Addicted to vinyl & cd collecting, obsessions include but not limited to: Krautrock, Prog and all its various incarnations,Mutant space disco,Electro funk,Proto-metal hard rock,Proto-industrial death disco, Heavy Metal, Bossa Nova, Samba & Latin Easy, Jazz, etc.
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posted a review of Vincent Price (2) - Witchcraft - Magic: An Adventure In Demonology. 13 days ago
Thee great Vincent Price recounting historical anecdotes, in his inimitable voice, regarding all manners of witchcraft and the like, as the title suggests. Very, very graphic at times and so definitely not a release intended for children. Bar none, in... See full review
posted a review of 伊藤詳* - イオン (悠久) = Eon. 16 days ago
Perhaps the most psychedelic, and maybe also most ambient, album in his discography? A quick astral plane "pitstop" in Japan on your way to Bombay... Absent are the progressive rock and New Age leanings from his earlier and then later periods; this is... See full review
posted a review of Чёрный Обелиск - Ещё Один День. 30 days ago
Cut from the same cloth as Motorhead, but, fortunately, it's not an out and out forgery. Chugging riffs and the varying tempos make this a serviceable enough listening experience. Maybe nothing particularly original, but it's a solid Metal record nonetheless! See full review
posted a review of Hajime Tachibana - H. about 1 month ago
Solo debut from the Plastic's guitarist. Has contributions from all three members of Yellow Magic Orchestra. This is more Jazz/Zolo than the more Pop leanings of the Plastics. All of his solo albums are great!
posted a review of Джазовый Ансамбль Игоря Бриля - Утро Земли. about 1 month ago
Fantastic Soviet era Jazz LP! Leans a little towards Fusion, but that's no bad thing in my opinion! You can still pick this up for cheap, too. Recommended!
posted a comment on Облачный Край - Стремя И Люди. about 1 month ago
Was this ever released on vinyl? Five, five more words....
posted a comment on Тофик Кулиев - Песни. about 1 month ago
Hella cool record! Highly recommended. Five more words, words, words....
posted a comment on Congregacion - Congregacion Viene.... about 1 month ago
Anybody know what mastering source was used for this? Is it a vinyl rip??
posted a comment on Confusional Quartet - ...In The Box. about 1 month ago
I highly suspect that this was sourced from vinyl...Hoping that someone "in the know" might confirm (or better yet, contest!) that presumption?
posted a review of Osamu Shoji - 風と木の詩. about 1 month ago
I presume this is an anime soundtrack? Whatever the context, this is more magic from the sorely missed Osamu Shoji. Fellow fans that may be unfamiliar with this release should check it out!
posted a review of Keep - DG-581. about 1 month ago
Pretty great Fusion/Jazz Rock album from Japan. Features an All-Star lineup of Uber-talented musicians. Well worth checking out!
posted a comment on 大村憲司*, 渡辺香津美*, 森園勝敏* & 山岸潤史* - Guitar Work Shop. about 1 month ago
I always took this to be a compilation, but I admit that I may be wrong on that
posted a comment on 東海林修* - コブラ(ドラマ篇). about 1 month ago
How does this compare with Victor ‎– JBX-25005 beyond the obvious distinction of that being a single LP release while this one is 2xLP? Do both LPs contain Osamu Shoji tracks thruout? Anybody know?!??
posted a review of Forest (4) - The Full Circle. about 1 month ago
Here's your chance to have this classic on a great looking & sounding vinyl pressing. Supply seems to be drying up, too so don't sleep
posted a comment on Gnidrolog - Lady Lake. 2 months ago
Anyone able to comment on the sound quality of this pressing? 4MWB has been consistently "underwhelming" in my experience, but maybe they got it right with this one?
posted a comment on Forest (4) - Full Circle. 3 months ago
Is this a bootleg? Anyone able to comment on sound quality?
