Profession : somewhere outside in the open, dealing with and caretaker of plants, trees, grass, (natural) pools, leafs, stone and sand, wood, and i fucking love it. 18°C is warm enough.........

(Still) not in Discogs :

Art Of Noise, The - Demos & Unreleased Mixes CDr (NOL)
Asianova - Burns Alive! CDr (2008/Diskorp./ltd 50)
B-Tribe - ¡Fiesta Fatal! tape (Atlantic/1993)
Black Bone Yard - Death Beat tape (Black Death/C60/1990?)
+The Black Flowers - The Black Flowers tape (Italian band/NOL/1987)
Black Flowers - Mother Earth tape (NOL/1988)
+Cães Vadios - Bem Fundo tape (NOL/1991)
Darmstadt Pharmacy - Ether CDr (label?/year?)
Different State - More Than Music CDr (2005/Requiem)
Dr. Numa - 11 Cells tape (C46/NOL/1994)
Evil Eddie Richards - A Private Party/Live On September 22nd, 1996 tape (promo/Out-Of-Sight)
Electronic Dream Factory - Electronic Dream Factory tape (NOL/C60/1989)
Electronic Dream Factory - DEMO tape (NOL)
En Nihil / Instagon - Live 1995 / Pain tape (Isolation/1997)
En Nihil / Ardinger / Fraud - En Nihil / Ardinger / Fraud tape (Isolation/1997?/ltd 30)
F/i - 3384 tape (Uddersounds/1984)
Fabio Orsi - The Wild Light Of The Moon CDr (NOL/ltd 12)
Fad Gadget - B-sides & Remixes Vol. 2 CDr (NOL)
+Flexible Frank - Demo tape (NOL)
+Force Of Habit - EP tape (C45/ARPH tapes)
+Frakcja Supramuzyczna GnG - Frakcja Supramuzyczna GnG /1988/Obuh Tapes)
+Frakcja Supramuzyczna GnG - Omniophonic Concert tape (1988/Obuh Tapes)
Hal McGee & Al Margolis - Receding Hairlines In Brooklyn tape (NOL/C60)
Hist - Best Of tape (Tragic Figures/1989/ltd 300)
[Invalid Artist] - Shadows In Dead Beds tape (C60/NOL)
InLaKesh - The Dreaming Gate tape (InLaKesh/1997)
InLaKesh - Didjeridoo Music tape (Inlakesh/1994)
Instant Art - Fragmenty Nieznanego tape (1995/Obuh Records)
Jarboe - Demos 2xCDr (TheLivingJarboe/Clamshells)
Kwannon - Oisin CDr (2007/Padma Records)
Kwannon - Anahata CDr (2005/Padma Records)
+Liza Neliaz - Update 03/88 tape (NOL/1988)
M.A.G.O.T.H. - Beneath The Expectations tape (Cryptosonic/2002)
Marias Bad - Oneiro Noaida tape (Jordmorkontoret/1990)
Maxence Cyrin - DEMO tape (NOL)
Mekanik Kommando - It Would Be Quiet In The Woods If Only A Few Birds Sing/Snake Is Queen CDr (NOL)
Miserylab - Function Creep CDr (2008/Carbon Neutral Digital/ltd)
Miserylab - A Death That We Can Cure CDr (2008/Carbon Neutral Digital/ltd 150)
+Mutation 7 - Die Rache tape (C90/Cat Killer/ltd 93)
Nev - Nev tape (Metamerism/1988)
Non Toxique Lost - Pourquoi De Resistance? Sampler tape (C60/NOL)
Ole Højer Hansen - Nudity tape (Auricle/1988?)
Philip Perkins - The Flame Of Ambition tape (Fun Music/1986)
+Program 3 - No Comment tape (Sveboda Records/1990)
Re-Flex (2) - Humanication CDr (12 tracks/NOL)
+Robert I. Gillham - Goes Overdub Crazy tape (NOL/C90/1980?)
