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The Sisters Of Mercy
posted a review of The Sisters Of Mercy. 1 day ago
Never been a huge fan of goth but Ill be damned if that 1st SOM isn't true gritty underground genius. The sound the atmosphere, lyrics deep ended vocals is purely hypnotizing material. This band encapsulated not only an era but a style and sound... See full review
Subtle Shift - Somber Frequencies
submitted Subtle Shift - Somber Frequencies. 1 day ago
Jürgen Karg - Elektronische Mythen
posted a review of Jürgen Karg - Elektronische Mythen. 2 days ago
Whether from a vinyl rip or not I am glad this label was brave enough to release such avant synthy brilliance. This is NOT berlin school and quite dynamic given the equipment Karg used. There are no melodies defined rhythms just pure analog electronic... See full review
Quartet Music
posted a review of Quartet Music. 5 days ago
As to close to ECM as you can get with American musicians. Windows on the Lake in particular could easily been released on ECM as the Oregon world fusion is spot on and compositions dynamic and free. Why theres not been a single review on this short... See full review
Robert Slap - Atlantis: Crystal Chamber
posted a review of Robert Slap - Atlantis: Crystal Chamber. 6 days ago
If you like semi beat-less classic n/a music the first track in this ones a gem of the period. Ill admit I dislike the cheesy sampled pitch bend flute of the 12min+ opener but the overall smoothness and slow moving composition is a nice listen with a... See full review
posted a comment on Extreme. 18 days ago
Who knows? I read alot of negative stuff about Darren ie not paying artists royalties etc. so I am wondering if their belly up and non-functional. I read somewhere he screwed Muslim Gauze over royalties. Labels even in this micro climate of genre's... See full review
posted a comment on Kitaro. 28 days ago
Spot on and Ive been into this guys music since the 80s. Anything past 1985 I don't care for and I always loathed sampled shakuhachi which he dabbled in later(really why not get the real deal he IS Japanese!). The later post 85/86 was bland and just... See full review
Bass Communion
posted a comment on Bass Communion. 29 days ago
Even better a nice listen in the late twilight hours. The music will penetrate your psyche narcotics optional!
Silent State Recordings
posted a comment on Silent State Recordings. about 1 month ago
I could care less for over priced vinyl 30 minutes a side IF that plus non-portability ie your car etc large and really non durable susceptible to heat, humidity duct etc. Digital and CD thats it! Lp's only had 1 thing going for the degenerate format... See full review
Billy Joel - Streetlife Serenade
posted a review of Billy Joel - Streetlife Serenade. about 1 month ago
Highly underrated album despite Mr. Joel running dry on tunes after Piano Man. Irregardless to popular opinion I think this album has many highlights mainly The Entertainer which ranks up there with Piano Man and Captain Jack. The album was semi... See full review
posted a comment on Scott Lindenmuth Group. about 1 month ago
Agree 100%. This group deserves a wider audience. Reminds me of Michael Sagmeister(German guitarist) as well very clean sound. The band is always tight and allows each other to solo without dominating the audio space. I will say the bassist is superb... See full review
posted a comment on Journey. about 1 month ago
Your correct. I edited my review. It was tad harsh to say cheap replacement BUT nevertheless the new singer is a replacement and I stand on everything else I mentioned. Yes, Perry wasn't the only chemistry that made the band but I just think his... See full review
Paul Schütze - The Rapture Of Metals
posted a review of Paul Schütze - The Rapture Of Metals. about 1 month ago
A classic in the early period of Schutze's catalog. Music is electronic in nature dark ominous with an underlying sense foreboding mysteriousness. Percussion abounding in the clay and shakers as does the infinite chords that stretch out into the... See full review
posted a review of Xangadix. about 1 month ago
I own both of the brilliant Xangadix releases having fortunately purchased them many many years ago.
These are not of the atypical FAX releases ie there is plenty of "ambience" however there is the underlying rhythmic elements, blips, bloops and... See full review
Patrick Gleeson - Rainbow Delta
posted a review of Patrick Gleeson - Rainbow Delta. about 1 month ago
BSX CD sounds great. Whomever did the mastering did a hell of a good job. Clarity and good dynamics makes me realize how much cd audio when done right sounds so much more superior to vinyl. I have no quarrels with the re-release on cd esp after such a... See full review
Bitchin Bajas - Rebajas
posted a review of Bitchin Bajas - Rebajas. about 1 month ago
Cannot for the life of me believe their are no comments on this ensembles releases. I came across Bitchin' Bajas via some blog and was reluctant to explore their music based on the absurdity of the bands name but the devil made me do it and I am now a... See full review
Bernie Krause - Citadels Of Mystery
posted a review of Bernie Krause - Citadels Of Mystery. about 1 month ago
Exotica - the Moog. Superbly engulfed world music infused with the tech of its day without sounding passe or kitschy. Bernie and Krause where responsible like Wendy Carlos for intro of that big ol' electronic box of wires that made cosmic sounds ie... See full review
posted a review of Cosmic Debris. about 1 month ago
Tho Ive only been enlightened to the first 2 albums behest of kind bloggers While You're Asleep is a real gem. Cosmic funky 70s electronic jazz with some flute thrown into the mix with some nice ambient like passages for texture and variety. Real nice... See full review
海老* = Ebi - 禅 = Zen
posted a comment on 海老* = Ebi - 禅 = Zen. 2 months ago
Too bad its on sh**tty vinyl not a medium for ambient music in the least.
