? l o l !! !
posted a comment on Sd Laika. over 2 years ago
one album and then poof! come back ! ! !
posted a comment on Autechre - LP5. over 2 years ago
hmm.. not sure you really have any idea what you're talking about
posted a comment on Synectics - The Purple Universe. over 3 years ago
An honest and accurate review, although I find it more engaging than any of Mike Dred's work sorry to say. I like this album a lot and return to it more than the other similar Rephlex albums from this period: Chimera, X-Asp and others.

If you live and ... See full review