Addicted to vinyl & cd collecting, obsessions include but not limited to: Krautrock, Prog and all its various incarnations,Mutant space disco,Electro funk,Proto-metal hard rock,Proto-industrial death disco, Heavy Metal, Bossa Nova, Samba & Latin Easy, Jazz, etc.
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posted a comment on Der Plan - Geri Reig. 27 days ago
Regarding the Medical Records vinyl pressing: is this a needle drop..?
posted a review of Новый Завет - Apocalypse. about 1 month ago
"Christian" Doom Metal from the former Soviet Union..? Yes please! Perhaps nothing new or ground-breaking here, but it is filled with some solid, chunky, slow to mid-paced heavy DOOOM. I totally recommend this as well as their other two LPs as well!
posted a comment on Reverend Bizarre - Death Is Glory... Now. 2 months ago
Agreed! Bought my copy direct from label and all three records have some degree of warp. Not real impressed with the fidelity, either - kind of thin and somewhat distorted on the highs...I love this band and compilation, but not too impressed with this ... See full review
posted a review of Phantom (36) - Phantom's Divine Comedy Part 1. 2 months ago
Imagine a harder edged Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come, but with Jim Morrison on the mic instead of Arthur Brown...Doomy proto-metal with slight Prog leanings. Can't believe I'm just now discovering this rocking monster. A true mid 70s jem!
posted a review of Francisco Semprun Et Michel Christodoulides - Espaces Dynamiques. 2 months ago
Is this a soundtrack? It "looks" and sounds like it is though it isn't listed as such. Anyone out there know? Regardless, this is a great album!
posted a review of Gutura - Des Êtres Au Cerveau Apparent ..... 2 months ago
I would agree, for the most part, with the previous reviewers take on this album, but would like to add: there are a lot (and I mean nearly half of the records running time) of very, very quiet stretches thruout both sides of the record. Very slowly the ... See full review
posted a review of Den Za Den. 2 months ago
For my money, equal parts Prog Rock to Jazz Rock/Fusion. It rocks pretty well, too (though it isn't quite a Metal record). Whatever you want to call it I think it's pretty outstanding. And take a look at that cover art!
posted a review of Terutsugu Hirayama - Castle Of Noi. 2 months ago
I love me some Prog particularly the symphonic variety. Some of this is good, some is just"ok" and the rest is painfully annoying (what I presume to be one of the "characters" voice bits?). By far the best thing about this release is the amazing artwork. ... See full review
posted a review of Halina Frąckowiak - Idę. 2 months ago
Some of it is pretty cool (I particularly like the tracks with flute), but then some of it is pretty annoying and does nothing for me. Worth a listen, but I wouldn't go to a lot of trouble or expense in tracking down a copy
posted a review of Joel Andrews - Locrian Invocation. 2 months ago
Sure, an album full of gentle harp noodling is pleasant enough, but it doesn't really go anywhere. Like a lot of New Age, it works ok as mindless background music
posted a comment on Barış Manço - 2023. 3 months ago
Sourced from tapes or is it a vinyl rip (which I highly suspect)..?
posted a comment on Sodom - Obsessed By Cruelty. 6 months ago
I also have both original pressings, German & US, and I can assure you these are needledrops. I think that anyone that has had any previous experience on the matter would easily be able to discern this after listening. This really is horrible and not ... See full review
posted a comment on Sodom - Persecution Mania / Expurse Of Sodomy. 6 months ago
Agreed! Totally flat and lifeless dynamics. I highly suspect that these are needledrops. I can't imagine someone dropping more than $15-20 on one of these instead of putting that $ towards an earlier pressing! These really are some of the worst vinyl ... See full review
posted a comment on Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion. 6 months ago
If you haven't found out for yourself yet I'm afraid you'll be disappointed...This has nowhere near the fidelity of the original pressing (or early represses). It is quite clearly digitally sourced and not in a good way, at least to my ears. The posters ... See full review
posted a comment on Flames - Summon The Dead. 6 months ago
Would anyone be able to comment on the sound quality of this reissue? It isn't listed as having been "remastered" which is promising! Anybody know if this was sourced from tapes/the original master or is it a needledrop?
posted a comment on Eskaton - 4 Visions. 6 months ago
Completely agreed! I am so grateful that I was able to pick this up before the prices started to skyrocket!