posted a comment on ВИА 75* - Ритм Радости. 4 months ago
Some of this is kinda cool, a few tracks are "ok" and the rest is pretty much crap (specifically the lame "Blues" songs. Weak..). In other words, it's rather uneven with some interesting moments mixed with some real dreck that I personally would... See full review
posted a comment on Colored Music - Colored Music. 4 months ago
Agreed. Here is your chance to pick this up at a reasonable price. First pressings go for crazy money now & this sounds just as good to my (old) ears!
posted a review of Yukihiro Takahashi - Murdered By The Music. 4 months ago
Great album overall, but the "stop in the name of love" cover almost derails it....Pretty weak
posted a review of Kikuchi Momoko* = 菊池桃子* - Ocean Side. 4 months ago
Took a chance on this largely based on the cover; enticed by idyllic sunny reminiscences of past lazy beach vacations, sipping on a cocktail....What I got was a one-way ticket to an ubiquitous shopping mall located in Tokyo, or maybe Sendai. Rather... See full review
posted a review of Chrome (8) - Red Exposure. 4 months ago
In my opinion this was Chrome's best release and is definitely the one I most enjoy listening to. Of course all of the Edge/Creed releases are essential, but I find that I come back to this one the most. In some ways this might be considered their... See full review
posted a review of Chrome (8) - Chrome Box Revisited. 4 months ago
I usually avoid "remasters" at nearly all costs, but I'm glad I took a chance here. I have the original pressings and these sound just as good, for the most part, and maybe even a little better! Particularly on "Alien Soundtracks" & "Half Lip..".... See full review
posted a review of Cirith Ungol - Forever Black. 4 months ago
Further proof that the world has finally & completely gone off the rails...A brand new Cirith Ungol record?!? And one that holds up to their 80s output?? And in a lavish BOX set??? This thing is amazing in every way. Even the outer box is of utmost... See full review
posted a comment on Forest (4) - Forest. 4 months ago
Completely agree. Never thought of the Syd parallel before, but now I totally hear it. Regardless, one of the all time psyche greats!
posted a comment on John Carpenter - The Thing: Lost Cues. 5 months ago
I totally agree. This just feels like a rip off and blatant cash grab. "Main Theme" is basically ruined with the misplaced guitar wankery. Regardless, not sure how that track is a "lost cue" seeing that it was on the original release? The remaining... See full review
posted a comment on 三沢郷* - デビルマン (TV オリジナル サントラ). 6 months ago
Does anyone know the ratio of actual music vs dialogue on this release?
posted a review of 青江三奈* - 国際線待合室 ベスト・ヒット第3集. 7 months ago
Mina remains one of my favorite kayokyoku vocalists. This compilation is a great introduction to her charms & talents
posted a review of Dr. John - Dr. John's Gumbo. 11 months ago
Christ, I've tried so hard to get into this...Highly touted as a great "party" or "feel good" album, this does absolutely nothing for me. If anything I find it annoying. Loved his earlier records but this is where I jumped ship!
posted a comment on Kreator - Pleasure To Kill. 12 months ago
Who suggested that this, or any other Thrash release, was "inferior" to Death Metal?!? Thrash was first, chronilogically, thus the forerunners ( "paving the way") for the latter sub genres in Metal. Of course, what is considered "extreme" is rather... See full review
posted a review of Obituary - Slowly We Rot. 12 months ago
Cover looks like blurry shit, but the mastering sounds great to my ears. Adequately dynamic and the vinyl itself is nice and thick. In my opinion, this probably sounds even better than the first pressing and it's also a hell of a lot cheaper!
posted a comment on Phantom (34) - Dead Or Alive. 12 months ago
Decent enough Traditional/Speed Metal from the good 'ol US of A. Unfortunately, the lackluster production that New Renaissance was notorious for doesn't do it any favors and makes it somewhat anemic in places...Still, despite that and it's lack of... See full review
posted a review of Demilich - Nespithe. 12 months ago
If you want this on vinyl here is an inexpensive pressing to get! Sounds like it was mastered for vinyl and not just from a CD. Recommended!
