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Synkro (2) & Arovane / Synkro (2) & Marenn Sukie - Transmission
posted a review of Synkro (2) & Arovane / Synkro (2) & Marenn Sukie - Transmission. about 1 year ago
Hands down my favourite release on the Synkro Musik imprint so far as well as one of my personal favourite releases of 2019. 170 electronica on the A-side that wouldn't be out of place in a mix with some of the tracks labels like Auxiliary and Samurai... See full review
Paradox - The Ultimate Negative / Breakdown
posted a comment on Paradox - The Ultimate Negative / Breakdown. about 1 year ago
Anyone still have a NM copy of this they'd be willing to sell for a reasonable price? Top quality drum programming on both sides as usual from Paradox..
Loxy & Ena (2) / Loxy & Flatliners (5) - Photo / Sci Fi Dub
submitted Loxy & Ena (2) / Loxy & Flatliners (5) - Photo / Sci Fi Dub. over 2 years ago
Convextion - R-CNVX1
posted a review of Convextion - R-CNVX1. over 4 years ago
If you missed out on the original Tektite release then don't make the same mistake this time around. Absolutely essential - and stunning new artwork to boot.
Antidote (13) - Longers
posted a comment on Antidote (13) - Longers. over 4 years ago
Anyone still happen to have a spare NM copy of this?..
Various - The Fifth Column
posted a comment on Various - The Fifth Column. over 4 years ago
Represses are underway according to Rupture, if you missed out then don't pay exorbitant prices!
ASC - Eccentric Orbits
posted a review of ASC - Eccentric Orbits. over 4 years ago
Superb ambient techno EP, all 4 tracks on this are top notch. ASC showing how it's done once again. Shouts to Jamie for hooking me up before prices became extortionate :)

P.S. Regarding the pressing defect that people are commenting about, I didn't... See full review
Kid Drama & Skeptical (2) / Kid Drama - Run Deep / The Hunt
submitted Kid Drama & Skeptical (2) / Kid Drama - Run Deep / The Hunt. over 5 years ago
Lemna (2) - Knot
submitted Lemna (2) - Knot. over 5 years ago
Lemna (2) - Daub
submitted Lemna (2) - Daub. over 5 years ago
Kid Drama - Engram 1
submitted Kid Drama - Engram 1. over 6 years ago
Instra:mental - Rogue / Sakura
posted a review of Instra:mental - Rogue / Sakura. over 7 years ago
Out of all of the innovative records Darkestral released, this in my opinion is their best. Skillfully crafted 'Comanche' style drum programming on the A side, then the legendary 'Sakura' on the B side, a predecessor to the Autonomic sub-genre which... See full review
Module Eight - Legacy L.P. Sampler
submitted Module Eight - Legacy L.P. Sampler. over 7 years ago
Homemade Weapons - Clarion Call EP
submitted Homemade Weapons - Clarion Call EP. over 7 years ago
Overlook (2), Loxy & Resound / Loxy & Overlook (2) - The Lodge / Harbour
submitted Overlook (2), Loxy & Resound / Loxy & Overlook (2) - The Lodge / Harbour. over 7 years ago
Pessimist (2) - The Woods / Lead Foot
submitted Pessimist (2) - The Woods / Lead Foot. over 7 years ago
Kid Drama - Crimson / Azure E.P
posted a review of Kid Drama - Crimson / Azure E.P. over 7 years ago
Such a great EP, an absolute must-have for the fans of the Heart Drive podcasts. Really hope Kid Drama decides to press some vinyl copies of this.
Xanadu (15) - Through The Oort Clouds
submitted Xanadu (15) - Through The Oort Clouds. over 8 years ago
Clarity (4) - Infinite
submitted Clarity (4) - Infinite. over 8 years ago
Synkro (2) - Transient EP
submitted Synkro (2) - Transient EP. over 8 years ago