Second Layer - World Of Rubber CDr (NOL)
+Sektor - Sektor tape (NOL/C90/1989)
Siôn Orgon - The Zsygmondy Experience CD (Lumberton Trading Company/2008)
Son Of Sam - Son Of Sam Primer 2xLP (Rebel Records/1990)
+Soviet Sound - Arbeiter Klasse tape (1988/Obuh Tapes)
Swans - Fetish Burnt CDr (
Tasaday - BOX 1981-2007 15xCDr+1DVDr (2007/Wallace Records/ltd 100)
Tears For Fears - Gold DVD (2007/Universal Music)
Teeth Collection - Don't Forget To Thank Me In Yr Suicide Note tape (No Horseshit)
Teeth Collection - A Young Person's Guide To Self Mutilation tape (Midori Records/ltd 40)
Teeth Collection & Plasmic Formations / To-Night Golden Curls - ? tape (Tech School 6)
Teeth Collection - Priest Tongue CDr (Bickering Bray/ltd 50)
Transglobal Underground - International Times tape (Nation Records/1994)
Ure Thrall - Comes Apart! CDr (Diskorp.)
Ure Thrall - The Great Zoviet-French Kiss-Off CDr (2008/Diskorp.)
We Be Echo - Ceza Evi Unleashed And Revisited 2xCDr deluxe edition (2008/ 143)
Za Siódmą Górą - Performance tape (C60/1991/Obuh Tapes)
Zolex - Zolex CD (1996/Antler-Subway)
+80's Dance Classix Top 100 5xCD (2008/Mostiko)
+Camino De Luz tape (with Vox Populi!,Controlled Bleeding & Vox Populi!,Controlled Bleeding,Vox 231 and Pacific 231/NOL?/C60)
+Lynx I and II 2xtapes (with Disjecta Membra,Dryrot,Wat Tylor,Tirofisso,Halo Svevo,A-Soma,Brume,Cult Goes Culture,Flagrants D'Eli,Tvuzk,Sack,Little Mary Mixup,Fleischlego,Potential Threat,Academy 23,Trespassers W,The Hidden,On,Markus Schwill,Brume,Contropotere,JMKE,Hitmen 3,Fishkicks,Krupted Peasant Farmerz,Thatcher On Acid,For Miles,Contropotere,Dryrot,Nothing Remains,Heady Hangmen,Pszychisz Terôr,Møhr,Virus X,Academy 23,Opera Multi Steel,Shallow Talks,Tvuzk,Rôövel Ööbik,Die Weisse Rose,Kaktuxxe,Sack,Delirium,Krupted Peasent Farmerz,JMKE,Der 7. Versuch,Der Pilz,Liebes' Akt,The Astronauts,Signs Of Doubt,It,Pszychisz Terôr and Faustkampf Und Der Dritte Autistische Kuckuck/Anachronismus/C90/1992-93)
+Music From A Divided Germany tape (with Yref & Nickola,Nostalgie Eternelle,Die Rache,Siegmar Fricke,Solanaceae Tau,Das Freie Orchester,Berlin Diary,Das Synthetische Mischgewebe,Tesendalo,PCR,Radiotron,Kopfschmerztablette,Doc Wor Mirran,M. Finnkrieg,Der Pilz,Jorg Thomasius,Henry Hektik,Unanitious Anonymous and L'Edarps A Moth/C90/Harsh Reality Music/1989)
+No Structure #1 tape (with Not Breathing,Charles Ardinger,Orgasm Death Gimmick,Nihil,Then Tingari, Andy Warthog with Gretchen,Trance,Vanishing Point,Bogg,Bloom,Instagon,Tekachi and Nux Vomica/Thee Instagon Foundation/Fall 1995/ltd 100)
+No Structure #2 tape (with Nux Vomica,Subliminal Criminals,EHI,Spastic Colon,Instagon,Christopher TM.,Life Garden,Crow Mayhem,Decible Orgy,AA23,Willey/Wright and Blazen Y Sharp/Thee Instagon Foundation/Spring-Summer 1996/ltd 100)
+No Structure #3 tape (with Ultrasound,Red Eye,Cast Iron Sinks,Ardinger,En Nihil,Moth,Doc Monk,ACSS,Eckankore,Amalthea,Fin,Rotorhead and Instagon/Thee Instagon Foundation/Winter 1996-97/ltd 100)
+Virgin Voices / A Tribute To Madonna CD (Victor Entertainment/1999/14 tracks)

(to be continued)

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The original CD is very accessable, in a way of speakin' even "commercial", but it isn't. I do hear '90 Clock DVA sound things in it, which is a good sign :). The DVDr is another matter. Not suited for a beginner, i fear, but for an advanced listener.... See full review
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What the hell ? Taken from the supporterspage Phase III :

