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posted a review of Emerald Web. 6 days ago
This duo where pioneers in the electronica cum new age genre coxing exotic "dream spun" wind blown instrumentation meet analog synth beautitude. Its a shame their first few albums where never pressed on cd Sound Trek with guest John Serrie and... See full review
posted a comment on Yes - The Yes Album. 6 days ago
+1! and the addition of ten words of silent protest!
posted a review of Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die. 7 days ago
Never been a fan of Blind Faith and even much less so inclined with Spencer Davis but Barleycorn really shook the foundation with the funky and freeform airy instrumental Glad. Ive always enjoyed Mr. Winwood's "lesser" pop material ie when he is... See full review
posted a review of Brigeen Doran's Kjol* with Fernando Saunders - Sunny Day. 7 days ago
Damn and I mean it damn fine fusion with Fernando Saunders in the mix. I would have to say this has a definitive Weather Report influence not only from the bass perspective but the drumming, world-less vox and synth workings. A very strong melodic... See full review
posted a comment on Paz - The Best Of Paz. 7 days ago
Anyone have a CD copy they would like to part with?
posted a comment on Voyager (41) - Sound Dreams. 9 days ago
Anyone have a copy they would like to sell? 10 words..
submitted Jens Fischer - Red Soft & Endless. 10 days ago
posted a comment on Yello. 12 days ago
I read your post comparing varying degrees "queso" to techno pop thru the pioneering decades 70/80's. What a creative read and sharp as a good Wisconsin cheddar!
posted a review of Harold Budd - The Oak Of The Golden Dreams. 13 days ago
These two tracks CAN be found on a CD compilation of the same name ie The Oak Of The Golden Dreams. Worth trying to get a hold of as these are the earliest Budd compositions. If I recall one track is pure synth drone buzzy, hypnotic monotone and... See full review
posted a review of Bebo Baldan Featuring Steve James* - Vapor Frames 86/91. 14 days ago
Bebo admittedly takes his cues from Harold Budd and Eno but adds his own stylistic imprint mainly thru the use of a neo-tribal percussive edge. He accomplishes this mainly thru the uses of electronics such as drum machines, synthesizers, sarod and... See full review
posted a comment on Mort Garson - Mother Earth's Plantasia. 15 days ago
Did ya get butt hurt from my comment? Just read your insipid replies. Its an opinion deal with it....
posted a comment on Sensations' Fix - Portable Madness. 17 days ago
A real god damn shame this album like the 1st three SF albums where never given proper cd releases.
posted a comment on Jade Warrior - Kites. 18 days ago
Spot on observation the Elements box as I call it are 4 albums JW recorded for the Island behest of Steve Winwoods recommendation I am sure. These are more polished yet still exclusively "Jade" in their sound with the use of all sorts of percussion,... See full review
posted a review of Tony Banks - A Curious Feeling. 18 days ago
I partially agree with We.Have.Explosive's comments this IS a melancholy album BUT it is also a beautifully orchestrated slice of prog synth heaven. The average Genesis head will definitively pick up the "Wind & Wuthering" sound that in the mid to... See full review
posted a review of Elemental Journey - Absolute Volume 2. 18 days ago
Get this gem just for the the track The Band From Atlantis the bass line is right out of Dark Side of the Moon territory with ominously beautiful synthy swirls conspiring to inject imaginary spaces and places into you the listeners head! Seriously... See full review
submitted Alpha Wave Movement - Infinite Realms. 19 days ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. 19 days ago
posted a comment on Walter Becker - Circus Money. 21 days ago
I guess when I read your quite introspective and well versed reviews I expect to make another trip to Amazon(no local record stores around my parts) and pick up the said release. Well Ill be picking up a copy of this one for many a reason but... See full review
posted a review of Autechre - Incunabula. 21 days ago
Still the best Autechre album hands down(and not alone in my opinion!). Bubbly, dubby, bassy, electro funky goodness yet unpretentious forward thinking(albeit the electro influence!). I wish they had pursued more of this "groove" focused music for a... See full review
posted a review of Hirsh Gardner. 22 days ago
I could have sworn Hirsh once worked for Daddy's Junkie Music and I purchasing a few pieces of gear from him via mail order. Had no idea he was a member of that new prog group New England...
posted a comment on Clifford White - Spring Fantasy. 25 days ago
Too bad its not on cd like Cliffords debut! Maybe with all the resurgence in this style a label or the artist will take the leap of faith!
posted a review of Padmasana - Padmasana II. 26 days ago
This project debut is a timeless slice of downtempo, slow churning textured electronica thats hard to top. I was not displeased with the follow-up for many a reason but mainly because they held to the style of the debut however it did not impact me on... See full review
posted a comment on Roland Hollinger - Aurora (Peaceful Dreams). 28 days ago
If anyone has a copy on cd please pm me!
posted a review of Lyle Mays. 28 days ago
A shame only one post on Discogs for such an amazing talent as Mr. Mays and his contributions to the jazz and jazz crossover world.
Lyle was truly a unique talent brought to Pat Metheny's side in the mid 1970's and forever changing the direction of... See full review
posted a comment on Steve Roach, Roger King (2) - Dust To Dust. about 1 month ago
Agree 110% its a unique one but as I am sure his fans wanted the same ol' same ol' did not sell well. I still think he was pushing himself into some diverse territories when this album was release. The overall feel is dusty, warm and still mysterious.... See full review
posted a comment on 23 Degrees - ...An Endless Searching For Substance. about 1 month ago
Hey Timothy! Wow thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Any chance of some new music?
