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posted a comment on Alaura - Sacred Dreams. 13 days ago
Definitely worth checking for fans of minimal, melodic early 90s ambience, especially if you have new age leanings. I can absolutely see how the vocals (which vary from breathy singing to soft spoken-word) could detract for some, but if you can get past ... See full review
posted a comment on Codex (5) - Codex. 24 days ago
"Realm of III" is the track for me here. It really takes me back to when I was first exploring electronic sounds -- it captured my attention right away with its angelic hook and to this day makes me feel extremely nostalgic. I'm still not sure what to ... See full review
posted a comment on Meat Beat Manifesto - Subliminal Sandwich. about 1 month ago
This has grown on me greatly over time. As previous reviewers have said, it's rather inaccessible at first, but matures very well. I actually find the first disc to be the weaker of the two -- apart from the standouts previously mentioned, some of the ... See full review
posted a comment on Mouth Breather* - Pig EP. 2 months ago
Honestly, these guys are ones to watch. This little debut kicks more ass than some entrenched albums from ye olden times. Pure disillusion.
posted a comment on Komodo (2) - Shadow Dance. 3 months ago
I really enjoy gamelan-infused electronic music, and this album hits the mark perfectly. It varies between experimental, ambient pieces and deep dubstep grooves without ever coming across as forced or cheesy. In fact, it has an authentic, organic feel ... See full review
posted a comment on Inigo Kennedy - Strata. 3 months ago
Agreed! It's very refreshing to hear this much melody on a techno album, and I hope there's more where this came from across the board.
posted a comment on Blame - KMag Presents... The 100th Issue Selection. 3 months ago
One of my favourite feel-good mixes -- I've listened to it countless times over the years. The mixing is a little forced in spots, especially in the first half, but there are so many uplifting and driving tunes on here that I can easily overlook that. ... See full review
posted a comment on Kykeon - In Lak'ech. 5 months ago
Really bonkers hi-tech album that sounds just like its cover looks :). It's got this giddy serene joyous vibe that's totally infectious, without sacrificing the darker low end. BPMs hit 200 by the end and that's definitely a good thing. My current go-to ... See full review
posted a comment on Boris Mourashkin* - Points Of Light. 6 months ago
Incredibly strange but charming album of abstract electronics, under the guise of 'healing music' (complete with detailed booklet on Mourashkin's methods and ideologies). I certainly wouldn't want this playing during a spa session, but for some trippy ... See full review
posted a comment on Enigma - The Fall Of A Rebel Angel. 6 months ago
This is not for casual listeners. Longtime fans of Enigma will get where Cretu is coming from with this one, and it's one of his most successfully conceptual albums to date (they're all conceptual, really, but this one tells a literal story). It's about ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Boredom Is Deep And Mysterious. 6 months ago
A delicate and pretty compilation showcasing the minimal side of 1994 ambience. Usually available for a good price these days, so if you're into this era at all it's well worth owning.
posted a comment on R|A|A|N - The Nacrasti. 7 months ago
It truly is a remarkable album -- I don't often get goosebumps, but "Circle of Two" and "Lilin" both did it for me here.
posted a comment on Biogen - Selected Works. 7 months ago
This compilation of Sigurbjörn Thorgrimsson's work is essential listening for anyone into 90s ambient IDM and techno. The sounds here range from beatless ambient to distorted beatwork not unlike early Aphex Twin, and crossing into borderline rhythmic ... See full review
posted a comment on vidnaObmana* - The River Of Appearance. 7 months ago
Truly a beautiful release, and more 'melodic' than most others I've heard from Vidna Obmana. Every piece is a stand-alone work of magic, but each contributes to the whole, like floating variations on a theme. Essential ambient listening.
