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Maria Zerfall
posted a comment on Maria Zerfall. about 1 year ago
I met her in the summer at an artist talk
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Women Of The SS - Women Of The SS
posted a review of Women Of The SS - Women Of The SS. about 1 year ago
anyone have a copy for sale, please contact me, thanx
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Various - Honoris DI6
posted a review of Various - Honoris DI6. about 1 year ago
really love this compilation, nearly every track is great. Recommended!
submitted La Chatte (2) - Ouais !. over 3 years ago
The Legendary Pink Dots - Traumstadt 3 (The Legendary Pink Dots - Live)
submitted The Legendary Pink Dots - Traumstadt 3 (The Legendary Pink Dots - Live). over 3 years ago
Chris Carter (2) - The Space Between
posted a comment on Chris Carter (2) - The Space Between. over 4 years ago
In the 12-page booklet sent with some mail order copies is a tracklisting of overall 20 cryptic names. These names were not used for the later reissue on CD except for Walkabout.
NON - Blast Of Silence
posted a comment on NON - Blast Of Silence. over 4 years ago
Sonic Youth - Confusion Is Sex
posted a comment on Sonic Youth - Confusion Is Sex. over 4 years ago
My copy is on dark lilac shine-thru vinyl. Is this every copy?
Boy Harsher
posted a comment on Boy Harsher. over 5 years ago
Seen them live twice. And whereas there may have been 100 in 2017 the recent gig in Cologne was crowded with maybe 500. Boy Harsher is one of the best acts in Retro Elektrowave or whatever you call it, intense and unique voice. I particularly like her... See full review
Nouvelle Vague
posted a comment on Nouvelle Vague. over 5 years ago
Much more than a dull tribute band. I had mixed feelings about this project before I went to see them live. Sure, some of the versions add a new facette to old classics and "Dance with me" is one of my all time favourites, but some of the cover... See full review
Nicolas Jaar
posted a comment on Nicolas Jaar. over 5 years ago
Just listened to this track first time after reading your comment. Really great. Was it ever released on vinyl?
Ale Mania - Robust Universe / Bayview
submitted Ale Mania - Robust Universe / Bayview. over 6 years ago
Various - Minimal Baby X
posted a comment on Various - Minimal Baby X . over 7 years ago
Rue Oberkampf - "Le Train" is a fantastique cover from Melting Away by Absolute Body Control. Check it out!
Down In June - Covers... Death In June
posted a comment on Down In June - Covers... Death In June. over 8 years ago
This record is really great, exploring new depth in Death in June's work. Great. Great. Great.
submitted Chip E. The Godfather Of House* - Time To Jack. over 9 years ago
Extrovert Introvert - Meloncholoy Tunes
submitted Extrovert Introvert - Meloncholoy Tunes. over 9 years ago
Brad Hatfield (2) - Get Out! (Military Man)
submitted Brad Hatfield (2) - Get Out! (Military Man). over 9 years ago
Juggular - Newtons Groove
submitted Juggular - Newtons Groove. over 9 years ago
submitted Ela (5) - Body Building. over 9 years ago
Sueño Sueño - Demut
submitted Sueño Sueño - Demut. over 9 years ago
Eraserhead (5) - Beside Our Heads Is A Forty-Five
submitted Eraserhead (5) - Beside Our Heads Is A Forty-Five. over 9 years ago
Jonzon - Reflections Of My Mind #1.0
submitted Jonzon - Reflections Of My Mind #1.0. over 12 years ago
Riley Reinhold - Balsamic Times
posted a review of Riley Reinhold - Balsamic Times. over 16 years ago
The track "Summer Heat" on side A has a rhodes sound which is so familiar. But reviews of the record in technomagazin's didn't give a clue about the source. Even the review in Riley's own DeBug Magazin does not mention the source. But I think I... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 21 years ago
Jeff Mills - Shifty Disco E.P.
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Shifty Disco E.P.. over 21 years ago
The tracks have circulated as dubplates since 1993.
Paperclip People - Steam
posted a review of Paperclip People - Steam. over 21 years ago
I have two different copies of the one-sided 12". However, the track Steam is the same on both. One copy is stamped with Planet E logo and the other is a plain white label with manually written "Paperclip People - Steam" on it also the Etching in the... See full review
Christopher Just - I'm A Disco Dancer (And A Sweet Romancer)
posted a review of Christopher Just - I'm A Disco Dancer (And A Sweet Romancer). over 21 years ago
Some early pressings in black vinyl contain a secret remix on side B rumoured to be by Christopher Just himself.
H. Brunner* - Awakening
posted a review of H. Brunner* - Awakening. over 21 years ago
KMS 068 came as whitelabel and was then properly released with full label as KMS 071 (The etching still says KMS 068). Tracklisting has not changed!
E-Dancer - Velocity Funk
posted a review of E-Dancer - Velocity Funk. over 21 years ago
Actually the track "Velocity Funk" has already been published as a CAMEO Remix in 1991 or so. If I remember correctly there have been a version inc. CAMEO's rap and an instrumental which is identical to Velocity Funk! The remix record was a promo only... See full review
Esser'ay - Forces
posted a review of Esser'ay - Forces. over 21 years ago
There is also a pressing with black/white colored labels and different design. Later this record has been rereleased as "Esser - Forces" with yellow labels.
Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play
posted a review of Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play. over 21 years ago
KMS released an ugly rerelease some years ago which has different labels which both say "Side B".

There is also an old release with black/white-colored label otherwise identical to the one on the photo except that the Distributor and the adress are... See full review
Various - See Ya In 2017
posted a review of Various - See Ya In 2017. over 21 years ago
Some Trax identical to V.A. DLP Frankfurt Trax Vol.II, I guess this is kind of an abandoned prerelease. But much better than the final product. Still on top in 2017!
Human League* - All I Ever Wanted (Alter Ego Remix)
posted a review of Human League* - All I Ever Wanted (Alter Ego Remix). over 21 years ago
First version came without cover, later released with cover, one-sided vinyl, The track has actually been released on a Roadrunner Records Promo 12" a year earlier together with a Opel Bastards Remix.
DB-X* - Bleep
posted a review of DB-X* - Bleep. over 21 years ago
two different versions around, with white-colored labels and brown-colored labels