I originally started selling items from my record collection in 2007 in order to make a little space at home, although it was always my intention to keep around 1,000 of my favourite items.

However it has unfortunately become necessary for me to now sell all of my collection & I have been gradually listing items as & when I have had time.

Grading second hand records is often a tricky job, because there's always an element of subjectivity.
I use the Goldmine Gradings, as per the Discogs site:

If an item is borderline between gradings, I usually give it the lower grading & try to explain exactly what is wrong with the item as well.

Customers often comment in their feedback that the items are in better condition than they expected, but I'm not a robot & mistakes will inevitably happen so if you have a problem with an item you have bought from me please message me via Discogs & let me know.

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posted a comment on Ron Trent - Altered States. over 6 years ago
I had a 1992 copy with the gold labels which I bought when it was released & the sound quality on that was dreadful too.
submitted Alhambra - Alhambra (Remix). over 6 years ago
submitted Distant Voices (2) - You Know The Feeling. over 6 years ago
submitted Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight). over 6 years ago
posted a comment on 7th Movement - Odyssey. over 6 years ago
The sample source is '2nd Movement: The Toys Come To Life' from A Dance Fantasy.
'Warp Factor II' is on the flipside. I have just added a note to the release notes above with a hyperlink.
submitted Praxis (2) Featuring Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (The Big UK Remixes). over 6 years ago
submitted Whitney Houston - I'm Your Baby Tonight. over 7 years ago
submitted Bob Base & DJ E-Z Rock* - Get On The Dance Floor. over 7 years ago
posted a review of Seduction - Breakdown. over 7 years ago
The highlight from this doublepack was undoubtedly 'One Mistake (Master Mix)', which despite the numerous postings on You Tube (under that exact same title) of a mid tempo vocal song, it is actually a 117bpm instrumental house track with an amazing... See full review
submitted One Dove - White Love. over 7 years ago
submitted Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes* Featuring Theodore Pendergrass* - To Be True. over 7 years ago
submitted "D" Train* - You're The One For Me. over 7 years ago
submitted My Jealous God - Everything About You. over 7 years ago
submitted Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme. over 7 years ago
submitted Espiral - Dunne. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Zanzaman - Pump The 1-2-0. over 7 years ago
I'm not so sure I'd describe it as a REMIX of Nice 'n' Nasty. Yes, some of the instrumentation is sampled from it, but it's not actually a remix.
submitted The Believers - Who Dares To Believe In Me?. over 7 years ago
submitted Djaimin - Give You. over 7 years ago
submitted Ce Ce Rogers - Someday. over 7 years ago
submitted First Choice - Double Cross. over 7 years ago
submitted Aretha Franklin With James Cleveland* & The Southern California Community Choir - Amazing Grace. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Various - Larry Levan's Greatest Mixes Volume Two. over 9 years ago
Thanks for the explanation in the release notes above about "Volume Two" being a marketing gimmick - that explains why I had never been able to find a copy of "Volume One" anywhere.
I don't really understand why they thought it was good idea though!!
posted a comment on Bob Sinclar - Paradise. over 9 years ago
My copy also has the sleeve artwork with the girl with the wavy hair & bigger boobs & it was definitely bought in 1998, not in 2000.

Mine also has the exact same runout etchings as the 1998 Discogs entry.

It would be useful if someone with a 2000... See full review
posted a comment on Whycliffe - Whatever It Is. over 9 years ago
The 'Twelve Inch Mix' is a real classic Morales Def Mix.
I love that synthy-Red Zone style intro before he hits us with those dramatic pianos.
In some respects it reminds me of Morales' equally brilliant Red Zone remix of Clive Griffin's "I'll Be... See full review
posted a comment on Robin Wants Revenge - Robin Wants Revenge. over 9 years ago
The absurdity of record prices has never been better demonstrated than here.........

Musically, the main track on this is just a poor man's "Wiggin": totally lacking the beauty & sophistication of the Mayday original.