posted a review of Sieges Even - Life Cycle. 12 months ago
Watch Tower often get name dropped when referencing this great band. And while I think that connection may be more accurate then comparing them to, say, Slayer or Anthrax for the most part I don't really hear this as a Watch Tower rip off. File this... See full review
posted a review of Damien Storm - Horror On St. Lime's Hill. about 1 year ago
Mere words will not prepare you...This is an "experience". The stuttering drum machine, weird sound effects and those vocals...Still trying to decide if this is a parody of King Diamond or a heartfelt homage?!? Only the mysterious Damien Storm... See full review
posted a review of Gargoyle (8) - Gargoyle. about 1 year ago
Super solid traditional Heavy/Speed Metal. By 1988 this style had fallen mostly out of favor with Thrash's dominance and early Death Metal gaining in popularity. But make no mistake, this is great stuff and proof that quality Heavy Metal is timeless.... See full review
posted a review of Brutality - Screams Of Anguish. about 1 year ago
Don't get all of the latter day hype around this (nobody was paying any attention when it was released).... Yes, it is skillfully played and you can tell that a lot of thought went into its execution, but it brings absolutely nothing new or original... See full review
posted a comment on Entombed - Left Hand Path. about 1 year ago
Never understood all of the love given to this as its boring as all hell....Yes, its heavy with that crushing guitar tone, but the songwriting is rather weak. Things greatly improved, however, on their next release, "Clandestine". Now that is a Metal... See full review
posted a comment on Dismember - Like An Everflowing Stream. about 1 year ago
Does anyone know if this was pressed from a dedicated master or sourced from a CD? I haven't had much luck with this label in the past so I'm proceeding with much caution!
posted a review of Six Feet Under - Warpath. about 1 year ago
I admit, for the most part I really like Allen's riffs on this despite how simple they are. However, what almost ruins this completely are Chris Barne's lame excuse for "vocals" - they fit "ok" with what Cannibal Corpse were doing, but here they just... See full review
posted a comment on Dark Angel (3) - Darkness Descends. about 1 year ago
Are these High Roller pressings sourced from an earlier vinyl record or from original tapes/source? Anyone know?
posted a review of Screamer (5) - Target : Earth. about 1 year ago
This is by no means bad, but I wouldn't go out of your way to locate nor empty the bank account to buy it. Musicianship is generally strong, but the songs just kind of blend into one another without any real highlights or hooks... The obvious Geoff... See full review
posted a review of Trance (6) - Power Infusion. about 1 year ago
Can't get enough of mid-period Scorpions?!? Well, step right up! This isn't bad by any means, but also nowhere near meeting the chops, hooks, and/or skill of their apparent source of inspiration. Regardless, I'll admit that's a great cover!!
posted a comment on Leather Nunn - Take The Night . about 1 year ago
I would assume that this is a needle drop and sourced from vinyl. Anyone able to confirm or challenge that?
posted a comment on Running Wild - Gates To Purgatory. about 1 year ago
By a very large margin, Running Wilds first remains their best album.
posted a comment on Rigor Mortis (2) - Rigor Mortis. about 1 year ago
This is a solid, latter-period Thrash metal album for sure, but it perplexes me to no end the crazy money that it seems to go for nowadays..? I most definitely wouldn't suggest emptying the bank account for it!
posted a comment on Sodom - Agent Orange. about 1 year ago
I thought this sounded fantastic too, until I flipped the record over....The audio seems to cut in and out (volume fluctuates) during the track "Remember the Fallen", anybody else hearing the same? Really strange that it only seems to involve that one track... See full review
posted a comment on Obituary - Slowly We Rot. about 1 year ago
I have the same question and so far nobody's talking!
posted a comment on Cannibal Corpse - Tomb Of The Mutilated. about 1 year ago
IMHO this sounds like utter crap, probably mastered from a CD. Anyone able to dispute that?
posted a comment on Der Plan - Geri Reig. about 1 year ago
Regarding the Medical Records vinyl pressing: is this a needle drop..?
posted a review of Новый Завет - Apocalypse. about 1 year ago
"Christian" Doom Metal from the former Soviet Union..? Yes please! Perhaps nothing new or ground-breaking here, but it is filled with some solid, chunky, slow to mid-paced heavy DOOOM. I totally recommend this as well as their other two LPs as well!