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Various - Ambient Senses (The Vision)
posted a review of Various - Ambient Senses (The Vision). about 1 month ago
What is it with these 90s artists that blatantly sample ie rip off another artists licks and not even have the decency to credit the original artist for their work? Track #4 Luke Slater blatantly sampled off Ashra's New Age of Earth album looped that... See full review
Focus (2) - Focus II
posted a review of Focus (2) - Focus II. about 1 month ago
Excellent observation on probably their best album from start to finish. I do not think Focus ever reach this peak of creativity and emotional level in later album not discounting the later 70's material but this one is the apex.
Various - Plug In + Turn On
posted a review of Various - Plug In + Turn On. about 1 month ago
GTO–Pure (Beautiful Mix) sampled off a Klaus Schulze record maybe Blackdance. I just noticed this morning while digging up this relic from my collection. What complete garbage and as unoriginal as Vanilla Ice sampling Queen in the 90s! Klaus should... See full review
Moebius (2) - Welcome To World. Complete Studio Recordings 1979-82
posted a review of Moebius (2) - Welcome To World. Complete Studio Recordings 1979-82. about 1 month ago
Bought this for two reasons. Its the earliest pre-solo work Steve Roach was involved in and secondly because the track Urth is pure synth pop goodness with catchy hook and rock steady rhythm. Otherwise the Doors rework is atrocious and that aside... See full review
The Kenny Burrell Trio - A Night At The Vanguard
posted a review of The Kenny Burrell Trio - A Night At The Vanguard. about 1 month ago
Superb trio set here. Music is dynamic but never overstating with care taken in Burrell’s solo’ so that he is not overpowering the bassist. The band is tight laid back and settles into the groove nicely. The recording is decent given it was a live one... See full review
Patrick O'Hearn - Indigo
posted a review of Patrick O'Hearn - Indigo. about 1 month ago
A pleasant return to the echoes of Ancient Dreams and Between Two Worlds. Much more moodier in feel albeit with some added guitar but after Eldorado and the weaker Rivers Gonna Rise Indigo brings the music back to the origins of what I admire about... See full review
Patrick O'Hearn - Ancient Dreams
posted a review of Patrick O'Hearn - Ancient Dreams. about 1 month ago
I remember hearing this in a artsy mall store in 84. Nothing like O’Hearns music to catch one’s attention in the height of the new wave craze. Always sounded exotic and still sounds asian in his scales and composition approach. Very much a showcase... See full review
Harmonia 76 - Tracks & Traces
posted a review of Harmonia 76 - Tracks & Traces. about 1 month ago
Remastered Gronland cd sounds fantastic. Crisp, clear remaster and the bonus material added was a done deal for this listener. To this listeners ears a decent improvement over the Rykodic release plus the originals atrocious plastic cd case with the... See full review
Cause & Effect
posted a review of Cause & Effect. about 1 month ago
Nice review spot on. I would say they where DM light. Not as dark, ominous and gritty more polished digital synths tho they carried that melancholia like atmosphere given the lyrical content of many of their songs. The 1st two releases where very good... See full review
Ramananda* - In The Garden
posted a review of Ramananda* - In The Garden. about 1 month ago
Here it is for your listening pleasure plus 10 words...
Jasper van't Hof - However
posted a review of Jasper van't Hof - However. about 1 month ago
Completely agree. Up there with Billy Cobham's Stratus which I am sure was an influence! Too bad this was never re-released at least on MPS!
Klaus Schulze & Günter Schickert - The Schulze-Schickert Session
posted a review of Klaus Schulze & Günter Schickert - The Schulze-Schickert Session. about 1 month ago
I have to comment because I am listening to this release(on cd) and yes the 1st half sounds like an alt version of Timewind with added echoed guitar. The later half of the release sounds like something the two recorded later and nothing like Schulze... See full review
Ralphe Armstrong
posted a review of Ralphe Armstrong. about 1 month ago
Amazing bassist. Listen to JL Ponty's Cosmic Messenger from 1978 and you will hear how his bass sound adds not only so much bottom end to the overall recording but a harmonic funkiness to the JLP's that adds to the already amazing backup band Ponty... See full review
Arturo Stalteri
posted a review of Arturo Stalteri. about 1 month ago
Interesting masonic themed photo of the artist(one eye covered)....very telling!
A Produce
posted a review of A Produce. about 1 month ago
Here's another one to rattle your brain. What's the meaning of Abacab?
Mitglieder Der Berliner Philharmoniker, Rock & Electronics, Bernhard Jobski - Einstein In Eden
posted a review of Mitglieder Der Berliner Philharmoniker, Rock & Electronics, Bernhard Jobski - Einstein In Eden. about 1 month ago
This is a forgotten black sheep bastard child electronica album for the record. Very dynamic for an electronic music album compromised of sporadic sequencer synthesizer based compositions interwoven with the actual organic essence of live orchestral... See full review
Futuro Antico - Dai Primitivi All'Elettronica
posted a review of Futuro Antico - Dai Primitivi All'Elettronica. about 1 month ago
Anyone have a copy on cd they would like to sell?
