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posted a comment on Atrax Morgue - Red Box. 8 months ago
A dream coming true for every Atrax Morgue and harsh music lover.
The box is beautifully crafted as well as the jackets and the paper used. The music… is the highest state of Art in the PE scene. A must have.
posted a comment on Laibach. 8 months ago
I agree!, but the fact that they have done so many albums with covers to me is pretty frustrating… Still, their original material is Golden.
posted a review of Masonna - Exploring Self-Corrosive Noise With Coquette. 8 months ago
Awesome, sturdy, numbered and crafted 4 CDs box set from Urashima, I hope Masonna will choose to re-release most of his discography in an anthological order with a series of these releases!!! A beautiful item of one of the most visceral noise artists ... See full review
posted a comment on Atrax Morgue - Black Box. 9 months ago
Amazing box set - having the chances finally to have here all the early Atrax Morgue tracks all in one beautiful package for a fair price, is wonderful. I had many Slaughter Productions outputs but some CDrs began to fail due to time. I hope sincerely ... See full review
posted a review of Jarboe - Artbox. about 1 year ago
Probably one of the most beautifully crafted box sets I've ever seen. And the songs contained in it are just as the aesthetic presentation, deep, filled with care and heartfelt. Impressive!!!
posted a review of Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest. about 1 year ago
Oh boy, how much I love her!!! She made a beautiful melancholic and heartbreaking pop album torn between memories (Ring-A-Ring Of Rosies) told through her lyrics or the words of Sylvia Plath (Sylvia Said), beautifully produced and filled with a mature, ... See full review
posted a review of Laibach. about 1 year ago
I think in the beginning they did so many right moves in creating a martial imagery and a dystopian version of pop tunes, but for growing as a band, they should have made the next step and writing more great songs instead of becoming a sort of cover ... See full review