Supertramp - Brother Where You Bound
posted a comment on Supertramp - Brother Where You Bound. 2 months ago
Going to have to check that one out! Thanks for the comment.
Another Fine Day - A Good Place To Be
posted a comment on Another Fine Day - A Good Place To Be. 2 months ago
Thanks for sharing your experience with the release. Nice to see the actual people involved posting on Discogs. Sorry to hear of Mr. Green's health issue but hopefully things will come around and he will release some more of his fine earfully... See full review
Hania Rani - Music For Film And Theatre
posted a comment on Hania Rani - Music For Film And Theatre. 3 months ago
No way on an LP? Who would have thought in the 21st century the tech establishment couldn't sure the common pop and crackle of a vinyl lp!
Joe Walsh - So What
posted a comment on Joe Walsh - So What. 3 months ago
As always your detailed reviews many of which Ive read including the Moody Blues reviews are spot on. I agree this is a definitive and well composed classic Joe Walsh. I am particular to the instrumental piece which caught me off guard I mean a M.... See full review
Ralph Towner - City Of Eyes
posted a review of Ralph Towner - City Of Eyes. 3 months ago
New age to a discerning ear this is certainly not. Jazz perhaps but not some stale moldy traditional jazz or gobsmacking sweet fuzak, no sir these musicians as seasoned as they already where have recorded a superb album of instrumental grace. Moody is... See full review
Vangelis - Albedo 0.39
posted a comment on Vangelis - Albedo 0.39. 3 months ago
2006 Japan gatefold CD is remastered and sounds crisp without any inherent sound of degraded tape... so if you don't own all the cds please don't pass on false claims.....These long form listens ie concept albums are better listened to from start to... See full review
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Durch Die Wüste
posted a review of Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Durch Die Wüste. 3 months ago
Probably his best release. Adventurous use of synthesizer and percussion. Krautrock, ambient, pseudo African percussion create a very listenable album of mid 1970s teutonic instrumental music that doesn't fit into the purely dark, melancholic, droney... See full review
Floating Points - Elaenia
posted a review of Floating Points - Elaenia. 3 months ago
This came out of left field for this listener. Never heard of FP but living in America its no surprise as the music pushed is of the lowest variety. Picked up this disc at some local store used and was quite impressed at the variety of music. There is... See full review
Geoffrey Downes* & The New Dance Orchestra (2) - The Light Program
posted a review of Geoffrey Downes* & The New Dance Orchestra (2) - The Light Program. 3 months ago
Like the first two autonomously amazing prog rock to pop albums by Asia and the one off Buggles album Living in the Plastic Age (the followup in reality was a Trevor Horn solo album) Geoff Downes debut solo album is so well executed it should have... See full review
Another Fine Day - Life Before Land
posted a review of Another Fine Day - Life Before Land. 3 months ago
Owned this one for over 20 years and do not recall where at what point during the 90s ambient electronic revolution the music impregnated my ears but I will take this one to the grave with me. What a well crafted thought out gentle album of ambient... See full review
Laura Allan with Paul Horn - Reflections
posted a review of Laura Allan with Paul Horn - Reflections. 4 months ago
Reissue of this beautiful gem on Fact of Being. Vinyl and the awesome CD!
Besombes - Rizet - Pôle
posted a review of Besombes - Rizet - Pôle. 4 months ago
Man what a gem! The French Jarre, Heldon, Magma, Patrick Vian and the list of great music goes on but this one is an odd one for many of us outside of Europe. Prog rock elements and psuedo space interludes featuring drones, flutes, drum and mellotrons... See full review
Tamba Trio - Tamba
posted a review of Tamba Trio - Tamba. 4 months ago
Hard to find in the US on cd because it was never released on cd OR LP in the US! A real shame as this was essentially the same brilliant musicians that pioneered harmony vocals and odd time signatures in the bossa nova jazz realms circa 1960s. Here... See full review
Herb Ernst - Dreamflight
posted a review of Herb Ernst - Dreamflight. 4 months ago
Mellow, melodic mid 80's new age music which at time sounds as tho Mr. Ernst chakra's based on Pachelbels Canon in D. All instrumental affair and really just good background music. All performed on the rare Synergy DK/GDS synthesizer ie additive... See full review
Candyflip* - Madstock...The Continuing Adventures Of Bubblecar Fish
posted a comment on Candyflip* - Madstock...The Continuing Adventures Of Bubblecar Fish. 4 months ago
I stand corrected plus ten words and ten more to reply!