The irony is that copies of... See full review
posted a comment on Groove Committee - You Need Someone. over 9 years ago
The 'Groove Committee Dub' was the best cut on here by a mile; much edgier & groovier than all the other mixes which were all very samey.
But bizarrely all the uploads on You Tube are for the other mixes & nobody's bothered with it.
posted a comment on Tony Di Bart - The Real Thing. over 9 years ago
The copy I am now listing for sale is EXACTLY the same as this Discogs entry. Yours must be a different pressing to this one & therefore should be entered as a unique, separate Discogs submission.
posted a comment on Various - Hype Beats. over 9 years ago
Does anybody have any ideas about the 2 tracks on the B-side of this?
I can't believe B2 is by Deep Dish.
I've uploaded tracks B1 & B2 to You Tube, so hopefully someone can identify it & we can amend the Discogs entry accordingly.

posted a comment on Elisa (15) - Love Vibration. over 9 years ago
The "Sexy Disco Dub" was by far the best mix of this & was the only one I ever heard played in clubs. It features brief samples from Funkmasters' "Love Money", Martin Circus' "Disco Circus" & I think there was even a bit of "French Kiss" thrown into... See full review
posted a comment on Chuggles - I Remember Dance. over 9 years ago
I love this record. My favourite Prescription release by a mile.
All 4 mixes are very different but equally brilliant.
It's nice to know where the sample's from.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 9 years ago
posted a comment on Nikita Warren - I Need You. over 9 years ago
I would be inclined to describe it as "ubiquitous", rather than "classic".........the piano riff has been sampled lots of times on later records. 1994's "Something About U" by Mr Roy (FRSHT11) is another one that springs to mind, but I'm sure there... See full review
posted a comment on Johnny "D" & Nicky P.* - Henry Street Unreleased Project Part 2. over 9 years ago
Yes, I'm with dj_welly on this. It was a fantastic EP, with "The Captain" & "Open Up Your Eyes" immediately the 2 stand out tracks.

I used to play them both incessantly & loudly declare to anybody that would listen that they were both destined to... See full review
posted a comment on Bocca Juniors - Raise. over 9 years ago
Although not mentioned in the writing credits on the record itself, the piano melody is in essence a re-played, slightly beefed up reinterpretation of Thrashing Doves* - Je$u$ On The Payroll (Street Groove)
posted a comment on Coupe D'etat - How Come Ya Gone / Dub Disco. over 9 years ago
I bought this when it came out & have always LOVED the B-side, but I have never known what it was actually called as my copy just has "P/Sound" handwritten on it.
Thanks to Discogs I now know a little about it (having found it via the matrix number... See full review
posted a comment on Armand Van Helden - U Don't Know Me. over 9 years ago
The entire concept for this was simply Johnny D & Nicky P's "The Captain" (Unreleased Project Pt 2, TNT 63, 1996, later re-released on Henry Street) with Duane Harden singing over the top.

The reason they aren't generally credited in any way is... See full review
posted a comment on Rozlyne Clarke - Dancing Is Like Making Love. over 9 years ago
I remember reading a magazine article in the early nineties where Bruce Forest was lamenting how record companies had a habit of dumping dreadful records on producers & expecting a miracle.

If ever there was an example of exactly that, then here it... See full review
posted a comment on Move - Move. over 9 years ago
The bassline & rhythm, especially from around 3-4mins in, have a feel of Bruce Forest's Dub 2 mix of Rozlyne Clarke's "Dancing Is Like Making Love" from 1991, which I think is a better track.
posted a comment on Kevin Saunderson - The Sound (Power Remix). over 9 years ago
I'm really confused by the You Tube sound recordings on this page that claim to be "The Groove That Won't Stop".

I have this record, KMS 014(RMX), & I've always known "The Groove That Won't Stop" as the track with the killer bassline that Todd Terry... See full review
posted a comment on Together - Hardcore Uproar. over 9 years ago
Always reminds me of the Hac. If my memory serves me, it was Nick Arrojo in residence on Saturday nights when this was big. It used to get played there every Saturday night & take the roof off, right up until it was finally picked up for release by... See full review