posted a review of Shub Niggurath - Shub Niggurath. 6 months ago
Sort of "brittle" sounding which is probably not too surprising as it was likely sourced from an old demo tape. If anyone is able to refute that please do so! Still great music and a "fun" pressing to have on vinyl (unique packaging!) if you can get past ... See full review
posted a comment on Alain Goraguer - Musique Classée X. 6 months ago
Agreed, really great music and "interesting" packaging to say the least! Nice thick quality vinyl and sleeve, but why does it have to be so bloody expensive?!!?
posted a comment on Johann Sebastian Bach, Karl Richter - Toccata Und Fuge - Festliche Orgelklänge. 6 months ago
I am looking for a clean Japanese pressing (1980?), with obi strip, if anyone has a copy for a reasonable price. Please message me on Discogs if you have a on on offer.
posted a comment on Ruth White - Flowers Of Evil. 6 months ago
Does anyone know if these Black Mass Rising pressings were sourced from tapes (probably very unlikely, I know) or are needle-drops? If anyone from BMS, in particular, is able to comment please do so
posted a comment on Coroner - R.I.P. 6 months ago
For those in the know, are these recent vinyl reissues worth pursuit or would I be better off hunting down an older CD pressing (can't afford the original vinyl)? Hope to hear from someone that may comment
posted a review of Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle-Earth. 6 months ago
What an album...Fun to finally have on vinyl, but know this going into it that, at least to my ears, the entire recent BG repress series sound exactly like the CDs from 2011/2012. I don't believe that they have been mixed for vinyl so they all sound like ... See full review
posted a review of Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera. 6 months ago
So disappointing...To my ears this sounds exactly like the CD. Not to mean that it sounds bad, but I was hoping for a more "vinyl" minded mix to give an analog color to the dynamics. This is, after all, a vinyl record album! Maybe I am off base here, as ... See full review
posted a comment on Frank Zappa - Hot Rats. 6 months ago
So, so many of today's vinyl reissues are not worth the plastic that they're pressed on. Fortunately, this is not another example of that! This sounds absolutely fantastic and, in my opinion, makes a more than suitable substitute for the much more ... See full review
posted a review of Rush - Rush. 6 months ago
Really nice sounding, but, as with Caress of Steel, it sounds unusually more quiet then as compared to other titles in this series. Also, while the box and "extras" are fun I'm not sure that they are worth the extra cost that they bring. I kind of wish ... See full review
posted a review of Rush - Fly By Night. 6 months ago
As with my opinion regarding Hemispheres, this is the best sounding vinyl version I have ever heard of this release excepting for the much more expensive Japanese pressing. Don't sleep on these!
posted a review of Rush - Hemispheres. 6 months ago
This is probably the best I have ever heard this record sound excepting for maybe the Japanese pressing which is significantly more expensive. Don't hesitate!
posted a comment on Rush - Caress Of Steel. 6 months ago
I would agree that this is an excellent sounding reissue. However, for some reason it plays a bit quieter than the other titles I have from this repress series (Fly by Night and Hemispheres). Guess that is why they created the volume knob, eh?!? :)
posted a comment on Rush - Rush. 6 months ago
I bought a new copy in Feb 2018 and discovered that the included download card had an expiration date of 2015, so you may not want to count on the download card.

I bought my copy, brand new & factory sealed, December of 2018 ... See full review
posted a comment on Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger. 6 months ago
Flat, as what one may expect from a digital master. If you cannot afford an 80's pressing I would suggest just getting the CD which will more than likely be more inexpensive and sound better (removing the pointless analog in the chain). Great music ... See full review
posted a review of Jacques Erdos - Contrepoints. "Baroque Synthétiseur". 7 months ago
In the spirit of W. Carlos "Switched On" records, but in delicious little "bite sized" pieces. Cheesy? Maybe....But no less fun!
posted a comment on Eno* - Another Green World. 7 months ago
I am almost certain this is from 1982 and not 1977 as listed here. In any event, a very thick and wonderful sounding pressing!
posted a review of Hiroshi Yoshimura - Music For Nine Post Cards. 7 months ago
What an unmitigated masterpiece. For me, it evokes a similar mood as some of the more minimalist moments heard on the Blade Runner soundtrack; a lonely and melancholic mood lending itself to deep introspection and/or reflection. I am grateful to have ... See full review
posted a comment on Protector (4) - A Shedding Of Skin. 7 months ago
May anyone comment on the fidelity of this pressing? Does it sounds like it was mastered for vinyl or does it just sound like a CD?
