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posted a comment on Simply Red - Men And Women. over 2 years ago
i possibly have a presale cassette? Its just a generic blank cassette with the bands name handwritten on it (no album title)
the card inside is also handwritten with songs listed + 1 extra track - Bowies "this is not america". I think its out of the ... See full review
posted a comment on Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits. over 2 years ago
got this edition today. I think its been done a bit tacky to be honest. a few pops on mine (cleaned it first). 140g vinyl would have been the way to go when thinking up this release to give it the feeling of a quality product.
would also say to people ... See full review
posted a comment on Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way. over 2 years ago
just got this today, new vinyl- shrinkwrapped. must admit mine deffo sounded tinny 1st go. Absolutely no ticks or pops whatsoever through all 4 sides though. Could not find 1 copy of any of the 3 original chilli vinyl pressings I'm after in UK so had to ... See full review
posted a review of Culture Shock (3). over 4 years ago
good band saw live at least once. Punk/Hip Hop/Reggae fusion with a message. have the 3 vinyl LP releases purchased NEW 25 years agoooooooooooooooo
posted a review of Imagination - Night Dubbing. over 4 years ago
tracks from my yooth! have to say i feel that the remix is more about switching between 33-45 rpm (seems especially so on the 1st track which may taint the rest of it for me as i can't stop laughing....). I would have much preferred to have the tracks in ... See full review
posted a review of Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome. over 4 years ago
personally speaking i will be editing the album to remove the 2 cover tracks from my final listening version, all in all a complete musical trip for me apart from those covers.
posted a comment on Timex Social Club - Rumours. over 4 years ago
i picked this up from a charity shop recently for £1 and its a very good album. i think i know the title track from the Prince film Purple Rain where he's arch enemy in the film, a band called The time, perform it at the end of the film in a battle of ... See full review