"a newly recorded digital download of a miniature track (so-called "Jewels") per month for 12 months, which will form a digital-only album that will not be otherwise available"

And the... See full review
Audela - Audela
posted a review of Audela - Audela. over 16 years ago
A surprising ambient album, going from floating trembling new age ambient to deep dark minimal Hellish ambient to cold frozen ice loneliness ambient. This one would easily fit on the better known labels like Cold Meat Industry. Pure (creepy) ambient... See full review
Kirlian Camera - Erinnerung
posted a review of Kirlian Camera - Erinnerung. over 16 years ago
A melting combination of (unusual) cabaret tracks and the typical deadly electro bashing Kirlian Camera club tracks. Rather something for open minded ears than narrow minded hearts, to avoid disappointments :).
Psychonaut 75 - Stealing The Fire From Heaven
posted a review of Psychonaut 75 - Stealing The Fire From Heaven. over 17 years ago
Decent album, but in my ears the soundproduction sometimes lacks. Several tracks reminds me to Sixth Comm / Mother Destruction (their tribal period), but this has a faster rhythm. Overall, damn nice and variated stuff!
The Crystalline Effect - Blurred Edges
posted a review of The Crystalline Effect - Blurred Edges. over 17 years ago
This duo didn't had much luck so far : their debut "Glass" on the Polish Black Flames Records label which went out of business some while later. Now offering a shiny self-released EP CDr : electro trip-hop, going from downtempo mood to techno club... See full review
Various - Maschinenfest 1999
posted a review of Various - Maschinenfest 1999. over 17 years ago
One of the most experimental and hardest Maschinenfest compilations to master, but still their best. Especially the track "Damn Shit (Second Version)" from Hypnoskull vs. Tunnel is a real dark hard clubfloorkiller.
Various - Fractured Reality
posted a review of Various - Fractured Reality. over 17 years ago
A very unusual compilation for this label, but it offers a warm beauty for your ears. Deep soft electronics with that special detailed stereo sound for lush, dub and downtempo movements, with a few sidepaths to more 'experimental' IDM/industrial... See full review
Andraculoid - Imbalance
posted a review of Andraculoid - Imbalance. over 18 years ago
After 2 full listenings i grabbed the booklet, cause i had an odd feeling, and what do i read ? : Mika Goedrijk (This Morn' Omina/Nebula-H) is *very* involved on this album. And this album deserves dark clubfloors : a mix between Suicide Commando,... See full review
Sielwolf - V - Remixes
posted a review of Sielwolf - V - Remixes. over 18 years ago
Different from the typical strong Sielwolf sound. Replaced by Mick's dubs in a very slooooow Scorn-ish instrumental environment with less bass power and more ambient lines. Slow floating industrial ambient dub, and very subtile. Not scaring, but... See full review
The Evolution Control Committee - The Whipped Cream Mixes
posted a review of The Evolution Control Committee - The Whipped Cream Mixes. over 18 years ago
Boy oH boy...funky hysterical stuff. Public Enemy's rhymes floating together with the warm brass tunes from Herb Alpert & Co. No funky beats, but 2 different ingredients come together with as fluid smooth result a rich flavour for the true party... See full review
Clear Stream Temple - XVI
posted a review of Clear Stream Temple - XVI. over 18 years ago
Imagine dark industrial ambient, ranging from spiritual floating to bombastic figures. Including several nationalistic anti-terror speeches from Mr. Bush. Very creepy!, and impressive.
