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posted a comment on David Bowie. 3 months ago
Correct the Depeche Mode album section is awful too...I would do something but know it would last only 5 minutes...
posted a comment on Natalie Cole - Love Songs. 3 months ago
Livin' For Love is only available on this collection and in single release.
posted a comment on Marc Almond - Only The Moment. 4 months ago
The version featured of "Only The Moment' is the edited 7" version.
posted a comment on Marc Almond - Bitter-Sweet. 4 months ago
Only CD release of the 12" verison of "Bitter Sweet".
posted a review of Blondie - A Sexual Response. 4 months ago
Excellent sound quality, recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London.
posted a comment on David Bowie. 4 months ago
This section is a mess, too many vinyl compilations listed. They are not albums! For example 'Rock Concert' from 1979...
this is not a complete album. it is a cheap at the time collection of live tracks from 'Stage'.
Please can we sort this out...
added Carpenters - Passage to their collection. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Liverpool Express / Dionne Warwick - You Are My Love / Track Of The Cat. 5 months ago
Is Track of The Cat remixed or extended? Or just the LP version?
posted a review of Nancy Wilson - Hello Young Lovers. 7 months ago
Cd release is a vinyl rip, from a Mono LP.