posted a comment on John Carpenter, Alan Howarth - Halloween 1-5. 7 months ago
Four of the five releases fit comfortably snug in my box. I can get the 5th one in, but then you can see it bulging. I'm concerned that if I try to store them all inside that it will damage the box. Anyone else noticing this??
posted a comment on Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - N°2. 7 months ago
No, mine is not "noisy" in the slightest; all three records play dead quiet on my turntable. Beautiful, heavy weight vinyl. The dynamics sound more digital to my ears, but otherwise these are extremely high quality
posted a review of Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes. 7 months ago
Physically, this is just beautiful - nice, thick vinyl. Thick jackets. Great notes, photos and exclusive booklet. I, for one, also appreciate the minimalist design and look of the box as well. Unfortunately, from one having all three original pressings, ... See full review
posted a comment on John Carpenter - Halloween (Original Soundtrack). 8 months ago
I don't think that very many know or understand that this Japanese release from 79 was not taken from Carpenter's score at all - rather, it is a rerecording lead by Osamu Shoji (an absolutely incredible Electronica artist in his own right). Obviously ... See full review
posted a comment on John Carpenter - Halloween (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 8 months ago
RIGHT ON, brother! All of your points are spot on, particularly calling out that Alan wouldn't approach this with anything other than complete respect.

This is a unique release and frankly the one I've been waiting for all along.

Now, if only Mondo or ... See full review
posted a review of The Ghouls - Dracula's Deuce. 8 months ago
Half of it is pretty stupid (unless you are a big fan of the "Monster Mash") with a corny "Dracula" talking over what are essentially Rock N Roll oldies. The rest, however, is pretty decent Surf guitar with a few of the tracks being outstanding. So ... See full review
posted a review of Exuma - Snake. 9 months ago
This still has it's moments, for sure, so please don't take this as dismissive, but don't start your Exuma Trip here; any of his first three joints would be the more appropriate Gateway
posted a review of Turbo (5) - Dorosłe Dzieci. about 1 year ago
An obvious Maiden influence runs the show here with a few of the slower tracks dipping toes in Scorpions hard rock territory... It's not "bad" by any means, but definitely not anything original or prompting many repeat listens, either; I really wouldn't ... See full review
posted a comment on Turbo (5) - Kawaleria Szatana. about 1 year ago
This is by far Turbo's "masterpiece". Nothing they did prior or subsequent comes even close...
posted a comment on Artillery (2) - Fear of Tomorrow. about 1 year ago
How does this sound? Another weak needle drop that is sadly typical from this label??
posted a review of Assassin (6) - The Upcoming Terror. about 1 year ago
Great, relatively unknown German Thrash Metal record. They obviously worship at the alter of Metallica, but so did most at the time! This still has lots of personality, charm and grit to spare. Sounds a lot like the image on the front cover: a lumbering ... See full review
posted a review of Darkness (9) - Death Squad. about 1 year ago
Reminds me of Kreator circa "Please to Kill", but without the same songwriting ability, heaviness or brutality. Just straight up, no frills, thinly produced & not particularly original German Thrash Metal. "Ok" for what it is, but I definitely wouldn't ... See full review
posted a comment on Holocross - Holocross. about 1 year ago
Coming out somewhat late in the game (1988), time has proven this to be quite a hidden little gem! Rough and rather unpolished Thrash with just a pinch of Hardcore thrown in for good measure (drums are borderline "D-beat" throughout). The reliably weak ... See full review
posted a review of Medieval - Medieval Kills!. about 1 year ago
A quirky, grass-roots regional affair blending Classic Rock, Metal and Punk. When done "right" that stew can have cool and unique results (early Cirith Ungol comes to mind, as an example). Here, it just sounds like an unfocused mess to be honest...The ... See full review
posted a review of Трио В. Мисаилова - Ташкентский Джаз-клуб. about 1 year ago
Pretty cool Soviet-era jazz record from this piano led trio. Nothing too daring, but a pleasant enough listen nonetheless.
posted a review of Pokolgép - Totális Metál. about 1 year ago
Early Accept meets Iron Maiden minus the histrionic guitar solos (as well as most of the talent!). It's not bad, but also not particularly exciting or original either... Do you really need another Accept/Maiden inspired record?!? Extra point, though, for ... See full review