Jan Garbarek Group - It's OK To Listen To The Gray Voice
posted a review of Jan Garbarek Group - It's OK To Listen To The Gray Voice. about 1 month ago
Great review of a little spoken of album in the Garbarek pantheon. I must disagree on the Kenny G comparison as I don't think anything Jan's every done comes near that dreaded terrain! Torn's contribution as you iterated is the apex of interplay on... See full review
Bobby Lyle - Bobby Lyle Plays Electone GX707
posted a review of Bobby Lyle - Bobby Lyle Plays Electone GX707. 2 months ago
Forgotten purely funky downtempo instrumental all electronic album(theres no acoustic instrumentation) show casing the Japanese organ GX707 which was a pre-cursor to their uber monstrous GX-1 and later CS-80 poly synth that arrived in 76/77 and cost a... See full review
Alpha Wave Movement - Phase Intervals
submitted Alpha Wave Movement - Phase Intervals. 3 months ago
Various - Release Your Mind Volume 2
posted a review of Various - Release Your Mind Volume 2. 3 months ago
Recently picked this up for a just get it out of my record store price of $3.50 USD. About the same price as an overpriced bland Starbucks cappuccino only this collection adds more to the sensory bank!
What you may ask do you get for that paltry... See full review
Per Tjernberg - The Third Word
posted a review of Per Tjernberg - The Third Word. 3 months ago
If you enjoy the jagged percussive fourth world sound of Jon Hassell and Mo Boma this is where at least the first three Per releases extract their musical dna from. Odd synthesizer and sample looks accented by pan-African and Asiatic percussion... See full review
System Error - Nothing
posted a review of System Error - Nothing. 3 months ago
This sounds very much like the lost HIA album. Same twisted swirly sinuous electronic pulses as Higher Intelligence Agency was synonymous for. Excellent!
posted a review of Zazen. 3 months ago
Shocking? Not really because Deuter remember his gems from the 1970’s mixing the earthiness of acoustic instruments with primitive electronic was a dedicated lackey of Osho another Indian guru scammer who supposedly poisoned people.
Friedemann - Voyager
posted a review of Friedemann - Voyager. 3 months ago
This ones actually on CD as well titled Voyager in Expanse w slightly different track order and track titles. CD comprised of 14 tracks. INAK 1716-2. Nice proto jazz new age guitar album w varied moods. Friedemann plays acoustic mostly with touch of... See full review
Steve Eliovson
posted a review of Steve Eliovson. 3 months ago
Incredible one off acoustic jazz album that is up there with Ralph Towner, DiMeola etc. Composition wise the music is subtle nuanced melodically structured with the added talents of the late Colin Wolcott. I do not even believe this album was ever... See full review
Roger Powell - Fossil Poets
posted a review of Roger Powell - Fossil Poets. 3 months ago
Nothing like his ARP-esque debut the brilliant Cosmic Furnace but a nice mix of semi fusion guitar and electronica. Except for a few tracks using has been drum loops the album still sounds very "today".
Moody and sometime percussion driven lots of... See full review
Various - em:t 2295
posted a review of Various - em:t 2295. 3 months ago
Em:t 2000 US 2xcd compilation has this in its entirety plus one other Em:t compilation 3394. Worth owning for the sheer forward thinking 90’s electronica. IDM minus the dance floor at its core. Purely genius comp!
Lee Ritenour - Earth Run
posted a review of Lee Ritenour - Earth Run. 3 months ago
OK so its not Rit's best effort but kudo's for experimenting with the then futuristic Synthaxe designed in the UK by fledgling engineers who wanted to push the guitar into a new arena. Open track check nice use of synth axe and ensemble, Earth Run... See full review
Jamshied Sharifi - A Prayer For The Soul Of Layla
posted a review of Jamshied Sharifi - A Prayer For The Soul Of Layla. 3 months ago
Superb debut and a hybrid of very melodic heartfelt eastern and western compositional elements. Guest Hassan Hakmoun contributes a Berber like flavor with vocalizations as well as ex-Pat Metheny Group(circa First Circle) adds his wordless vocal... See full review
Young Scientist - Over Low Trees...
posted a review of Young Scientist - Over Low Trees.... 3 months ago
Anyone have a copy on CD interested in parting ways with?

Thanks just reached out to the label they still have copies..
Oregon - Music Of Another Present Era
posted a review of Oregon - Music Of Another Present Era. 3 months ago
Oregon’s debut from 72 is nothing short of a polished gemstone illuminating a quiet cerebral slice of chamber jazz that didnt fit the standard shift of jazzes then exploratory fusion frontier.
Having the benefit of cutting their teeth both in the... See full review
posted a review of Zahara (3). 4 months ago
Damn good fusion album percussion driven, funky and excellent tight bass playing. Shame this was never re-released on CD!
