Many thanks to Steve Dahl for organising the Disco Sucks event in 1979.

It made us all realize how great, wonderful and powerful DISCO was!
But most of all we realized Disco would never DIE!!!

Is there any dance genre better than Disco?

Dance music started out with Disco, and there isn't any other dance music genre who delivers to same energy, vibe, complicity, & artistic freedom, in other words quality, as Disco does.

In the first place, I'm a collector. There is so much to Discover out there. I spin as well.

My main goal is to preach the word of the Disco Lord to all of you! :)

Don't get caught not doing what you gotta do!

Respect the original, it's called original for a reason.

Thank you,

Dysco Souljah (read Disco Soldier)

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submitted Inner City - Good Life. over 7 years ago
Damon Harris - It's Music / Funday
submitted Damon Harris - It's Music / Funday. over 7 years ago
Bright Star - Daddy
submitted Bright Star - Daddy. over 8 years ago
Various - Disco Love 2: More Rare Disco & Soul Uncovered
posted a comment on Various - Disco Love 2: More Rare Disco & Soul Uncovered. over 12 years ago
99% of the reviews begin this way, but I can't help it: This has to be the best compilation I have EVER heard. How do I know? Well, at the first listen, I haven't skipped a track! These are some of the finest tunes compiled on one cd. Nice again,... See full review
Al Kent - Secret Sounds
posted a comment on Al Kent - Secret Sounds. over 13 years ago
Ok now, before you judge something, you should always try it three times. So, I’m listening for the third time to Al Kent’s 'Secret Sounds'. The album is about to be released, and here’s what I think… Before I bought the album, I surfed around a bit.... See full review
Saint* & Stephanie* - Last Train To The Boogie
posted a review of Saint* & Stephanie* - Last Train To The Boogie. over 13 years ago
Saint & Stephanie? I was looking at this record in a dodgy London basement. When I spotted the Michael Zager credits, I decide to put it in the bag.

At home I found out it was the best catch of the day. What a record! The variation is vocal... See full review
Philly Devotions - I Just Can't Say Goodbye
posted a review of Philly Devotions - I Just Can't Say Goodbye. over 14 years ago
"I Just Can't Say Goodbye" to this track. It's been in my head ever since the first time I heard it. It's one of those songs you never get tired hearing. But then again, if John Davis is arranging it, and Tom Moulton is mixing it, what can you... See full review
The Whispers - And The Beat Goes On
posted a review of The Whispers - And The Beat Goes On. over 14 years ago
Although millions of people all over the world have been getting down to "And the beat goes on", and although this is a great song and all-time classic, I want to take a minute here to talk about the flip side; "Can you do the boogie".

Written by... See full review
Lorraine Johnson - Learning To Dance All Over Again
posted a review of Lorraine Johnson - Learning To Dance All Over Again. over 14 years ago
Oh boy, what an album!

Did you know that this was probably the first album in the history were the singer is not represented by the person on the cover? Nevertheless this mannequin looks very fine as well!

What to say about the music? "Feed The... See full review
Robin Beck - Sweet Talk
posted a review of Robin Beck - Sweet Talk. over 14 years ago
Robin Beck? Never heard of her before. Let's check out this vinyl. That was what I was thinking going through a seller's crates. Judging on the label, the year, and the producer, I gave it a try.

The man behind all this is Kenny Lehman, who we all... See full review
Mick Jackson - Weekend
posted a review of Mick Jackson - Weekend. over 14 years ago
Feelin' Good? This will make you feel better!

There something special with songs about weekends, especially when you play them on a Friday. They all have this great positive attitude. We are looking forward to the weekend, spend our well-earned... See full review
Frankie And The Spindles* - Makin' Up Time
posted a review of Frankie And The Spindles* - Makin' Up Time. over 14 years ago
The Philadelphia Sound!

Forget about Disco. Forget about Northern Soul. This is the real deal.
Standing ovation for the fabulous Richard Rome and the super-talented Bunny sigler. What a masterpiece!
Ok, I'm being emotional, but this has to be the... See full review
Camouflage (5) Featuring Mysti - A Disco Symphony
posted a review of Camouflage (5) Featuring Mysti - A Disco Symphony. over 14 years ago
Not much of a review, when you are only talking about one particular song. But, believe you me, there's nothing else to do.

Do me a favour, and listen to the track 'Bee Sting'. Listen to it all the way. The keyboard effects, the buzzing violins,... See full review
Various - Disco 20 Disco - 20 Fantastic Soul Hits - The Dancemaster
posted a review of Various - Disco 20 Disco - 20 Fantastic Soul Hits - The Dancemaster. over 14 years ago
It's very rare that you get so many rare cuts on one single compilation.

When I got it in my hands, I thought the cover was a little dodgy (A drawing of a pimp-like man with two attractive and barely dressed women). I decided to look at the track... See full review
Passion (2) - Passion
posted a review of Passion (2) - Passion. over 14 years ago
This must be one of the most erotic sleeves to be ever produced. And guess what? It's a Disco record!

The cover only is worthwhile a lifetime search. No doubt about that. But what to say about the music?

As we expected; lots of strings, few... See full review
Pointer Sisters - Happiness
posted a review of Pointer Sisters - Happiness. over 14 years ago
Happiness! What else to say?
Whenever you feel down, play this song, and you will feel better guaranteed!
Written by the man behind Kitchy-Kitchy-Ya-Ya-Ta-Taa (Lady Marmelade), you cannot be misled. The feel-good atmosphere is everywhere.
It's... See full review
Clark Datchler - You Fooled Him Once Again
posted a review of Clark Datchler - You Fooled Him Once Again. over 14 years ago
This is Clark's first release. What an incredible sound to deliver at that age of 17! Son of Fred Datchler, that's no miracle of course. I have seldom heard such a great first release from an artist. I must admit I was dazzled.
This record features... See full review
Carolyne Bernier* - Hold Me, Touch Me
posted a review of Carolyne Bernier* - Hold Me, Touch Me. over 15 years ago
Tony Green has to be my favourite Canadian!
When you listen to this song for the first time, you'll bet it is European. The sweet female vocals mixing French with English, and lucious string arrangements by Denis LePage - another famous Disco... See full review
Nightschool* - Do You Speak French?
posted a review of Nightschool* - Do You Speak French?. over 15 years ago
I picked this record up on a flea market, and based myself only on the cover -including nipple slip- and the producer -Jean Kluger-. Assuming this record was quite early to be a Belgian disco track, I didn't think too much of it.

But then I played... See full review
Only Freak - Can't Get Away (From Your Love)
posted a review of Only Freak - Can't Get Away (From Your Love). over 15 years ago
Once again, I'm proud to be Belgian! This is high quality music!
The soulful and sexy voice, over that pounding bass, mixed in with the different effects & sounds. Who needs an orchestra when you can create a song like this?
When I first heard the... See full review
Amadeo - Moving Like A Superstar
posted a review of Amadeo - Moving Like A Superstar. over 15 years ago
Jack Donder & Jean-Luc Drion, an electic duo, also responsible for the 'Fabulous' Chocolat's, the only Belgian group to ever have a release on the world-known Salsoul Record label, now getting together in an era where Disco ruled, in order to create... See full review
Al Kent Presents The Million Dollar Orchestra* - Better Days
posted a review of Al Kent Presents The Million Dollar Orchestra* - Better Days. over 15 years ago
Once there was Disco, and on the other side of the ocean there was Al Kent. That's all there's to it.

All of us Disco-lovers need to bow down to the fabulous Al Kent, if not alone for his tremendous edits. But no, Mr. Kent realised what nobody... See full review