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posted a comment on Urchin - Urchin. 15 days ago
Trip hop of the highest order. Very chilled hip hop beats meet eerie atmospheres and hypnotic loops, but it never gets too dark (i.e. doesn't reach Scorn territory). Great background music at night.
posted a comment on The Irresistible Force - Kira Kira. about 1 month ago
Chillout like only Mixmaster Morris can do it! It's been almost 20 years since his last outing as The Irresistible Force, but he certainly hasn't lost his touch. His trademark kaleidoscopic productions combine with guest appearances from Nik Turner ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The Big Chill - Eyelid Movies. 3 months ago
Definitely recommended! Well worth grabbing for a decent price -- I got my copy for next to nothing on Amazon.
posted a comment on Various - Drum & Bass Arena: Anthology 2. 4 months ago
Very much agree -- I got my copy for about $5 CAD all-in on Amazon, and it's a great cross-section of new and old dnb sounds. Grab it if you can find it for a decent price!
posted a comment on Mind Transport Tools - Astral Bridge. 6 months ago
"Spiral Order" is the stunner here, but the whole album forms a very satisfying, thoughtful and melodic trip into slo-mo psychill. Each track seems to infinitely explore a theme, but despite some hefty runtimes the movements never overstay their welcome. ... See full review
posted a comment on Jon Mark - The Standing Stones Of Callanish. 7 months ago
Truly a lovely album! "The Eye of the Hawk" is simply beautiful.
posted a comment on Citizen Z - Countdown To The Continuum. 8 months ago
I'm surprised there aren't any comments on this album yet. This is some prime golden-era 1995 ambient trance, with an excursion into Fax-minded sounds and IDM-electro in the mid-section. Here you'll find melodies galore, as well as the darker, more ... See full review
posted a comment on Divine Matrix - Hydrosphere. 9 months ago
I found this album by chance while browsing on Amazon, and snapped it up after checking out some samples online. It's a graceful blend of new age and rhythmic ambient/EM with clear aquatic themes, and an uplifting, progressively more tranquil vibe ... See full review
posted a comment on Mathias Grassow & Closing The Eternity - Untitled. 10 months ago
Absolutely -- The Great Elaphe in particular is a wonderful trance-inducing tribal excursion.
posted a comment on The Primitive Painter - The Primitive Painter. about 1 year ago
Easily one of my favourite albums from the golden era. Unabashedly melodic, full of that unmistakable early 90s ambient techno/IDM/chillout sound -- this is music for the love of it, no pretentions, just pure quality.
posted a comment on Inhmost - Dragbacks On Dockweiler State Beach. about 1 year ago
This is a really lovely ambient album that hits all the sweet spots for me: light rhythms, strong sense of melody, an overall dreamy atmosphere and just the right amount of homage paid to the golden age of ambient. It's a shame it was released in such ... See full review
posted a comment on Janos (6) - Janos. about 1 year ago
Obscure but thoroughly enjoyable Canadian ambient release. It has a near Fax-like mid-90s quality, but with occasional trip hop beats and an almost industrial atmosphere to some of the darker beatless tracks. It might be hard to find for a decent price ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - HeadTravel. about 1 year ago
Awesome little ambient techno comp from 95, from a label that seems to have only put out this one release. According to Discogs their mission was to release compilations blending CD-ROM visuals with music on the same disc, and as such the first track ... See full review
posted a comment on Exchange (3) - Into The Night. about 1 year ago
I couldn't agree more! Their second album Between Places is also a hidden gem.
posted a comment on Demdike Stare - The Age Of Innocence. about 1 year ago
Side B is where it's at.
posted a comment on Mind Over Matter (2) - Shambala. about 1 year ago
Beautiful release of melodic ambient from Mind Over Matter (Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock), perhaps best known for his output on Innovative Communication. The new age overtones might put some listeners off, but if you like near-beatless ambient that still has ... See full review
posted a comment on Odyssey (5) - Music For Subway - Symphony For Analogues. about 1 year ago
Exceptional album of vintage-sounding analogue EM, spread over two discs. The album is fluent, so listening from start to finish is highly recommended. The subway theme could have been cheesy, but the artist uses it as an excellent framework for these ... See full review
posted a comment on Traject - Strengir Hrynja. over 2 years ago
Great mini-album of the kind of rhythmic IDM that Autechre laid the groundwork for. Traject borrows heavily from the Ae soundbank, but in a way that pays tribute rather than blindly copies. Glitch and groove are two things that don't often gel, but here ... See full review
posted a comment on Yamaoka - Time To Time. over 2 years ago
Glittering analogue ambient, heavy on the sequencers and reminiscent of Petar Dundov, but with an emphasis on ambience rather than beat. Should be a must for all ambient techno fans.