posted a comment on Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society - Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society. 7 months ago
Beautiful and delicate are the first two words that come to mind when listening to this album of classy modular ambience. It's mastered quietly, giving it an intriguing fragile quality, like you don't want to make a sound in case you miss a fine detail. ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Tontraeger Fuer Synapsen Massage 01-02. 8 months ago
This is a very deep ambient compilation from the golden era. The tracks are long, slow, and drifting (by and large) and classics are intermingled with some obscure gems. This is chillout with a heavy emphasis on the chill. Considering this can be bought ... See full review
posted a comment on Mind Transport Tools - Tone-Cone. 8 months ago
After being thoroughly impressed with 2016's Astral Bridge, I sought out this early Mind Transport Tools release and am not disappointed! It's a very different-sounding album, delving much deeper into the ambient psyche, but it's no less effective. ... See full review
posted a comment on Pieter K - Everything All The Time. 8 months ago
Totally agree! This rocketed to being one of my favourite drum n bass release the first time I heard it. Very few dnb albums out there can match in terms of pure musicality (Adam F's Colours comes to mind) -- highly recommended for all fans of ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Ethnic Voices. 8 months ago
The use of various 'ethnic' voices on these tracks will strike some as cheesy, but getting past that there are some seriously beautiful melodies on here. The edited version of Mind Over Matter's "Shangri-La" is the clear stand-out -- what a piece! But ... See full review
posted a comment on Big Chief Electric - Raygum & Bubblegun. 9 months ago
Tiny Tuna Tune totally caught me off guard. Nothing tiny about that one! Melodic electro at its finest.
posted a comment on Løksa - Green Adaptor. 9 months ago
Minimal is the word here, in the best way possible. I almost didn't buy it because of the low rating on Discogs, but I'm glad I eventually did -- it's a prime example of background ambience done well. There's enough going on to keep it from being boring ... See full review
posted a comment on Bob Charlesworth* - Music For The Third Ear. 9 months ago
Really lovely ambient release here -- possibly too new agey for some, but there's no denying its sense of calm. Slow, gentle piano melodies mix with delicate drones to create a tranquil, lulling effect. Available for really reasonable prices, so don't ... See full review
posted a comment on David Parsons - Yatra. 10 months ago
Totally -- the first disc contains the more new agey, percussive parts (enjoyable if you like the style, and containing perhaps more depth than usual given Parsons' ethno-musical research and interest in Tibet), while disc 2 is almost entirely beatless ... See full review
posted a comment on Urchin - Urchin. 11 months ago
Trip hop of the highest order. Very chilled hip hop beats meet eerie atmospheres and hypnotic loops, but it never gets too dark (i.e. doesn't reach Scorn territory). Great background music at night.
posted a comment on The Irresistible Force - Kira Kira. about 1 year ago
Chillout like only Mixmaster Morris can do it! It's been almost 20 years since his last outing as The Irresistible Force, but he certainly hasn't lost his touch. His trademark kaleidoscopic productions combine with guest appearances from Nik Turner ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The Big Chill - Eyelid Movies. about 1 year ago
Definitely recommended! Well worth grabbing for a decent price -- I got my copy for next to nothing on Amazon.
posted a comment on Various - Drum & Bass Arena: Anthology 2. about 1 year ago
Very much agree -- I got my copy for about $5 CAD all-in on Amazon, and it's a great cross-section of new and old dnb sounds. Grab it if you can find it for a decent price!
posted a comment on Mind Transport Tools - Astral Bridge. about 1 year ago
"Spiral Order" is the stunner here, but the whole album forms a very satisfying, thoughtful and melodic trip into slo-mo psychill. Each track seems to infinitely explore a theme, but despite some hefty runtimes the movements never overstay their welcome. ... See full review
posted a comment on Jon Mark - The Standing Stones Of Callanish. about 1 year ago
Truly a lovely album! "The Eye of the Hawk" is simply beautiful and has become a cherished song for me.
posted a comment on Citizen Z - Countdown To The Continuum. about 1 year ago
I'm surprised there aren't any comments on this album yet. This is some prime golden-era 1995 ambient trance, with an excursion into Fax-minded sounds and IDM-electro in the mid-section. Here you'll find melodies galore, as well as the darker, more ... See full review
posted a comment on Divine Matrix - Hydrosphere. about 1 year ago
I found this album by chance while browsing on Amazon, and snapped it up after checking out some samples online. It's a graceful blend of new age and rhythmic ambient/EM with clear aquatic themes, and an uplifting, progressively more tranquil vibe ... See full review
posted a comment on Mathias Grassow & Closing The Eternity - Untitled. about 1 year ago
Absolutely -- The Great Elaphe in particular is a wonderful trance-inducing tribal excursion.
posted a comment on The Primitive Painter - The Primitive Painter. over 2 years ago
Easily one of my favourite albums from the golden era. Unabashedly melodic, full of that unmistakable early 90s ambient techno/IDM/chillout sound -- this is music for the love of it, no pretentions, just pure quality.
