Drymouth is an experimental electronic artist specialising in music production, DJ-ing and VJ-ing. His artistic experience includes a Digital Music degree and building up an impressive freelancing background playing and creating visuals for several popular music events and producers.

His performance background includes being a resident VJ for Bestival, creating visuals for Skream and Benga, Rob Da Bank and Howard Marks. He has also performed at prominent club nights in Southampton including Audio, Pop, Guava and many others and has produced remix work for several upcoming artists.

Drymouth’s body of work can only be described as adventurous; crossing unknown borders in concept-based music. A constant creative passion and enthusiasm for all things digital can be seen reflected in his music, which varies from the abstract to the streamlined but never missing a high standard of technical production.
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posted a comment on Koufar - Lebanon For Lebanese. over 4 years ago
Definitely agree with you there, a brutally honest and utterly unique album.
posted a comment on Vatican Shadow - It Stands To Conceal. over 8 years ago
Thanks buddy, was trying to find out where the hell my copy was :D