We are just a small vinyl shop & music studio located located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Street Vladimirskaya 82a. Runned by Awl Alexander

Attention! During Russian Federation invasion of Ukraine we have some new rules:
Dear buyers, before make order please text us about it. We can't process your orders everyday and we must check vinyl
in stock.
We can do shipping once in 3-5 days to all world.

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Lonewolf (2)
posted a review of Lonewolf (2). 3 months ago
So nice Sub-Label of EYA Records with great music! Respect and buy it <3
Data Memory Access - Yearning for Cobalt
posted a review of Data Memory Access - Yearning for Cobalt . 8 months ago
Nice one! Love this music and guys so much! Respect from Ukraine
Yung Prado - Sensei Del House
posted a review of Yung Prado - Sensei Del House. 9 months ago
Yung Prado – Sensei Del House one of the best track of this summer)
Reflex Blue - Fantasy Value
posted a review of Reflex Blue - Fantasy Value. 10 months ago
We are try to find seller whi can sant this great vinyl to Ukraine! Couse all shops in sale dont have this option now (why)?! Text me in PM! Cheers!
D'Angelo - Nu Boots Volume One
posted a review of D'Angelo - Nu Boots Volume One. 11 months ago
Hi, we have copy of this nice releace. DM me
Jeku - Cycling In The Future
posted a review of Jeku - Cycling In The Future. about 1 year ago
Top sound in 2023! Love it so much :)! Fave track: Cycling in the future too