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posted a comment on The Chemical Brothers - Loops Of Fury. 3 months ago
No matter what anyone says today, this EP was top class when it came out and cream of the crop, as it's still very playable.
posted a review of Orb* - Pomme Fritz. 5 months ago
Pomme Fritz is Alex taking the piss (in punk fashion) on the press and wishy washy fans, for The Orb to not be positioned and shelved as a "new age" artist commercially, nor to record redundant tracks with the same formula (which were beginning to sound ... See full review
posted a review of Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me. 6 months ago
B1 contains added lyrics and vocals by the legendary garage music vocalist herself, Gwen Guthrie. She's featured here as a guest vocalist by surprise. Sounds almost like a remix to the original garage classic where the sample is taken from (Ain't Nothing ... See full review
posted a comment on Quadrophonia - Cozmic Jam. 7 months ago
The shorter tracks just act as bridges to the singles. They are called interludes, something you heard A LOT at the time of the late 1980s and early 1990s LPs, especially on hip hop/rap albums, which is what these guys were inspired by.
posted a comment on GTO - Love Is Everywhere. about 1 year ago
More fluid experience than NMCD 3004. Possibly sounds better too.
posted a comment on Moby - Moby. about 1 year ago
Can only speak for the cassette (EX-241-4) but from memory, there was no difference in volume from track to track on the original release. Excluding from the MP3, this album was never remastered, just reissued.
posted a comment on Channel X - A Million Colours. about 1 year ago
Pure madness when A-side is spun with the other breakbeat cuts from this era, both sides are underrated. Personally, A Million Colors>Running Out Of Time.
posted a comment on R.T.Z. - Dance Your Ass Off. about 1 year ago
An attempt to repeat the success of "james brown is dead" but not a copy. Both releases are by the same producer.
posted a comment on Orbital. about 1 year ago
LFO is a better, more fair comparison than 808 State, in which, I happen to agree. As for 808, Ex:El is good but still too different than what came before, and Gorgeous has not aged well, while the Brown album is still stellar, but that is still all ... See full review
posted a comment on Orbital. about 1 year ago
It's your PERSONAL opinion, but when you post reviews online open to criticism, it's no longer that PERSONAL, no? What you say about their programming being straight forward and obvious chord progressions is the reason why many were attracted to ... See full review
posted a comment on 2 Unlimited. about 1 year ago
I also was a young teen when these songs came out and never really got the negative reception the "underground" gave this project. "Get Ready For This" was a universal anthem, no matter whoever shot it down years later. I personally would have liked if ... See full review
posted a comment on Baby Ford - 'Ooo' The World Of Baby Ford. about 1 year ago
Needs a remaster, but Sire probably owns the master tape so who knows if it will ever happen. Classic UK acid house album, however.
posted a comment on Orbital. about 1 year ago
Funny the responses you got are to recommend a 1997 album, "In Sides" which was during a mainstream peak. The 1991 Green Album debut was basically not a real album, as with many techno artists of that time (who managed to get an album licensing deal) the ... See full review
posted a comment on Ravebusters - Mitrax (Rap Remix). over 2 years ago
"What do you dream about?". "It's all I dream about" - Apollonia & Prince (dialogue from the film Purple Rain) duh lol
posted a comment on Orbital - Snivilisation. over 2 years ago
The funny thing about that album cover (for me personally) is when I first saw it..it startled me: I owned that SAME EXACT walkman model (Sony Walkman) illustrated on the sleeve front-cover artwork! It was like a point of being made to look at things ... See full review
posted a comment on C'hantal - The Realm. over 2 years ago
Definitely not Nikkie Van Lierop (aka Jade 4U), that is certain. The vocalist here is American/of East-Coast descent.
posted a comment on Lords Of Acid - Lust (Special Remastered Band Edition). over 2 years ago
"Released (in time for) Record Store Day" which was Saturday, April 22nd this year. And as with many re-manufactured vinyl prior to the date, not official, but not coincidental either.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - Computerwelt. over 2 years ago
Hey kid, if you go out, get some fresh air and buy vinyl from the year 1981 and before, you will see the very same genres you mentioned were by composers and producers who were at least already aware of Kraftwerk, or even already inspired by them, years ... See full review
posted a comment on Lords Of Acid - Lust (Special Remastered Band Edition). over 2 years ago
I believe this would be the first time the full-length ever gets pressed on vinyl. Remastered album will be issued in time for Record Store Day.
posted a comment on L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead. over 2 years ago
Personally, I think it's fairly similar to early GTO stuff.

How dare you compare GTO to LA Style as similar! I believe Michael Wells would see that as an insult. Shame. ;P
posted a comment on Orbital - The Altogether. over 3 years ago
Typical on Hartnoll Bros. releases for the liner credit notes to be a bit misleading and I think its always intentional. I believe that its Hawkshaw's vocals (which are audibly found) on "Pay Per View" and "Last Thing" instead.
posted a comment on Camille (3). over 3 years ago
To be fair, Gemini spawning on the Batman soundtrack was a throwback to Camille, both alter-egos created in the similar vane in the mix of Prince's studio creativity and personal vice
(in lyrics for example) Its very much common knowledge know I think, ... See full review
posted a comment on Apotheosis - O Fortuna. over 3 years ago
To have the iconic intro of Carmina Burana on a 12", meld into a hardcore track is must for any vinyl collector these days.
But back then this was in sync with T99's "Anasthasia" (leading track of the opera sampling which helped set off the Belgian ... See full review
posted a comment on Techno Mancer. over 4 years ago
Techno Mancer was obviously a series coined, compiled and produced by Antler Subway (a legendary and respected Belgian House/Techno/EBM label) which was distributed internationally by Caroline, the rest is history. Read the liner notes!