Sanctum - Lupus In Fabula
posted a review of Sanctum - Lupus In Fabula. over 18 years ago
One of the most underrated albums on the CMI label. Raw vo-coded male and female bright vocals presenting deep emotions with balanced distorted industrial and electro ambient tunes. A superb balance, and this is a Sanctum line up we probably will... See full review
Job Karma - Ebola
posted a review of Job Karma - Ebola. over 18 years ago
No, this is not happy trippy ambient. Think Deutsch Nepal and the very first album from Black Lung ('Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars') and you get some idea of this album. Sounds rather desolated, less psycho, like after an apocalypse. Creepy minimal... See full review
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Maenad / Exit 23
posted a review of Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Maenad / Exit 23. over 18 years ago
A 12" with seducing tribal dark trancy techno grooves. Space wanted and needed on the clubfloor for these beauties. The old days returned again and these will stay evergreens. Only the mix by Alter Ego is not my kind : it goes into a direction i don't... See full review
Mondblut - Scorn
posted a review of Mondblut - Scorn. over 19 years ago
I admit : the style 'downtempo' i had chosen was rather for the tempo of the music, not for the soundstructure. The music floats between ambient, modern classical and (industrial) electronics with lovely intermezzo's. Not a real relax album for the... See full review
Longstone - Surrounded By Glass
posted a review of Longstone - Surrounded By Glass. over 19 years ago
Catch this! This s an impressive album for openminded heads. Combinating ambient, illbient, downtempo, experimental, dark techno ,IDM and even some psychedelic rock on a fluid traintrip. 2 artists who pop-up in my mind are Black Lung and Silk Saw, but... See full review
Various - The Sowing
posted a review of Various - The Sowing. over 19 years ago
This is dark ambient of the highest level. The 'typical' compilation to play in the dark, preferable in a big room. If you aren't able to create this atmosphere, a decent headphone ll do the same job. Slow drones and floating sounds, with some... See full review
Locust - Wrong
posted a review of Locust - Wrong. over 19 years ago
Playing both cds together is an awesome listening experiment. Creative crystal clear stereo sound, awesome voice + lyrics , and the total sound is just stunning. Fantastic concept !
Church Of Extacy - Technohead
posted a review of Church Of Extacy - Technohead. over 19 years ago
Always danced/jumped on their tunes, but i never bothered myself to buy their releases at that time. Now, nostalgia s slipping in, bringing back the memories from those dayz. Like this record : i can't say 'no' to the tunes created by Lee Newman and... See full review
Voice Industrie - The Anatomie
posted a review of Voice Industrie - The Anatomie. over 19 years ago
Nice combination of synth-pop lines with IDM, EBM and techno elements, with a passionated voice in pure decent (old) Depeche Mode style. The difference between tracks like 'Sleepless' and 'Silent Room' only show their abilities and talents on an... See full review
Front 242 - Geography
posted a review of Front 242 - Geography. over 19 years ago
Buy it! Steal it! Rob a decent musicstore to get this one if you don't own the cash and play it at home, LOuD and 'on repeat'. This s pure clean early '80's EBM stuff with a decent soft industrial wink, those times when some were so innovative in... See full review
Converter - Exit Ritual
posted a review of Converter - Exit Ritual. over 19 years ago
Surprising album. Gone r the oh-so-typical-bashing-distorted-killerbeats, now replaced by dark industrial ambient tracks with an enjoyable deepness which cries for deeper xploration. The beats r still there, tho. But oh, what a purity has it become... See full review
Yazoo - Situation (Remixes)
posted a review of Yazoo - Situation (Remixes). over 19 years ago
