DJ, Producer, musician and record collector ... for the last 38 years.

Releases on: Blanco Y Negro, ZYX, Private Records, Around My Dream Records, Disco Evolution, Magic Sound Records, Special Groove Records, Tonight Records, I.D. Limited, Analog Language, Fonogrammi Particolari, Mannequin Records, No More Pop, Opilec Music, Radio Cosmos, Disco Modernism, Disco Segreta, Mecanica, Bordello A Parigi, Vielspaß, Archivio Fonografico Moderno, Mond Musik, Nadanna, Cyber Dance, Viewlexx, Moustache, Roller Disco, Red Laser, Flight Recorder, Rebirth Records, Panama Racing, Flexx, Mothball, Centre Neptune, Magic Waves, Medellin Mixage, Space Sound Records, I Am Private/Universal Music, Lucky Harvest Music Company, Paper Bag Records, Emerald & Doreen, CrunchyFrogDK, Power Dance.

Flemming Dalum, also know as King of the cut, discovered his musical journey at an early age. An interest based out of curiosity for electronic synthesizer legends emerging while he grew up. With his first synth, the Korg Polysix, a lifelong passion was born. He started playing in bands in 1982, experimenting with electronics and the new world of sounds and possibilities. At the same time he started experimenting with records and discovered a natural talent for mixing and blending synths with records, creating his own unique world of sound. In mind that the CD wasn't invented, neither was the HD recorder, the heart in Flemmings set-up was a simple cassette recorder. An invention that should soon add yet another angle to his musical universe. With snappy skills and imagination, the cassette soon became his most important instrument taking him to the next level. The world of mixing. With sampler, echomachine, decks, synths and a beloved cassette recorder, the first true mixes came out of his studio already in 1983. Mixes with so much detail, soon giving him the legendary name "King of the cut". In the same year, 1983, Flemming stumbled across Koto "Chinese Revenge", a discovery that should soon lead Flemming into a brave new world matching his own, with synths and electronics being the heart of the music. The passion became strong and shortly after the Koto discovery, brought him to his first trip to Milan, Il Discotto, Discomagic, Non-Stop, Merak etc. to investigate the Italo phenomenon in detail. The following years Flemming visited the Italian distributors 11 times which later proves to be one of the major reasons to the fact that he has one of the worlds most complete collections of Italo and Disco. Through the years, the synths has been replaced with computers and equipment matching the urge for mixing. Something that has kept the true Italo spirit alive and made Flemming Dalum a legend in mixing today.

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