Cultural Noise - Aphorisms Insane
posted a review of Cultural Noise - Aphorisms Insane. 5 months ago
Karl whether the album sold well or not is there any chance it will be available on cd? My yourself or a label? Still a nice piece of electronica history and I wouldnt mind purchasing a cd or digital copy.
Muslimgauze - The Extreme Years
posted a review of Muslimgauze - The Extreme Years . 5 months ago
Behest of the US the propaganda ministers "Discogs has banned orders from Russia" so people cannot even buy music from Russia! How is this the fault of labels and music aficionados here and abroad in Russia? Does everything have to be politicized? How... See full review
Underworld - Oblivion With Bells
posted a review of Underworld - Oblivion With Bells. 5 months ago
Like fine wine this album got better as time progressed. A return to form ala Second Toughest maybe not as fresh but then again that album was hard to top. 2023 its a gem of a listen melodic, hypnotic rhythms and NOT TRANCE which makes it that much... See full review
Marcos Resende & Index - Festa Para Um Novo Rei
posted a review of Marcos Resende & Index - Festa Para Um Novo Rei. 5 months ago
A shame really because the only Index album on cd is a damn gem in the downtempo/Brazilian fusion genre. One can only hope of a reissue.
Marcos Resende & Index - Marcos Resende & Index
posted a review of Marcos Resende & Index - Marcos Resende & Index. 5 months ago
Yeah I am wondering if the P5 was from a later date session. Copious lashings of Rhodes, Solina and clavinet touches(Praca de Alegria). All around this should be in every Azymuth fans collection as the parallels are definitely there is style maybe w/o... See full review
Steve Miller Band - Italian X Rays
posted a review of Steve Miller Band - Italian X Rays. 5 months ago
Forgettable album in the pantheon of YES great earlier SMB gems the last one being Circle of Love with the epic 18+ min prog/funk workout which clearly defines Mr. Miller as a composer that can dabble cross genres and do it quite confidently. This... See full review
Crystal Wind - Inner Traveler
posted a review of Crystal Wind - Inner Traveler. 5 months ago
Nice alt version of an early Kitaro composition Sacred Journey II as well as Ralph Towner's Icarus, a true classic. Their 2nd release didn't do much they went cheese-ier ala Cali bs new age jazz that was so prevalent in the late 80s. Like Private... See full review
Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays - As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls
posted a review of Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays - As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls. 5 months ago
Any comments on this Japan remaster? Plus 10 words blah...
East River Pipe - Mel
posted a review of East River Pipe - Mel. 5 months ago
Only album Ive owned by ERP. Not my thing usually meaning vocal based alt pop but this as the cliche goes an exception.
I dont recall where I was when I heard the instrumental New York Crown but the emotion, dreamy synth chords and chiming guitar hit... See full review
posted a comment on Nosound. 5 months ago
Good review about the band the PPT is extremely evident at the get-go(ambient synths Floydish guitar etc) tho I do find the Italian vocalists accent cringe worthy when he sings in English. Prefer many of these non-English vocalist sing in their native... See full review
Dan Hartman
posted a comment on Dan Hartman. 5 months ago
Whats negative? Its an informative bio on his talents. Nothing really stating he was underrated either. Looks like Dan was a prolific talent throughout his like able to maneuver thru many genres and style of music and that alone is quite an... See full review
George Benson - Original Album Series
posted a review of George Benson - Original Album Series. 6 months ago
Anyone comment if this Benson box or the other are remastered?
Lyle Mays - Street Dreams
posted a review of Lyle Mays - Street Dreams. 6 months ago
Update: Time out of Mind by Steely Dan. The melodic hook is what I was speaking of and YES he does play homage but damn thats one hell of a tip of the hat!
Telegraph (9)
posted a review of Telegraph (9). 6 months ago
Really great release more on the mellow side of prog drawing on Camel and Floyd. Perfectly executed nothing really in yer face crazy and fusion-esque ala PFM, ELP etc but the compositions are very melodic with nice use of placid acoustic guitar, Moog... See full review
Sun Treader - The Voyage
posted a review of Sun Treader - The Voyage. 6 months ago
Nice if this was re-released on cd once again considering Morris shed his mortal coil.....
Jade Warrior - Breathing The Storm
posted a review of Jade Warrior - Breathing The Storm. 6 months ago
Dedicated to Tony Duhig the other 1/2 that was Jade Warrior OEM. Not sure if many trad JW fans where fans of this release as little is spoken of it. It is a mellow requiem of a sort to a missing friend, artist collaborator and the music has that... See full review
Daniel Emmanuel
posted a review of Daniel Emmanuel. 6 months ago
Fans of early 70s Terry Riley ie Rainbow and Sri Camel take note this is mister Emmanuel's musical stencil which he drafts his hypnotic minimalist music from. Back in the 80s we exchanged music he sent me a few tapes I was hooked and told him he... See full review