posted a comment on Carl Craig - Landcruising. over 2 years ago
Seriously stunning album, I can't believe it took me so long to get this. Artistic, melodic techno of the highest order.
posted a comment on Matthew Hawtin - Once Again, Again. over 2 years ago
This is an incredible release for fans of the early 90s ambient sound. Heed the warning about the CD, though -- unless you really desire having it in hard copy, the digital version is much more extensive, and a steal at $9.99 on iTunes. You get the CD ... See full review
posted a comment on The Glimmer Room - Tomorrow's Tuesday. over 2 years ago
Easily one of my favourite releases in the broad ‘EM’ genre, that I’ve heard. I find it hard to categorize, since it’s rather unlike most albums that fall under that umbrella. It’s part new age, part electro, part downtempo, part ambient, etc. – but all ... See full review
posted a comment on Audiokonstrukte - City Echoes. over 2 years ago
Ultra-smooth, dubby downtempo/IDM with intricate arrangements, crisp production and lots of variety throughout. The perfect soundtrack for late nights in the big city.
posted a comment on Zander One - Inner Horizon. over 2 years ago
Another quality release of etheral dubby downtempo goodness from Zander One, back on Recycled Plastics. The digital version is name-your-price, and well worth downloading; fans of his previous efforts won't be disappointed. The CD version has two bonus ... See full review
posted a comment on Orbital - Original Album Series. over 2 years ago
It's great to have all of these albums in one place. My copy of the Brown album was all scratched up, so instead of replacing it alone I got this set for $15 on Amazon, and gained a few other Orbital albums I was lacking in the process (I only had Brown ... See full review
posted a comment on Martin Nonstatic - Back On Earth. over 2 years ago
This album boasts a brilliant combination of dub techno texture and rhythm with glittering space-ambient melodicism, sequencing and scope. Beyond genre pigeonholes, this is an example of truly gorgeous electronic music. Each track is an experience all to ... See full review
posted a comment on John Beltran - Presents Music For Machines. over 2 years ago
Beautiful is the only word to describe this delicate compilation from ambient/techno luminary John Beltran, on his own Dado Records imprint. Other big names appear, such as Mick Chillage and Kirk Degiorgio, but the album is especially appealing for the ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Dimensions In Ambience. over 2 years ago
A really lovely collection of early 90s ambient/chillout sounds. Some big names are represented (Move D, Robert Leiner, Leftfield and LFO on remix duties), as well as other great projects like Primitive Painter. I have half these tracks on their ... See full review
posted a comment on Lemon Sol - Environmental Architecture. over 2 years ago
Definitely more on the ambient house/techno side of things than IDM, but a wonderfully lush album overall. It has a great sense of flow throughout, and time just seems to melt away while listening to it.
posted a comment on 1.8.7* - When Worlds Collide. over 2 years ago
Absolutely, great collection of both hard-edged and melodic dnb/jungle tracks. Some of the beats get kind of messy, but things never go off the rails.
posted a comment on Lowriders Deluxe - Future Deluxe. over 2 years ago
One of the most unique-sounding ambient techno albums I’ve come across. Most tracks have an unsettling feel that straddles cosmic and dark, but things never get too oppressive, thanks to well-used pads and melodies that shift from off-kilter to gorgeous, ... See full review
posted a comment on Sons Of Melancholia - Beauty Is Imperfection. over 2 years ago
One of my favourite albums of late, bringing the sounds of 90s IDM into 2014 with much finesse. The combination of cold, abstract beats and warm pads/melodies will be familiar to followers of 90s IDM acts such as the ones named in Infiltrator’s write-up; ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid* - Necropolis: The Dialogic Project. over 2 years ago
Definitely agree. I don't view this as a DJ mix in the traditional sense, but rather an unsettling sound collage meant to take the listener on a true journey of sound. It makes a great companion to his album Songs of a Dead Dreamer, too.
