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posted a review of Aril Brikha - Art Of Vengeance EP. 23 days ago
This was my first techno record on wax and purchased at the time of release at Record Time. I didn’t even have a turntable at the time but knew this record had to be had. This record was the beginning of an incredible and life changing musical journey ... See full review
posted a review of Underground Resistance. 29 days ago
"Journey of the Dragons," "The Final Frontier," "Amazon" and so, so many others. Thank you, UR, for countless journeys through the depths of space in my lifetime.
posted a review of Jesse Bru, Harrison BDP - Happiness Therapy Split Vol.2. about 1 month ago
"Good Life" is a fantastic track. The beat rides along that perfect line right in the middle of house and techno with heavenly chords, sick percussion, and a snarl reminiscent of what you hear in many of Laurent Garnier's tracks. Bought this record after ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Futur[e]cho. about 1 month ago
Creating a track called "Homage to Maurizio" is truly an admirable thing to do. This track pays respect to the Masters not only in name but also in sound. It is a deep, stormy, dub monster that could easily fit into the series right around M5.5 or so. ... See full review
posted a review of J. Shaw - Shawescape Renegade - Escapism. about 1 month ago
Went to an intergalactic rave in the constellation Triangulum this past weekend and the DJ from Andromeda dropped Neuron Galaxy. Talk about a MASSive track.
posted a review of Cybotron - Clear / Alleys Of The Mind. 2 months ago
“Alleys of THE Mind" is printed on the B side of this release but don’t be fooled thinking it is a brand new Cybotron track released in 2019! ;)
posted a review of Various - BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge 2013. 2 months ago
Daughter’s cover of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky is something special. They give the track the 4AD treatment and transform it into a poignant and beautiful cover that give the lyrics new meaning while adding depth not found in the original.
posted a review of Convextion - Convextion. 2 months ago
Scored the 2x12” when it came out and then picked up the CD a few years back, paying more for it than any other CD I own, for the sole purpose of playing it while driving around the mountains in Glacier National Park. Perfect landscape for a truly ... See full review
posted a review of Deep Factor - Down On It. 2 months ago
This track is puuuuuuurfection. Funky driving bassline, really nice build up with superb sampling of Millie Jackson, sick piano riff and horns with a fantastic hook and breakdown. Damn. Add it all up and you have what every great house record needs. ... See full review
posted a review of John Beltran. 3 months ago
To me, John Beltran creates soundtracks for life. His music captures the human experience and puts it into melodies that reflect what it feels like to live in and experience our world. His tracks strike a rare balance between uplifting and melancholy ... See full review
posted a comment on Definitive Recordings. 9 months ago
Well, they used to have a bunch on the Plus 8 site: https://web.archive.org/web/19980219153104/http://www.plus8.com:80/Audio/

I suspect they are on a server in Windsor somewhere today.
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - Computerwelt. about 1 year ago
I read that in some countries EMI accompanied review copies with a real pocket calculator with "Kraftwerk - Computer World" printed in yellow and black at the top. Anyone have any info on this? I haven't seen any releases here with this info.
posted a comment on DJ Stingray (2) - Weaponized EP. about 1 year ago
Still available on TSAR's bandcamp: https://tsar1.bandcamp.com/album/tsar001-dj-stingray-weaponized-ep
It's dope. It's dope. It's dope.
posted a review of Various - Detroit Electronic Quarterly (Volume 6) . about 1 year ago
The cut on here by Blair French is the real winner. Incredibly smooth downtempo house track with a superb vocal by Britney Stoney. Love Revealing Love feels like a cool breeze on a summer hot day. I need a whole album of tracks from these two in my life.
posted a comment on Dance Mania. about 1 year ago
If there was an award for most records in circulation with DJ names and BPMs written on the labels, that award would certainly go to Dance Mania. :)