These evergreen synth-pop gems r converted to the 1999 reality, adding more lines to make it catchier for the dancefloor. Varieted, leveled-up and butt-shaking. This should suite more people than just the average synth-pop maniacs. Beyond nostalgia... See full review
Twine - Twine
posted a review of Twine - Twine. over 19 years ago
Excellent album and my first introduction to them ! The combination of female vocals and the easy use of instruments/sounds, sometimes in a loopform, or soft experimental, s a combination which results in a laidbacklisteningalbum. Voice reminds me of... See full review
Various - Music For Children
posted a review of Various - Music For Children. over 19 years ago
One word : beautiful ! Laidbacklistening stuff, for concentrated minds or backgroundmusic for dinner. Kay, i m sure it can also b played at clubs/bars/whatever, but these r awesome structured pieces of (detailed stereo) music. Almost all unknown... See full review
Ulf Söderberg - Tidvatten
posted a review of Ulf Söderberg - Tidvatten. over 19 years ago
Awesome breathtaking cd. Raison D'Être feeling, but with more and deeper tribal elements and patterns and changing rhythms. Nice balance between electronics and real instruments. This s beyond Sephiroth.
Urawa - Villa Vertigo
posted a review of Urawa - Villa Vertigo. over 19 years ago
Skip the first track and you still have an awesome album with 55'43'' playtime here ! Minimal slight experimental playing with loops, frequencies and soundstructures with some occasional drones and voices. Definitely a listeningalbum which should b... See full review
Sector - Industrial Cosmetics
posted a review of Sector - Industrial Cosmetics. over 19 years ago
Not easy to classify this. Anyway, it s not sounding like a Clock DVA album at all ( no space sounds/technology involved ). Full of loops, sometimes with a (hidden) techno backgroundtune and mixing various styles. I get the impression these tracks r... See full review
Jóhann Jóhannsson - Englabörn
posted a review of Jóhann Jóhannsson - Englabörn. over 19 years ago
Stumbled on this gem by accident. Guess it was October 2003 Hazard was the opener of a 3-groups-festival at Antwerp. After his short, but awesome atonal set i went downstairs to take a look at the recordsales. One of those guys had some stuff to offer... See full review
Blink Twice - The Demon Haunted World
posted a review of Blink Twice - The Demon Haunted World. over 19 years ago
The music on his third album is ranging from dark ambient to dark tribal, with other styles . When you listen to it you sometimes recognise several CMI artists, but he has his own original style. It s not <b>that</b> dark ; rather bright, fluid and... See full review
Various - The Spirit Of The Underground Vol. 2
posted a review of Various - The Spirit Of The Underground Vol. 2. over 19 years ago
This is something i buy once in a while, and wow, this rare comp. surprised me. You wanna dance ? If you hear these tunes, you r on the dancefloor before you r aware of it. CD2 s a bit harder, but i enjoy them both and they have a good drive and keep... See full review
Vidna Obmana - Still Fragments
posted a review of Vidna Obmana - Still Fragments. over 19 years ago
Believe me, a very nice recorded live moment. Very bright, relaxed and healthy. Recommended for relaxing/meditating.
Alio Die - Le Stanze Della Trascendenza
posted a review of Alio Die - Le Stanze Della Trascendenza. over 19 years ago
This album is the second part of a trilogy of ambient music ('Hidden spring' on Crowd Control from 1998 is part 1) characterized by old sound sources. Composed, recorded and mixed between 1994 and 1999. Instruments : samplers, textures and drones,... See full review
Various - Dossiers
posted a review of Various - Dossiers. over 19 years ago
Don't forget to mention the awesome Chrome song ! If i remember right it was recorded as a b-side, but it s a bomb. Thx to this awesome compilation i know now the wicked Vampire Rodents and the emotional Shock Therapy. Indeed, still a strong... See full review