posted a comment on Franck Kartell - Afterlife. over 2 years ago
"Beautiful" is not a word I'd often use to describe electro, but this album certainly qualifies. The generally mid-to-slow paced beats are surrounded by lush pads and tinkling synths, with solid but unobtrusive basslines anchoring the tracks. Trying to ... See full review
posted a comment on Virginia (3) - Rainbows. over 2 years ago
Beautiful song, one of my all-time favourites in any genre. I know it from More Rockers' "Select Cuts From More Rockers 12 Inch Selection" comp, but had to post here. The More Rockers Mix never fails to raise the hairs on the back of my neck!
posted a comment on Astral Engineering - Music For Insomniacs. over 3 years ago
Another recommended ambient/downtempo/dub excursion from Astral Engineering, this time partly pieced together from various compilation appearances. It flows together remarkably well as a full 50-minute album, with plenty of variation between tracks ... See full review
posted a comment on Astral Engineering - Network Space. over 3 years ago
Definitely recommended for fans of early 90s ambient dub. This album deserves to have been more widely released, with sparkling synths, hints of ethno/new age, laid back rhythms (including some on-the-nose electronic dub) and both nature and film samples ... See full review
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Syro. over 3 years ago
I would love to know the reasoning behind some of the one and two-star ratings this album gets. By no means is this a bad album -- in fact, it's a welcome return for RDJ under his Aphex alias, full of his trademark braindance funk and breaks. It partly ... See full review
posted a comment on Being - Tides. over 3 years ago
Some lush, golden-era 90s ambience here, on the downtempo/IDM side of things. spa5tik0lonz, who commented on the vinyl, is spot-on – this does seem to have been overlooked in favour of some of the more well-known albums of its kind from the early 90s, in ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Acid Tryoutz. over 3 years ago
Killer compilation of acid, electro and braindance from one of the best labels currently operating in that resurging scene. There is a decidedly atmospheric tinge to most of the tracks, which I love; for me acid can be either a beautiful thing or ... See full review
posted a comment on Plastikman - EX. over 3 years ago
Absolutely agree; for me this album does not warrant the harsh criticism it's gotten. It may not be his finest work, but how can this release be called awful, by any standards? It's a gorgeous exercise in deep, acidic techno as only Hawtin can do it, ... See full review
posted a comment on Cosmic Baby - Stellar Supreme. over 3 years ago
An incredible album from start to finish. It does sound "dated," but in the most glorious way possible. It encapsulates everything that was great about this type of techno and trance in the early 90s -- exploration of style and unabashed melodicism. The ... See full review
posted a comment on Notch (2) - The Path. over 3 years ago
Thankfully, the 2014 digital re-release corrects this issue.
posted a comment on Various - Chill Out! (The Techno Evolution Continues). over 3 years ago
Great compilation of ambient techno from the golden early 90s era, and usually available for a cheap price! Highly recommended for anyone looking to get into this period in electronic music.
posted a comment on Spacetime Continuum - Sea Biscuit. over 3 years ago
An incredible album that perfectly captures the essence of what made early-90s ambient so transcendent. Everything is here – long, effortlessly complex structures; floating, gorgeous synths of all shapes and sizes; effective and carefully used rhythms ... See full review
posted a comment on Perial - Loom Of Consciousness. over 3 years ago
Exceptional (if short) ambient techno release from this as-yet unknown artist. Some tracks are darker than others, but all share an evocative sense of ambience, deep rhythmic presence and intelligent structure. I'll be looking forward to hearing more ... See full review
posted a comment on Coppice Halifax - Static Physics. over 3 years ago
This is an essential album for anyone interested in long-form drone/dub techno. One glance at the track lengths and you’ll know you’re in for a journey.

The first disc contains three separate excursions, each with its own perks, but “MX-DV” is my ... See full review
posted a comment on Coppice Halifax - Static Pharming. over 3 years ago
This is my favourite of all the Static Pharming tracks from Year One – groovy, melodic, cinematic & captivating. It’s the kind of piece you wish would never end.
posted a comment on Winx* - Left Above The Clouds. over 3 years ago
To my ear this is a pretty interesting album, and certainly a far cry from other Wink works like Hearhear, for example, which is a lot more raw, and features much less "mood music." This album is conceptual in nature (and tongue-in-cheek in a lot of ... See full review
posted a comment on Autechre - L-event. over 3 years ago
I guess that's entirely subjective, especially if the connotation of 'melody' is a sequence of notes that you personally find pleasing, but yes -- I would argue that a four-note descending scale could count as a melody. In this case though, I actually ... See full review