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Various - Buddha Trance
posted a comment on Various - Buddha Trance. over 9 years ago
Track nr. 5 on CD 2 Java - Cosmos, just amazing

Java - 1
posted a comment on Java - 1. over 9 years ago
Amazing track , one of my favourites ever. Great job Lieb.
Sven Van Hees - Gemini
posted a comment on Sven Van Hees - Gemini. over 9 years ago
Very recommend chill music, really relaxing, must have
Nuera (2) - Sensei
posted a comment on Nuera (2) - Sensei. over 9 years ago
4 all you trance addicts check this out, this is a really amazing track, highly recommended (genre trance, electronic)
Airwave - The Wrath Of Tambora / Game Of Life
posted a comment on Airwave - The Wrath Of Tambora / Game Of Life. over 9 years ago
On of my best digital purchases, you got to hear this, I especially like "Game Of Life (Original Mix)"
This is some epic trance again. Stands out in the crowd of trance, this is quality, Thx Laurent
Eco* - M(You)Sic
posted a comment on Eco* - M(You)Sic. over 9 years ago
Eco is unknow by the mainstream, but if you are like me and you're into trance and electronic music, you will
appreciate his music for sure. I first discovered Eco on a compilation of A State of Trance, his track "Tonight Is Forever"
simply blew me... See full review
Airwave - Touareg
posted a comment on Airwave - Touareg. over 9 years ago
I didn't buy the full album (yet) I only bought
- Urban Toaureg (Vocal Mix)
- Sunday Dark Firma

(genre: trance, trance progressive, electronic)

and those are some really great trance tracks.
If you are into melody like me you will also like
Punjabi... See full review
Airwave - Cathedrals Of Hope
posted a comment on Airwave - Cathedrals Of Hope. over 9 years ago
This really is a must buy, but if you buy make sure it's high quality, it's worth it.

There is so much trance music out there but Laurent (Airwave) is truly a master in this electronic genre,
these tracks are simply near perfect. I especially like... See full review