Steve Moore (3) - The Henge
posted a review of Steve Moore (3) - The Henge. 4 months ago
Dark, moody, proggy elements...Whats not to like? Better than most of the Zombi albums which are really hit and miss but more miss than hit. Moore's more adventurous here and compositions are inspired. Get this cheap as people either have no idea what... See full review
posted a review of Pekka Tegelman & Quartegel. 4 months ago
Excellent low key semi acoustic chamber jazz. Very melodic well composed music that does not stray too far from the late 70s ECM territory ala Jarrett/Garbarek. The addition of percussion mainly conga's adds a nice layer of texture to the music.
The... See full review
Schicke Führs Fröhling* - Live 1975
posted a comment on Schicke Führs Fröhling* - Live 1975. 4 months ago
Good to know. I am a huge fan so I will pass on a it but a good soundboard recording now there you have my money. The 1980 live album was a decent recording but only 2 of the members so you didnt get the power percussive side of the project.
The Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms
posted a review of The Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms. 4 months ago
Brilliant doesnt come to describe what the duo set forth on the masses. This wasn't dance music(nor focused on that mal-abused genre) tho it's tentacles wrapped around danceable beats but at a greater depth and with more eloquence than anything of its... See full review
Phillip Upchurch* - Darkness, Darkness
posted a review of Phillip Upchurch* - Darkness, Darkness. 4 months ago
After Lovin' Feeling(which is a PU must have) this album takes Mr. Upchurch's smooth, slick funky jazzing to the next level of amazingly downtempo jazz realms. Serious proof that George Benson was spot on utilizing his Phil's experienced playing as a... See full review
George Benson - White Rabbit
posted a review of George Benson - White Rabbit. 4 months ago
Brilliant Benson. Get this album for 1 track El Mar a sort of Andalusian(Moors?) flavored instrumental that gently build itself unto a rolling ocean wave of epic proportion. Seriously Benson's CTI years and yes even some of the later Warner releases... See full review
Fred Simon (3)
posted a comment on Fred Simon (3). 4 months ago
Agreed. Usually/Always has brilliant compositions using both acoustic and electronics to get his musical poetry across. Simon has finesse when it comes to electronics and I wish to god he would do more of that style. Too bad some of his earlier... See full review
Cyrille Verdeaux And Bernard Xolotl - Prophecy
posted a review of Cyrille Verdeaux And Bernard Xolotl - Prophecy. 4 months ago
Very electronic almost meditational. Sparse with an eastern tinge mainly one or two keyboards and a early synth guitar. Similar to his early cassettes ie very good! A real gem in the early 80s ambient catalog. Definitely shouldn't be pigeon holed into... See full review
Cyrille Verdeaux - Moebius
posted a comment on Cyrille Verdeaux - Moebius. 4 months ago
Seriously last time I read Mr. Verdeaux was living in Brazil and didn't seem to have much faith in his cd sales returns so unless a label picks this one up probably ain't going to happen. His debut Offrandes should have had a proper release back in... See full review
Neil Nappe - July
posted a comment on Neil Nappe - July. 5 months ago
Brilliant album dare I say timeless with a loving 80s tinge? Back in the 1980s when music was still interesting and artists tended to do their own thing but dared being thrown off the music cliffs into ravine's and forgotten. Relic you may... See full review
Mark Isham - Vapor Drawings
posted a comment on Mark Isham - Vapor Drawings. 5 months ago
From what I know Isham's had to painfully deal with quite a few glitches in the studio during the making of this album ( I believe he recorded at Different Fur). His gear was analog and the idea's he wanted to convey required a lot of patience with... See full review
Passport (2) - Garden Of Eden
posted a review of Passport (2) - Garden Of Eden. 5 months ago
As soon as Doldinger started incorporating vocals the essence of Passport started the downward spiral into smooth jazz dreck. This album has a few decent instrumental tracks but the 3-4 vocal tracks are enough to make any Passport fan cringe. Very... See full review
Jean Michel Jarre* - Equinoxe
posted a review of Jean Michel Jarre* - Equinoxe. 5 months ago
Le creme de la creme of 70s electronic music. Atmosphere, texture, melody and rhythm all done as tasteful as a top Michelin rated meal in Paris. Incorporating a variety of electric keyboards, drum machines and early additive synthesis the RMI Harmonic... See full review
Steven Halpern - Starborn Suite
posted a review of Steven Halpern - Starborn Suite. 5 months ago
A real gem in the Halpern 70's back catalog when he was treading the crystal shores of creativity. Spacious and yet with some nice textures using synths to fill in the background without a sense of burdensome overdubbed music.
As one expects SH is on... See full review
Nik Tyndall
posted a comment on Nik Tyndall. 5 months ago
Everyone pigeoned holed "new age" as a bad thing because:
a: it was a way to classify the music finally(you HAVE to sell your product dont you)
b: it pertained to the new age nutters like Shirley McLaine etc who gave the music a sappy, shallow sort... See full review
Steve Kindler* - Automatic Writing
posted a comment on Steve Kindler* - Automatic Writing. 6 months ago
The Fruits of Our Labor is on cd and contains a few tracks from the AW album. It is the only place you can find the music on cd. Steve and his brother Bob both have a knack for channeling the romantics of classical music Kindler actual collaborated... See full review