We listeners out here would love to hear some more warm breezy positive dub from 23 Degrees!
posted a review of Atmosphere Factory - Atmosphere Factory. about 1 month ago
I just picked this one up from a kind Discogs seller and as a long time aficionado of Gio's Makyo project and Dakini labels Ochi Brothers I have to say this is a little of both. The music starts off sparse with soft flowing synths building a beautiful... See full review
posted a comment on Gap Mangione - She And I. about 1 month ago
Not even in Japan where almost everything an avid music listener wants can be found! A real shame too!
posted a review of Superficial Depth - Digital Superimposing. about 1 month ago
As yet another side of the genius of Atom Heart aka Ewe Schmidt. In the style of Lustmord tho perhaps a little less "dark" but all drones marinated in reverb and a mashup of studio processing. This can almost pass as space music as it does have a sort... See full review
posted a review of Manifold Records. about 1 month ago
I really miss the nostalgia of the 1990s when many of us non-mainstream yet not 100% avant-garde music aficionados relied on the quirkiness of labels such as Manifold to discover new wells of interesting music. I remember Vince recommending to me... See full review
posted a comment on Gotic - Escenes. about 1 month ago
Your welcome! I enjoy sharing those reviews for bands that fall under the radar on Discogs( and there are many!). I am not very familiar with prog/fusion from Mexico so Ill have to check out Galie.
posted a review of Simon & Bard* Featuring Larry Coryell - Musaic. 2 months ago
Really nice light jazz fusion tons of well placed solos on piano and horn/lyricon without the overly pretentious nature of the heavier side if fusion. Always been a fan of Fred Simons keyboard work both solo and supporting Jerry Goodman(the Private... See full review
posted a review of Shigeaki Saegusa, DKW-57349 - Radiation Missa. 2 months ago
Where Tonto meets ELP in a weird menagerie of religious themed prog. Imagine a prog rock driven album all sung in latin thru a vocoder? Yes here it is an Mr. Seagusa manages to pull it off with a band of really well trained musicians. There is NO... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Global Communication - The Way / The Deep. 2 months ago
I completely AGREE with you Numanoid. Not a fan of house nor do I think this style of music which they degenerated to should ever have been released under the GC banner. The music is stripped away from its mysterious layers of sounds,odd harmonic... See full review
posted a review of Steven Halpern & Dallas Smith (3) - 1984: Newsound. 2 months ago
Any Halpern fan out here have a rip of this album they care to share please msg me on Discogs.
posted a review of Black Dog Productions - Bytes. 2 months ago
Hands down still a fav in 2021. Thank the cosmos for labels like WARP early on taking on such quirky and odd electronica and offering it to us feeble listeners in America! This B12 and Autechres debut are STILL go to listens irregardless of the... See full review
posted a review of Violet Lightning - Void Spirit. 2 months ago
Weird cut up looped poetry reading advertisements, synths, drum boxes, strummed guitar. A really odd oddity of experimental music from Australia. There are some Krautrock/Kosmische elements mashed into a continuum of bleep, bloop drone guitar and... See full review
posted a comment on Marcus Allen (2), Jon Bernoff, Dallas Smith (3), Teja Bell - Petals. 2 months ago
You should pick up Summer Suite its a companion album to this one same musicians as well.
posted a comment on Rising Sun (12) - Petals. 2 months ago
No issues with the cd.....but thats not a hip media anymore.
posted a comment on Kamasi Washington - Harmony Of Difference. 2 months ago
Most needed/relevant comment I've seen on Discogs in a while. Enough about the b.s.. regarding the matrix and run outs, catalog number for christ sake talk about the music!
posted a comment on Pauline Anna Strom - Trans​-​Millenia Music. 2 months ago
Unless it is ambient glitch electronica then the pops and clicks add to the glamor of said hipsters position on an archaic and over rated medium!
posted a comment on Renaissance (4) - Prologue. 2 months ago
Thanks! I was thinking of the Esoteric remaster but will pass. One of my favorite Renaissance album mainly for Francis Monkmans VCS contribution to the epic Rajah Khan track.
posted a comment on Another Fine Day - A Good Place To Be. 2 months ago
Hey, really great review. I too am/was(?) a fan of the Dakini label not everything but most of the releases especially the Ochi Brothers release(talk about another timeless release). The debut Life Before Land with ambient kalimba(aside from Laraaji a... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 2 months ago
posted a review of Bill Reddie. 2 months ago
Would be great if some label picked up the catalog. Some very interesting and very listenable early and dare I mention forgotten electronic music here from the US. Much accessible than that of Nic Raecevic. Atlantis Revisited in quite easily... See full review
posted a comment on Ambiant Otaku - Ambiant Otaku. 3 months ago
You listen to vinyl in your car or perhaps tape in your 1995 Subaru Forester?
posted a review of Pauline Anna Strom - Trans​-​Millenia Music. 3 months ago
Sounds fine on cd. So glad Rvng Intl. decided to release the compilation on cd as well as LP. There are MANY of us still listening to the format. Whether a compilation may or may not serve your muse the fact that a label make the effort to re-release... See full review
posted a comment on Pauline Anna Strom - Trans-Millenia Consort. 3 months ago
A year later and you still cannot answer whether it was a legit issue? As this genre of music is a microcosm many of us are very happy to have this STILL rare new age music on cd so a needle drop will suffice.
posted a comment on Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Somewhere In Afrika. 3 months ago
Wow interesting insight on this track which aside from Blinded by the Light where the only 2 tracks anyone here in the US knows from MMEB. Criminal Tango was criminally underrated I for one enjoy it as much as the classic Solar Fire.