posted a comment on Inhmost - Dragbacks On Dockweiler State Beach. over 2 years ago
This is a really strong ambient album that hits all the sweet spots for me: light rhythms, strong sense of melody, an overall dreamy atmosphere and just the right amount of homage paid to the golden age of ambient. It's a shame it was released in such ... See full review
posted a comment on Janos (6) - Janos. over 2 years ago
Obscure but thoroughly enjoyable Canadian ambient release. It has a near Fax-like mid-90s quality ('Reverie' would have been right at home on any early 90s chillout compilation), but with occasional trip hop beats and an almost industrial atmosphere to ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - HeadTravel. over 2 years ago
Awesome little ambient techno comp from 95, from a label that seems to have only put out this one release. According to Discogs their mission was to release compilations blending CD-ROM visuals with music on the same disc, and as such the first track ... See full review
posted a comment on Exchange (3) - Into The Night. over 2 years ago
I couldn't agree more! Their second album Between Places is also a hidden gem.
posted a comment on Demdike Stare - The Age Of Innocence. over 2 years ago
Side B is where it's at.
posted a comment on Mind Over Matter (2) - Shambala. over 2 years ago
Beautiful release of melodic ambient from Mind Over Matter (Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock), perhaps best known for his output on Innovative Communication. The new age overtones might put some listeners off, but if you like near-beatless ambient that still has ... See full review
posted a comment on Odyssey (5) - Music For Subway - Symphony For Analogues. over 2 years ago
Exceptional album of vintage-sounding analogue EM, spread over two discs. The album is fluent, so listening from start to finish is highly recommended. The subway theme could have been cheesy, but the artist uses it as an excellent framework for these ... See full review
posted a comment on Traject - Strengir Hrynja. over 3 years ago
Great mini-album of the kind of rhythmic IDM that Autechre laid the groundwork for. Traject borrows heavily from the Ae soundbank, but in a way that pays tribute rather than blindly copies. Glitch and groove are two things that don't often gel, but here ... See full review
posted a comment on Yamaoka - Time To Time. over 3 years ago
Glittering analogue ambient, heavy on the sequencers and reminiscent of Petar Dundov, but with an emphasis on ambience rather than beat. Should be a must for all ambient techno fans.
posted a comment on Carl Craig - Landcruising. over 3 years ago
Seriously stunning album, I can't believe it took me so long to get this. Artistic, melodic techno of the highest order.
posted a comment on Matthew Hawtin - Once Again, Again. over 3 years ago
This is an incredible release for fans of the early 90s ambient sound. Heed the warning about the CD, though -- unless you really desire having it in hard copy, the digital version is much more extensive, and a steal at $9.99 on iTunes. You get the CD ... See full review
posted a comment on The Glimmer Room - Tomorrow's Tuesday. over 3 years ago
Easily one of my favourite releases in the broad ‘EM’ genre, that I’ve heard. I find it hard to categorize, since it’s rather unlike most albums that fall under that umbrella. It’s part new age, part electro, part downtempo, part ambient, etc. – but all ... See full review
posted a comment on Audiokonstrukte - City Echoes. over 3 years ago
Ultra-smooth, dubby downtempo/IDM with intricate arrangements, crisp production and lots of variety throughout. The perfect soundtrack for late nights in the big city.
posted a comment on Zander One - Inner Horizon. over 3 years ago
Another quality release of etheral dubby downtempo goodness from Zander One, back on Recycled Plastics. The digital version is name-your-price, and well worth downloading; fans of his previous efforts won't be disappointed. The CD version has two bonus ... See full review
posted a comment on Orbital - Original Album Series. over 3 years ago
It's great to have all of these albums in one place. My copy of the Brown album was all scratched up, so instead of replacing it alone I got this set for $15 on Amazon, and gained a few other Orbital albums I was lacking in the process (I only had Brown ... See full review
posted a comment on Martin Nonstatic - Back On Earth. over 3 years ago
This album boasts a brilliant combination of dub techno texture and rhythm with glittering space-ambient melodicism, sequencing and scope. Beyond genre pigeonholes, this is an example of truly gorgeous electronic music. Each track is an experience all to ... See full review
posted a comment on John Beltran - Presents Music For Machines. over 3 years ago
Beautiful is the only word to describe this delicate compilation from ambient/techno luminary John Beltran, on his own Dado Records imprint. Other big names appear, such as Mick Chillage and Kirk Degiorgio, but the album is especially appealing for the ... See full review