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posted a review of Marc Almond - Trials Of Eyeliner (The Anthology 1979/2016). 4 months ago
The most disappointing aspect of this collection to me isn't the inclusion of some clumsy edits or omissions of key tracks and collaborations. The most disappointing fact is that more care wasn't put in to the sequencing of the tracks. I've seen this ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Viva Los Angeles II. 9 months ago
I have two copies of this on CD and both have given way to disc rot. The CD's look perfect, but skipping and audio artifacts occur throughout. Especially on the last 2-3 songs. I'd buy replacements, but fear this might affect all copies.
posted a comment on Marc Almond - In Your Bed. over 3 years ago
The 3" CD included in my copy is actually blank. I'm not sure if this was an issue with the full CD run or isolated to a small number of copies.
posted a comment on Marc Almond - Live At The Union Chapel. over 3 years ago
Out of curiosity...does anyone else notice approximately 3-4 audio glitches starting just after 7:07 on the last track Saint Judy? It would appear to be on the master and not my disc, but I'd like to confirm before attempting to acquire a pricey ... See full review
posted a comment on Shriekback - Jam Science / Live At Hatfield. over 3 years ago
Barry Andrews mentioned on Facebook that the original tapes were unavailable. Hence the cleanest vinyl sources they could find were used for the remastering job. All in all I think it sounds pretty great with the exception of Midnight Maps. To my ears ... See full review
submitted Butterclock - First Prom. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Emika - Emika. over 6 years ago
Not since Portishead's debut have I heard such an amazingly dark, claustrophic and brilliant debut. Essential with either headphones to catch every whisper, or full volume for shaking your foundations with it's massive amounts of sub-bass.
posted a comment on Christian Death - Only Theater Of Pain. over 7 years ago
Updated review after hearing from Frontier Records.
posted a review of Christian Death - Only Theater Of Pain. over 7 years ago
You may be hard pressed to tell that this is in fact a remastered release as there's no mention in the liner notes, but Frontier did a good job with this one. Listening to the original CD release compared to this 2011 version there's a big difference in ... See full review